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  1. There was speculation she lost the baby. She wouldn’t drink when she was pregnant but when the new season began she was drinking. Cersei could tell Jamie, cruelly, that his baby is dead. It would feed her obsession with winning...because that’s all she has. And further crush Jamie who could reveal through his reactions that he only came back because of the child and in that moment realizes he wished he’d have stayed with Brienne.
  2. Reading some reviews I can’t help but agree that the arc for Jamie was somewhat ruined at the end. He ended up back where he started. Imagine him arriving in time and begging Cersei to leave. She refuses saying it’s not over her. She starts blowing up wild fire to take down the city herself. We cut back and forth from a vicious Cersei relishing the destruction to a heart broke Jamie in horror at what his sister has become. And then he kills her to stop the madness. He then rings the bells signalling surrender. And Dany, seeing what Cersei did is so enraged she continues her onslaught.
  3. Well...he did it. He got me to like one of his tweets. (Not really but I do like the policy)
  4. This is crazy. How can anyone defend this. Put him in jail until he complies and make him plead the 5th. Let’s see how that plays. I love this expression “perjury trap”. On other words he means “they’ll catch me lying”.
  5. Hey he asked. He can Pm me anytime. Point taken!
  6. Hey he asked. He can Pm me anytime. Point taken!
  7. So maybe we can get back on topic. Because this is outrageous conduct.
  8. Because I don’t routinely defend, deny and deflect on behalf of a racist, misogynistic, criminal moron or defend the white nationalists who support him. Understand now?
  9. Yup. As I said, people clinging to free speech as a defense to pushing a nasty narrative who dont understand what free speech means anyway. You said it very well.
  10. I understand what youre saying but that might not be the best comparison. The Burqa is a real thing whereas a Nazi flag is not representing a nation. Its literally exists only to represent a hateful movement. Just because it's on a flag doesnt give it legitimacy. Same with the confederate flag for that matter (and I actually had one of those when I was a kid).
  11. Meh, someone loving Jesus is generally a positive thing. If that Jesus person also wants Muslim's killed or whatever thats not a religious thing really...its a crazy thing. Big difference between Jesus' teachings and Hitler's teachings. And between Religion and something that exists solely for hate,. I dont think it's a slippery slope.
  12. I generally agree. The Congress should do its duty regardless of political fall out. I do think the idea of it being bad for the election is the hangover from the Clinton impeachment but that really was a witch hunt and the public was sick of it. Nixon...the investigations really changed public perception to favour impeachment and he was toast which is why he made the deal to leave in exchange for a pardon. The Dems are doing the right thing, investigating. And Trump is stone walling because he's scared of the same thing happening to him that happened to Nixon...that is, the more the public sees his conduct and crimes, the more they will demand his removal. The reason Trump is daring them to impeach now is because he would rather battle based on the Mueller report then further investigative results. Which is sort of funny since the Mueller report was really damning, but the AG carried the water as best he could. Hard to imagine the Dems losing a fair election since they wouldnt have lost a fair election last time either. If their nominee can avoid a scandal, they should waltz into the White House (famous last words I know). One thing I hope the Dems take seriously though, they have a lot of good candidates but there can only be one nomimee....Id like to see some of them drop out early and run for Senate. Trump's war on Congress shows how important the Senate is. Congress can't be gutted. As angry as I am to see what Trump and his GOP cronies did to the conservative movement, its only hope is a massive Dems victory in Congress & the White House. Only then will the GOP look in the mirror and hopefully come back from the brink and be a respectable conservative option.
  13. Economy is good but they dont want to give credit to Obama for leaving them with an up-swinging economy. It could be because he's a Democrat or could be a couple of other reasons you can probably guess. Trump's plan is tax cut for the rich that wasnt good for average people, trade wars that he clearly doesnt understand and moving closer to war because he idolizes Generals (most of whom cant stand him) and desperately wants to be a war time President. I bet he tries to award himself a medal too.
  14. You’re right. It’s sad but you’re right. Oh well. Back to work
  15. You’re right. It’s sad but you’re right. Oh well. Back to work
  16. Come on. This is ridiculous. Really??
  17. Just when you think it cant sink much lower...it does! Anyway, any US politics news to discuss today? Oh yeah, Trump doesnt understand tariffs and the stock market as plummeted.
  18. What the heck is wrong with you??? Mocking, belittling, insulting, attacking. Do you think you're clever? In wrestling we call it "over selling" and its awesome because it means you're losing it. Are you REALLY now defending Nazi's?? Wow. Reply to the person who made the post if you want to debate it...but man, using whataboutism to diminish the nazi/white supremacist/white nationalist base of the guy you support is....just wow. Just...WOW!
  19. Do you ever stop? Like really, enough is enough...the petty insults and trolling/baiting is beyond acceptable.
  20. This might be the worst match I really want to see
  21. I said to my gf if Jamie died at Euron's hands and didnt get to Cersei, I wouldnt watch next week! haha I always found Dany a weak character so I like her change if she pays the price for it.
  22. I know people will disagree but its really a common sense thing. You probably cant wave a flag that says the N word on it. A Nazi flag is easy to ban. You cant do it in Germany. And yes, the Confederate Flag is gross too. If you happen to be playing with a vintage Dukes of Hazzard toy, then we can let that slide. But the confederate flag isnt a Dukes of Hazzard thing...its a Confederate thing. If a lot of morons decided the fly the confederate flag, then we should create a by law banning all flags but the Canadian one (and US as many businesses fly the US flag as well). There is no nuanced explanation for why someone needs to fly a Nazi flag.
  23. I wonder how mad he is that it wasnt the White Sox.
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