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  1. Jet sweep to Wolitarsky 5 times at least this game
  2. I regret ever suggesting there could be a better way for us to have organized discussions regarding Blue Bomber news. It was crazy idea.
  3. But that would make too much sense. Less diehard fans must be punished for not visiting the disorganized mega-thread daily to sort through the mostly irrelevant **** posts to find relevant news points like TV schedules. If you're not sorting through those threads to find the relevant team news item posted ever 4-6 pages you don't deserve to know when the preseason game are aired.
  4. Why even post this? That was not even remotely the issue I brought up and just proves my point that this site has become a toxic old boys club. Thought you were better than this.
  5. none are perfect, but basically every other one does a better job at presenting team news/info
  6. You're missing the point. It's that a forum should be a hub of team info and open discussion, not a off topic rambling group-chat for a few 55+ oldboys who don't visit any other site. This place has turned into somewhat of a **** hole of a site on a path towards being riderfans. The old boy dies hards with 10000+ posts are already on riderfan levels of toxicity and making this place insular for them is going to be the deathknell. I have been dickish, true. But I tried laying out my points and got ridiculed by the old boy die hards, and that's the only way to communicate with them. Also it's fun. I'd love to have a discussion on this, and some posters have. But this place is turning majorly toxic.
  7. Lol, OK gramps. Literally not what's happening but whatever. I honestly have no idea what you're yammering on about.
  8. Like honestly, internet agrument aside, would you like us to put together some pictures to help explain what everyone in this thread is talking about? Because you're so off the mark I'm starting to feel bad for you.
  9. Man you're slow. You're missing the point so much, it both hurts my brain and makes me laugh. Neither of the things you've brought up are being discussed by anyone but you.
  10. You're gonna have to break it down a bit more for JCon to understand. Maybe use pictures.
  11. It encourages a few to spend more time here certainly, but it also creates a barrier to discussion entry and encourages just as many if not more to not bother visiting or joining the discussion, which is a bad thing.
  12. Have you never visited another forum? Each thread would be its own more focused discussion, with multiple posts inside. These 63 posts would instead go into 6 threads... it's a novel concept but I know with a lot of focus and thought you'll understand the idea at hand and be able to thoughtfully add to this discussion.
  13. you seem like the kinda guy who gets all his news from political facebook memes.
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