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  1. FrostyWinnipeg

    Around the NHL 2017/2018

    What happened to the Chiarot Shot?
  2. FrostyWinnipeg

    Around the NHL 2017/2018

    Armia vs Roslo for 3rd line RW will be one of the battles that will be fun to watch. I keep expecting Armia to have a bust out season.
  3. FrostyWinnipeg

    Stanley Cup final.....

    I just googled las vegas skunk images on google so its not mine.
  4. FrostyWinnipeg

    Stanley Cup final.....

  5. FrostyWinnipeg

    Upcoming Movies

  6. FrostyWinnipeg

    Stanley Cup final.....

    So same goes for Toews?
  7. FrostyWinnipeg

    Kane signing 49 million deal...

    Yeah he hit 30 goals once and then Noel pushed him to the back of the offensive bus. Makes the current Ehlers contract good and sets the bar high for the next KConnor deal. Welp.
  8. FrostyWinnipeg

    Stanley Cup final.....

    Either team winning is okay with me. Would prefer Vegas for a couple of reasons. We could say we lost to the SC champ. Vegas wins cup less then a year after the biggest gun tragedy in the US.
  9. FrostyWinnipeg

    The TV Thread

    Wondering if Kelly and Ryan will get cut. The Chew I thought was cancelled a year ago so...
  10. FrostyWinnipeg

    Round 3 : Game 5 - Leaving Las Vegas

  11. FrostyWinnipeg

    Around the NHL 2017/2018

    I too will miss iHeart's playoff beard.
  12. FrostyWinnipeg

    Random Video Thread

    Milwaukee police find suspicious bag and then.... https://streamable.com/an1e4
  13. FrostyWinnipeg

    Round 3 : Game 5 - Leaving Las Vegas

    It felt like every even numbered game against NASH. Did PaMa's post game interview reveal any injuries ala our playoff loss to ANA when he said Ladd and Buff both had injuries thus explaining their poor play?
  14. FrostyWinnipeg

    Round 3 : Game 5 - Leaving Las Vegas

    Fleury was the main reason. If you want to get into the other reasons you pick this/that and most of it is on the Jets.