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  1. You all thought the O-line gave Nicholls enough time to win?
  2. For a guy that just wants to talk football you sure do whine alot. Please quote some of the "excuses" regarding Bombers attendance and prove wheatards aren't stupid.
  3. POS Pedersen trying to stir up crap before playoffs. Serious question: Is CFL news even connected to the CFL?
  4. But then who would roider fans blame but pretend they never do?
  5. Geez 3 insults in one page, did Bowman steal your wife or something?
  6. I believe Nichols lost the back up battle to Franklin in 2015. IMHO Durant is way past done, Bombers should be happy he doesn't have to play now. 4-6 weeks at the start of the season is not so big a deal.
  7. I'm ready for the onslaught of hurt feelings but: IIRC after Trestman left Dan Hawkins eventually tried to go back to Trestmans offense but Calvillo couldn't teach it after playing in it for years. Also while playing, his team mates weren't allowed to speak to him on the sidelines. Besides his dismal track record I have no idea why anyone believes Calvillo has any chance of being a good coach. Letting him go is IMO the best thing Kavis has done for Montreal. Let the flaming begin:)
  8. 2 of the finest players ever to be dumped by multiple teams because of attitude now sharing a locker room
  9. Sean Paul enjoyed a commercial resurgence in his career throughout 2016 after being featured on three largely successful hit singles by Australian singer Sia, girl band Little Mix and classical crossover group Clean Bandit.
  10. IMHO I think most people hate Calgary's team the most, it's just whiner nation's fans that everyone hates more. Bo Levi is only one ****** bag compared to the thousands wearing green.
  11. Aaaaaaah Biguns, how I've missed you
  12. No, you'll be playing Jovon Johnson and other cast offs.
  13. I knew you were too smart for that. I figured maybe you meant 2/3 of a game.
  14. You think Regina will win 12 games? Did your account get hacked?
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