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  1. As long as we're wanting to sign washed up Canadian receivers, do we have any room on the IR for Addison Richards?
  2. I don't think that you can equate your experience salting fries with this stuff, but it's ok.
  3. Did you not understand the "they should have more stock" part?
  4. Went to get a Westman flag last night just at the start of the game. Sold out... Seriously???? You want to promote the Bombers in an area of the province that shows a lot of Rider green, then help us out.
  5. Some people waiting for that illusive 300 yard game...
  6. You were not. 2-2 for the first 4, then 12 in a row. Lost the last 2 for a 14-4 record.
  7. You know what, I think you're wrong. You know how I know that? Because the people that actually know what the hell they are taking about (the coaching staff) put Nichols in and kept him in until they were sure the game was out of reach. He got a bit dinged last game and if they really believed that they were fine without him, that Streveler gave then the same chance at winning, they could have given him the day off, but they didn't. You can have your opinion, but it's a totally uneducated one and not supported whatsoever by the facts. Other than that, it's fine.
  8. I heard it the same way. Further to that, I'm not sure, but I kinda doubt that most American players would even know that "Big Smoke" is a nick name for TO.
  9. When we win the cup I'm expecting a post like: "Nice win, but that Cup is sure looking old, not sure it was worth the effort."
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