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  1. You are the first one I know of who didn’t love Skyfall and 17to85 is the other😮 BTW speaking of Cavill…
  2. https://ywgdeals.com/winnipeg-to-orlando-florida-291-roundtrip
  3. Dude! He was Kick-Ass That was a long time ago. Looks nothing like him now
  4. 😢 https://www.sportsnet.ca/nhl/article/flames-assistant-gm-chris-snow-suffered-catastrophic-brain-injury-after-going-into-cardiac-arrest/
  5. I think they made that film, it was called The Man From UNCLE I say let Bond die, move on to Lynch.
  6. Thought Viel had the worse night taking 2 penalties but at least he got mentioned unlike Reichel. Think you mean someone else? Lambert didn’t play last night.
  7. https://www.abbynews.com/news/rcmp-investigating-whites-only-play-group-signs-discovered-in-tri-cities-4509085
  8. For fans of Y&R https://tvline.com/news/billy-miller-cause-of-death-revealed-suicide-bipolar-manic-depression-1235045616/
  9. Sure they were still writing in the off period. Still no new drama until January and even then short season which we kind of used to now.
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