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  1. Good. I’ve been craving mongos.
  2. I find your remarks impassioned and I understand. I have no issue with how you express yourself. It’s welcomed, as far as I’m concerned. My earlier remark wasn’t directed towards you at all. I enjoy your posts and I enjoy discussions with you. There’s only a few people they can’t handle it and try to drag things into the mud. And some of them aren’t here anymore. So....
  3. Not my info. Just threads by journalists and articles in mainstream news. Sorry that doesn’t fit your 20/20 hindsight revisionism. But at this point clinging to a failed argument just looks like you’re desperate to parrot trump. Sadly.
  4. It’s like whack a mole around here lately lol
  5. Sorry, you weren’t entirely wrong. Just mostly wrong.
  6. They now consider losing 92% of the vote something to brag about. Also Mitt has 12%. Trump loses again
  7. Whoops https://www.cnn.com/2020/06/08/health/us-coronavirus-monday/index.html
  8. I did. Others probably did as well. I think in rare circumstances there are issues you risk your health for. The people using hindsight to try and say nothing should have closed are making an argument that doesn’t fit that description. We shall see if protests spike covid. We would assume they would, without having the data. As the thread I posted showing increase in areas that “re-opened”.
  9. Missed the news about Vegas. Missed the video of parties in Osarks. Missed pictures of packed beaches. Whooose.
  10. I think you're drawing a false equivalency. And again, if the government would prefer large gatherings not take place (as I am sure they do), then would you prefer the move to shut them down? I guarantee no government agency or police force (here) would look at the pros and cons and decide thats the smart move. Ive been firm that I believe large gatherings are not wise. But just as firm that these protests are a force of nature borne out of hundreds of years of anger and frustration, triggered, finally by events both small & large. Its organic and its historic. So do I feel empathy for people hurt by the restrictions? Yes. My family has been hurt by the restrictions. I feel worse for people of colour and understand more their need and desire to do this. And quite frankly, if you disagree with them your issue isnt with them. How many cities around North America are open? Beaches packed. Vacation destinations open. Casinos etc. Are they more deserving of gatherings than the protests?
  11. Okay, you're just being an ******* now. I even re-posted the info for you. I appreciate that you're a big fan and have followed me intently on here. But honestly, you're not getting a signed 8X10 so if you cant handle a mature discussion just dont reply. I will choose to reply as I see fit. They say when you find yourself in a hole, stop digging. Well, on this subject, you're in as deep as can go.
  12. Time for some self-reflection, Floyd. I wont even ask for an apology. Just knock it off. Be better.
  13. You've repeatedly over the past few days insulted or attacked me. You're a child. I dont mind a discussion but you're completely immature and like I said, embarrassing. So do yourself a favour and ignore me. I will continue to post as I see fit. But if you cant handle mature discussion, just dont engage. That's free advice, no need to pay me.
  14. There, my research fee is $150/hour. You can e-transfer me.
  15. Another classic Floyd, attack the poster when he cant make a sensible post. Im not employed as your personal researcher. You're rapidly becoming an embarrassment.
  16. The best take away from this is Trump threw Barr under the bus as the architect of the attack on the protesters and Barr responded by making Trump a liar about the bunker. You love to see it.
  17. He doesn’t want the truth. He wants lies that make him feel better.
  18. Nah, I posted it. I cant recall when. If I stumble across it Ill re post but nothing really will alter your stance anyway so its not overly important either way.
  19. We're very open here in Manitoba. Work, restaurants, hair salons. So im not sure where you think we're still under a lockdown. We can disagree on this but no one was stopping that protest. Period. And trying, either directly through police action or indirectly through fining would do nothing but inflame the issue. What activity is it you want to do that you feel you cant but are upset protesters can protest?
  20. For sure I was just using a Winnipeg example of cops being tax collectors to justify their bloat. Traffic enforcement is important but it has to be done fairly. I think the police should actually do it themselves by targeting problem areas not having unmarked cars looking for people going a bit fast when it poses no danger. And I have no issue with red light cameras but we know here, its artificially unfair to generate revenue which should be illegal.
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