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  1. https://www.wfla.com/sports/charges-against-worlds-top-golfer-scottie-scheffler-dropped-after-arrest-outside-pga-championship/ Bad cop!
  2. Ehlers was our best player that series. course 55/29 were out but Ehlers was all-around beast mode.
  3. Pressure on Chevy to draft acquire bigger stronger faster grittier. Appears to be a pre-requisite to win the Cup
  4. Maybe you should watch the Cal playoff series again.
  5. To me Bob Murdoch was the reason Dale left. Who tells an offensive forward in the 80s to play D? Firing Fergie was a massive fire and to this day I blame that on the demise of that franchise. 7 straight playoff years and then we went to off/on for the rest. Also sneezy John Paddock who was bad at both jobs. The Housley to STL trade wasn't bad. Quintal was solid and Emerson could pot em. Stu Barnes trade was bad.
  6. Grayson Murray, who won his second PGA TOUR title at this year’s Sony Open in Hawaii, passed away Saturday World's longest-serving flight attendant, dies at 88
  7. I feel like TicketMaster is no different then oil & gas companies and are too big and too dominant to take down. Donation here and there and it'll get dropped. You can have 4 gas stations at a 4 way stop in Winnipeg and they'll all have the same price. What's been done?
  8. They dumped the Mighty and the purple green and everything turned around. All worked out in the end.
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