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  1. I'm struggling with the idea of a 25 yard penalty for more serious infractions. Why not just eject the player and do the 15 yards. If I guy risks losing a game day cheque, he might just think twice.
  2. How would you expect that they would be able to "eye in the sky" real time from multiple angles? I don't think it's possible. You'd have to pause after every play so that all angles could be looked at, every thing slowed down so that nothing would get missed and then, games would double in length and because people are involved, mistakes would still happen. When you look at the number of plays overall in a game and then look at the number of questionable calls, the zebras get it right the vast majority of the time. So then, we need the eye in the sky for those few times that the refs get it wrong or miss something egregious. The only thing I find inexcusable is when the replay judge messes up because there's just no way that should happen. I do agree that all these tweaks are just adding confusion for everyone; players and referees alike.
  3. No hate, just a belief that one of the defining characteristics of a pro receiver is the ability to catch the ball. It's the thing that's supposed to separate him from the Blue Bomber's accountant.
  4. I'm fairly confident that if that is truly a legitimate concern, they could put a provision in place that could allow a player to opt out of the exemption. Also, as has been pointed out, every single person drafted is in essentially the same boat. Sure 1st rounders will get more, but ultimately, they have little say in the matter. Don't like it? Well, Mr St. John, we'll be here when you decide you do.
  5. Count me in on keeping the ratio where it is. The last thing I'd want to see happen is have a league that exists just to give marginal players a chance to get back into the NFL. We're Canadian and Canadian players need a place where thy can have a shot at playing. Get rid of the nationals and the next thing that will happen is "You know, we might as well play the four down version to help these guys stay NFL ready." Thanks but no thanks.
  6. What sort of sorcery is this? I have it on good authority that Ambroise can only deal with one thing at a time. This suggests that he's dealing with expansion, Europe and contract negotiations all at the same time. FAKE NEWS!
  7. So, they brought the cutouts of people they use at the games?
  8. Hmmmm, 2 hour CJOB show means about 5 minutes per guest. Not sure it's going to be worth it. Although we will have dozens and dozens of opportunities to see if mudruckers has a new commercial for this year.
  9. I think that the idea is to stop the players from complaining about being in Oakland. Sort of a "Look around boys, Regina makes Oakland look like Hawaii, doesn't it?"
  10. Ummm, that would be ancient Greek, like you didn't recognize the writing of your youth...
  11. I think iso spells it in the original form "back in the day": κέντρο
  12. So much assumption and inference in this post... Firstly, where did Ambrosie say that we are "second rate" or that we somehow need to compete with the NFL? Sure compared to the NFL we are a much smaller league and our salary and expense structure reflects that. But we're not here to compete with the NFL. We're here to be the CFL. We offer Americans a chance to play pro ball, in our league. If they don't want to come here, no worries, we'll find someone else, which seems to be a part of what Ambrosie is doing in these trips. Secondly, what makes you think that this is the only thing he's working on? Sure he doesn't have huge numbers of staff, but that doesn't mean that multiple irons might not be in the fire. He knows about the player agreement negotiations and the markets that are struggling. There are always issues like negotiations and markets that are struggling. The agreement will get hammered out, as those things always do, but he doesn't have magic at his disposal to fix struggling teams, and for the most part that's not his job anyway. Those teams have owners. Maybe those owners should be dealing more directly with that. Or maybe those "hundreds of thousands of fans" that one of our Argo fanboys likes to talk about need to get off their collective asses and maybe, ya know, actually be a fan and go to a game? Don't see Ambrosie having too much to do with that. Lastly, what he's doing is formalizing or exploring relationships with Mexican and European leagues. That's completely different. The odd guy wandering to Europe or Mexico to play ball doesn't mean much of anything. Ambrosie exploring new markets and opportunities in Mexico and Europe is not at all the same thing. Not even close.
  13. Not angry at all. Just like pointing out that the obvious agenda is obvious.
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