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  1. That's for the Riders fans, because we're going to haunt them for a long time to come.
  2. You make Norm Macdonald look absolutely hilarious.
  3. I thought that they were the least funny thing Canada had ever produced and then Norm Macdonald said "hold my beer".
  4. Ya, except no one is saying that. Poor trolling attempt there.
  5. I've got nothing against Booch, I simply disagree with him. Maybe you didn't realize, but one can actually disagree with someone without "disliking" them.
  6. Funny thing is, you're right about walking in someone's path. That's why I'd take care in suggesting that a pickpocket or a streetwalker or a "general bum" should be on the outside looking in. Everyone's got a story. Many are not happy ones.
  7. Wow, quite the little diatribe there Booch. I'm guess that you've never worked much with the marginalized, so I'm going to assume this would just be ignorance on your part.
  8. NO! It's all the commissioner's fault all the time. Come and rage with us. Shout at a cloud! It's fun!
  9. I look at this list and it breaks my heart. How could so many commisionners fail to appreciate the fact that there were people with no knowledge and all the answers just waiting to jump in and so them all how wrong they were in their wrongness . Imagine if they had!
  10. No, I just don't blather on ad nauseam about how terrible he is every time Ambroise's name gets mentioned. Ya, we get it, Randy's no Sydney Halter
  11. One thing the "let's find a way to do the season" folks seem to be forgetting is that it's not up to them. It's the perview of Public Heath to determine if and how it can happen. People like Lyle Bauer (exactly why we would be listing to him escapes me) forget that it's not just about seating. It's entering into the stadium, the concourses, the vending lineups, the washrooms, the exiting of the stadium and a bunch of other situations where social distancing will be difficult to impossible to enforce. Not to mention the very likely possibility of a strong re-occurance in the fall all point to how dangerous this would be. Football's fun, but it's not life and death.
  12. You sure seem to know a lot about how to run the CFL despite never having done it. Tell you what, why don't you talk to Ambrosie directly and spare us your constant ranting. He seems like a smart guy and I'll bet he'd be thrilled to get your advice.
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