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  1. Not sure this equals votes. It's nice on your resume tho. Trump doing same for Scheer? Cringe.
  2. Seen enough of Heinola to send him away for a year to add 20lbs.
  3. https://www.tsn.ca/video/insider-trading-growing-sense-of-optimism-surrounding-byfuglien-s-return~1804737
  4. Gus on decision to be made at 9 games as well? Letestu has a LBI aka slow legs.
  5. In the 80s/90s everyone had a talk show. Pat Sajak's was actually half-decent.
  6. Bits and bites since i just finished advanced voting. Credible threat on Trudeau. Why did he leave teaching? Why did Sheer leave insurance? There's a mystery there. No not really but that's one of the ways certain people try to frame a politician. Looks like CP minority. Unless there's some article that says the 2nd place party can form a coalition government promising no elections for 4 years like they did in B.C. then I suspect we will have another election really quick if CP kill carbon tax.
  7. https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/robert-forster-dead-resurgent-oscar-nominee-jackie-brown-was-78-1218184
  8. Just starting that 5 year contract though
  9. Now selling I SURVIVED THE OCTOBER 2019 STORM tshirts.
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