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  1. FrostyWinnipeg

    Going for 2

    But we're not.
  2. FrostyWinnipeg

    The TV Thread

  3. FrostyWinnipeg

    Random News Items

  4. FrostyWinnipeg

    Random News Items

    Old enuf to have unexpected and serious medical situations.
  5. FrostyWinnipeg

    Random News Items

    Stop playing anthems. Whats the reason? To alert the fans the game is about to start?!
  6. FrostyWinnipeg

    Around The NHL 2018/2019

    Not so ugly there Teemu thought.
  7. FrostyWinnipeg

    Around the League: 2018 Season

    #AlsMTL have placed @Drew_Willy on six-game injured list now. But @JManziel2 is only on one-game IR
  8. Well it wont be hot as predicted. That;s a good thing.
  9. FrostyWinnipeg

    Canadian Politics

    Right, as far as they knew they were being moved out of state.
  10. FrostyWinnipeg

    Canadian Premier League

    Okay...cause u never really see the west side fans during CFL games.
  11. FrostyWinnipeg

    Jets Prospects

    Not up on CHL but seems big trade. LHD 6'1" 183lbs. 2018 round 5 #153 overall. Which was below his ranking by the 'experts.'
  12. FrostyWinnipeg

    Random News Items

    Meanwhile in South Afr...I mean Israel...
  13. FrostyWinnipeg

    Random News Items

  14. FrostyWinnipeg

    CBS To Revive Star Trek on Television

    I liked Beyond 2x more then Into Darkness.
  15. FrostyWinnipeg

    Regular Season Bomber News & Discussion

    He was having a good comeback year.