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  1. Lol, you guys... Every time he does this, you give him exactly the reaction he's hoping for. The contrarian is being contrary? Same old schtick. Nothing to see here
  2. Well, if true, this is pretty convincing evidence that Westwood kicked with his eyes closed.
  3. You know how you get mentally tougher? You have a bad game and learn from it. You have a bad game and realize that your team mates are still behind you. You learn that you're never going to be perfect and that you don't have to be. And you learn that every other player on the team screws up too, many times in a game, so the loss is never just on you. Those are the things that one learns in order to be mentally tough. Oh, and the other thing that you learn is to ignore the chattering masses who have zero clue of what they are talking about.
  4. There's another expression that fits here: play stupid games, win stupid prizes.
  5. Now now, I've heard that scheduling is very difficult, so let's be thankful that it appears that at least everyone will have played the same number of games by the end of the regular season. Sure some teams will have played the same opponent 10 times and have their 3 byes at the end, but... scheduling=hard.
  6. Not belittling anyone or anything. The premise of the intial question was if Ellington was hurt for the rest of the season do we still feel good about his signing. To me, that's a dumb question on several levels (devil's advocate or not) because ANYONE can have a season (or career) ending injury at any time. So if one is worried about that, why celebrate anyone's signing, ever.
  7. If this is a concern, then maybe never sign "older" free agents, because you can never tell if they might get injured during the season. Come to think about it, younger players can get injured too, so we might as well bypass the draft. And the players currently under contract could get hurt too, so they're a problem too. Damn, maybe we need to replace half the roster each week to try and make sure we have a good chance of playing non injured players. Edmonton is doing that and it sure seems to be working out great for them...
  8. Boy, I wish we had a mike drop emoji. Oh wait...
  9. You using that pic just broke the irony meter...
  10. I would like to point out that as of right now, we have more points in the standings than the entire eastern division combined.
  11. There's nothing worst than being sick, except maybe, being sick and a Rider fan! In all seriousness, get better soon.
  12. They're the flagship because in Saskatchewan, they stand head and shoulders above every other professional team (excluding tractor pulls), in both attendance and income.
  13. He was good, but he didn't come close to Nick Hill in longetivity. That guy was a legend for years.
  14. I found it interesting that Maciocia fired Jones right before they were to play Edmonton. I'm guessing that he did that because he wanted to take over as head coach and figured he'd immediately win. "Maciocia begins to right the ship" sort of thing. Too bad it backfired. I predict he's not going o be around long.
  15. With all the attention on our injuries, and the hype surrounding Rourke, I really believe that the real key to this game is going to be scoring more points than BC. If we can do that, I think we're going to be fine.
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