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  1. The whole stupid thing is the owners threatening to move. Well okay, its not like a bunch of teams would not move right in the next day.
  2. Yeah PaMa thinks hes better then Dahlstrom.
  3. They play a similar style of game. Little bit of rock-em/sock-em.
  4. Hate to lose it but 3/4 against Dallas good. Miss Dahlstrom
  5. DAL very aggressive against the Jets PP.
  6. Shore scratched? That didn't take long Beaulieu back already? Bitetto is the new Chiarot. What of Dalhstrom?\ Notable Notes...Jets in their last 4 games are 1st in the NHL in faceoffs
  7. Thought CAL mayor not the type to cave in to $$$.
  8. https://www.techradar.com/news/pablo-escobars-brother-launches-an-unbreakable-foldable-smartphone
  9. There's nothing there on the 4th line. Could dump em all down on the Moose and replace them with other Moose. Here comes Mason and Bourque and even then...
  10. https://abc7.com/loaded-gun-inside-baby-gift-bought-at-florida-thrift-store/5733451/
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