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  1. yogi

    Division All-Stars Announced

    MOP should be renamed Most Outstanding QB who made the playoffs. Bo is neither the Most Outstanding Player of the west division nor the Most Outtanding QB in the west division.
  2. What do you call a rider fan in a suit? What is the difference between a Rider fan and a baby? What's the difference between a fat chick and the Roughriders offense? Whats the difference between the Saskatchewan Roughriders and a mosquito?
  3. yogi

    Player Award Team Nominees

    Henoc takes MOP, MODP, and MOC in Montreal and I couldn't be happier not to have him on our team. Could see Bighill being the west nominee for MOP and MODP
  4. https://www.cfl.ca/2018/10/31/cfl-announces-2018-team-award-winners/ Some interesting names on there. Kicker for MOP in BC? Is that a first for a team that makes the playoff. No surprises for the Bombers.
  5. yogi

    US Politics

    thank you for saying what I didn't have the patience to type out.
  6. yogi

    US Politics

    @kelownabomberfan took his ride westward.
  7. My heart loves all the odds showing in our favor, but my head says a 1.03% chance they give us of missing the playoffs in all likelihood means we miss the playoffs...
  8. https://www.cfl.ca/2018/10/23/cfl-simulation-final-remaining-playoff-spot/
  9. yogi

    Canadian Politics

    You should research sample size and statistical significance. I don't know the method behind this particular poll, but just because only 1200 people were polled doesn't mean the result isn't accurate to a given margin of error.
  10. Pure Saskatchewan trash confirmed.
  11. yogi

    Canadian Politics

    How so? I honestly haven't followed and don't give a **** about pipelines. Edit: Just in case you're writing out a long reply, I generally avoid politics so I have no interest in having an internet argument, but would appreciate some bullet points from someone with a clearly different political viewpoint
  12. yogi

    Canadian Politics

    BC Liberals were an absolute disaster. Aside from the usual anti NDP bias from some I can't see how anyone would think their last few years in power were anything but a complete and utter shitshow. Political failure after political failure. Christy Clark must be one of the worst Premiers of recent history. Haven't followed our current government too closely, but Attorney General David Eby is doing a bang up job.
  13. Stop age shaming that reporter...
  14. You guys are too sensitive. Watch yesterday's episode of Hard Knocks, he's featured for a segment, he's quite the character. Geoff Gray gets some screentime too.