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  1. Game Time : Saturday 3, TSN3 Stats : Coyotes 2-4 , Jets 4-2-1 Nik Watch : 4 goals in his last 41 games
  2. FrostyWinnipeg

    Game 7 : Vancouver Shakedown

  3. FrostyWinnipeg

    The TV Thread

    Wiki says you're right but hoping the writer got it wrong too. Okay, Linda Hunt! Greys will outlive us all.
  4. FrostyWinnipeg

    The TV Thread

    I'm going with Ice-T.
  5. FrostyWinnipeg

    Game 7 : Vancouver Shakedown

    Vancouver got fast.
  6. FrostyWinnipeg

    Portage & Main

    When they rip it up and they will put in ******* yields.
  7. FrostyWinnipeg

    Game 7 : Vancouver Shakedown

    Offensive ability. With this nice weather should be nice day to food cart outside the arena.
  8. FrostyWinnipeg

    Game 7 : Vancouver Shakedown

    It is an odd-numbered game after all.
  9. FrostyWinnipeg

    Random News Items

    The province has appointed a former British Columbia premier to conduct a major economic review of two Manitoba Hydro projects over the next year. Gordon Campbell, the Liberal premier of B.C. from 2001 to 2011, is now the chief executive officer of Hawksmuir International Partners. He will immediately begin a $2.5-million review of the Keeyask Generation Project and Bipole III Transmission and Converter Stations Project, and is scheduled to complete his review by December 2019.
  10. FrostyWinnipeg

    Game 7 : Vancouver Shakedown

    And Lemieux stays in.
  11. FrostyWinnipeg

    The iPhone Thread (or Tech Thread)

  12. FrostyWinnipeg

    The Terrorism Thread

  13. FrostyWinnipeg

    Game 6 : Oil Money Gang

    Thought Myers/Morrow were not bad last night.
  14. FrostyWinnipeg

    Canadian Politics

    Did they contact 4 people from every riding?
  15. FrostyWinnipeg

    Game 6 : Oil Money Gang

    You play EDM u have one job and that's to cover McD. What a clusterfail.