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  1. They own Daily’s Place in Jax but Florida rules make it tough plus the parking lot is being used as a major testing site. Secret location is somewhere in the south east. They don’t want fans showing up.
  2. Absolutely. 2016 showed them how to cheat to win. But the most basic thing remains true. If the left gets out to vote, they win. This pandemic going on long term is actually to Trump's benefit. If it largely goes way by summer, and allows the US to have a relatively normal campaign, he's in trouble. Because his handling of it becomes a huge election issue. Economy becomes a huge election issue. Unemployment etc. And if the Dems dont screw it up (and you can never discount that very real possibility) and come together, you have Biden with Obama, Warren, Clintons, Bernie and everyone else out campaigning and pulling everyone together for the common good. It *should* be a landslide. Trump will say "if was so close, you have to assume they cheated." or "I was beat so badly you have to assume it's unrealistic so they must have cheated".
  3. My immediate thought is, it would be idea for Sammy. Darby too, but he should chase it before winning. Sammy winning and defending every week...perfection. Plus you can have some subtle fun with Sammy being the only Inner Circle guy with a belt.
  4. Another democratic rock star that will be out there for Biden assuming there’s is some semblance of normalcy during the campaign.
  5. Can’t disagree with this. Should have absolutely cancelled their raise this year.
  6. Exactly what I’ve been saying they need!
  7. I’m not one for the insider stuff and shoot names and whatnot but hell of a promo by Undertaker to open Raw tonight!
  8. Sounds like some close daddy/daughter time is in order.
  9. NSFW but hilarious especially as the singer looks like Santa.
  10. Funny how so many of those religious nuts are all cheats (on their wives and taxes). Easy to be an SOB when you have a God willing to forgive you because you're special but also lets you stand in judgement of everyone else. Tailor made for Trump who thinks he can do whatever he wants. One thing Trump has shown is that the religious right are complete and utter phonies.
  11. Its totally relevant for media to point out his lies and contradictions and ask him to clarify,. in fact, they're really giving him a great opportunity to do so. He just keeps flubbing them and playing to his racist, moronic base.
  12. The first time he cuts off a question, refuses to answer or otherwise lies/misdirects, the next reporter should ask the same question and so on. It wont take long for Trump to angrily walk out and I think thats a better visual. He;'s going to get worse, boosted by his polls. And man, is it going to be fun watching him implode when this is over and his numbers crater.
  13. Hes a good politician, Ill give him that. "How many might die?" 200,000. "Ok, Ill say 2 million so when we have 200,000 everyone thinks Im a miracle worker". He's a POS trying to make political gains off death.
  14. If the election was next year I’d love Cuomo to enter.
  15. Most likely. My only thought is, there are still best case scenarios. Sure, Trump aint helping things. But lets say crowds start coming out in may with some restrictions...maybe by June/July, sports leagues are considering their options. If you can run the playoffs, normally, you wouldnt want to. But people will be chomping at the bit to get back to "normal". Here, yeah, everyone wants to go to the cottage and there will be a lot of vacations happening that were deferred from earlier, but I think a playoffs would do very well. Lots of logistics though. You'll have everyone trying to book dates at once. You'll have networks with multiple things to cover. NBA, NHL, CFL, NFL all at once. SO could be tough. But the owners will want to do it come hell or high water. The big debate will be how to decide because doing ANY games would be gold for the owners, so sure, Boston is in, but what about Detroit? They want some games. They already paid the players. They want to recoup. I think they'll try real hard to play something. And I think they'll try real hard to have every team play *something* at home. Maybe forget the standings and do some sort of league-wide play-in.
  16. Boy Dana White is sure being exposed for the prick he is (and most knew him to be).
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