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  1. -... --- -- -... . .-. ... .-- .. -. - .... . ..--- ----- .---- ----. --. .-. . -.-- -.-. ..- .--.!
  2. So you have several examples of this? Love to hear them.
  3. I would think that, generally, a guy would get a spot because he's demonstrated that he's the best player, no? If the rookie is better, you hire the rookie, if the veteran is better, you keep the veteran. If it's close, then cost vs experience comes in to play. Seems pretty straight forward to me.
  4. So, you'd rather not have skill be the deciding factor. I'd rather a guy get beat because the next guy was better, not "good enough and cheaper"
  5. This. If you do his salary on a "cost per punt" basis, the Riders are probably getting him for a steal.
  6. So, help me out here. If this is an all time best list then why in the world would Kevin Glenn get a mention? If this is a all-time who managed to play longer than anyone else regardless of anything else they might have accomplished list, then yes, by all means, include him.
  7. If the Ti-Cats knew in advance and were ready, then it's not a big deal. If he did it without warning this close to TC then it would be a chump move, but because it's the Ti-Cats, it's ok.
  8. Eddie Steele would disagree and depending on how one defines "health coverage", that could be an expense that could be more unsustainable that higher salaries.
  9. When the topic of raising the salary cap came up, Walters pointed out that this would mainly benefit the higher end players. Such is the system. It is neither fair, nor unfair, it simply is. Also, to suggest that one side or the other is "for the fans" is silly. The players are for the players, management is for the organization. Both have an interest but the focus is different and neither involves "the fans". Players, generally, want as much as they can get in the least amount of time as possible. After all, they have a very limited time frame, career wise, so that's understandable. Management, on the other had, wants to limit salary expenses as much as possible. They, by nature, have to take a longer view because their focus is sustainability. Now factor in that to attract the higher end talent, the people that "the fans" actually come to see, they have to pay higher end salaries. This means that the journeymen and rookies will have a smaller pool to share from, cap wise. And then add in the premium that Canadians can fetch means that there are yet fewer dollars for the American rookies. So to suggest that it's wrong to pay the qb's and other skill positions more at the expense of others is to say that the entire system is wrong. Maybe it is, but is the system that both sides are operating in, so trying to determine right or wrong is a fool's errand. Long and the short is that there are no "white knights" who care more for the fans than the other side does. Anyone who believes that has likely bought a lot of bridges over many many years.
  10. So you're arguing for the players by saying that players are making too much money and it's hurting the players and so this is management's fault. You sir are a negotiating god!
  11. Ya, I know. I feel kind of dirty. Going to go home and shower now. Next time, if there's a next time that he's actually pleased, it's someone else's turn...
  12. Well, if TBurg isn't going to TBurg then I guess I have to step up. Here goes: Typical Walters bringing in retreads instead of finding talent on his own.
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