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  1. Channeling your inner TBurg I see. Not cool dude, not cool.
  2. An excerpt from one of his ads: "House has three bedrooms, all the good houses have four at least. Near a school and shopping so traffic is going to be an issue. New furnace, but you know it'll break down at some point. Grass needs constant mowing except in the winter and then you have to shovel snow. You know what, never mind, it's too much effort to show it."
  3. This is just TBurgess trying to be the contrarian and the cool kid. It's his shtick. He's just never had to do it after a Grey Cup win, so he's... struggling a bit to make it work.
  4. I remember you saying the same thing about the O line at this time last year. You absolutely nailed that one too. Keep up the great work!
  5. Ya, they are damned scary and it's no wonder that they kicked our asses so bad during the Grey Cup. Wait a sec...
  6. Got to meet and talk with Patrick Neufeld and Stanley Bryant at the Wheat Kings game here in Brandon last night. What a couple of cool dudes and great ambassadors for the Bombers! You know that they're big guys, but until you stand right beside them, you don't get a full appreciation of how huge they actually are.
  7. So she'd know to only hit the "Submit Reply" button once?
  8. One question: Were they looking at you when they were saying "I'm sorry" to your wife? Cause you might have missed something...
  9. Because a drug dog, in and of itself, does not equal probable cause.
  10. So seeing that you are stevethe3rd and you're from Saskatchewan, when all the steves are together there are actually four of you?
  11. Not sure what to think about Awe. With his history, I sure hope he cleans up his act, otherwise he's not the sort of player I'd normally like to see in blue and gold.
  12. I'm pretty sure that the CFL is not planning on playing in the World's Series or in MLB in general, so I think we're safe.
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