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  1. If the fan base gets behind it, you could sell dozens. Good luck!
  2. DYK that the Bombers are perfect when they outscore the opponent at the end of the 4th quarter!
  3. Well, I live here and I think that while it has problems, just like every other city, there are few other places I'd live. Further to that I've been here for over 35 years and I'd take this Brandon over the Brandon of 15-20 years ago, and most certainly, over the Brandon of the early 80's. Your mileage may vary...
  4. Just be forewarned, you really should not be hunting in Regina or Saskatoon.
  5. Might just be that he's decided that he's only here as insurance, and is very likely never going to dress, much less see the field. That being the case, he might have better things to do. I wouldn't automatically connect this with Nichols.
  6. Hockey doesn't have positional numbers like football does, and football teams have much bigger rosters. But other than that, great point!
  7. Thanks Jpan, Headline should read: "Blind squirrel finds nut".
  8. And in the tradition of the great punters, a true team leader!
  9. As dirty as this makes me feel... William Powell (I am so so sorry)
  10. Well, he's certainly no punter, but he's doing his best to be a leader.
  11. I'd have to say that I didn't see a ton of hand wringing except for our normal wringers, you know the ones who, when we win say "We were just lucky" and when we lose say "See, we suck". They know who they are.
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