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  1. Sounds great @Goldkobra How accessible were talent around the ship? Run into Meltzer ( saw no pics of him lol). Aubrey looked to be having a great time. what was the process for attending the tv taping? Was it just rush seating first come first serve? did they offer a deal for guests on board to buy for next year? did you see talent around the ports?
  2. The only people who think trump did nothing wrong are either compromised or have a weird love affair with him. I assume people that post here aren’t compromised.
  3. Barring an astonishing turn around after the break the jets should sell everyone not in their future plans. Buy??? That would be insane.
  4. Okay who’s got a sub and can tell us what he wrote about the Jets...?
  5. Chilling Ummmm I don’t think he meant fire her....
  6. I question our assistants too. The D has under-performed most years and some guys had some big regressions. If we fire Maurice, everyone must go. Start from scratch.
  7. This President thinks traumatic brain injuries are fine, apparently. What a POS. I know a US service person and she told me by and large, they have zero respect for him. https://www.cnn.com/2020/01/24/politics/34-injuries-iran-missile-strike/index.html Washington (CNN)Thirty-four US service members have been diagnosed with traumatic brain injuries following the Iranian missile attack on US forces in Iraq earlier this month, Pentagon spokesman Jonathan Hoffman said Friday.
  8. I hope if they make a change they hire the best available, the person that can best bring us a cup and not the guy that is Chevy's or Mark's buddy...lol We likely were this close to getting Randy here except he was fired after Jets hired Maurice.
  9. Yeah but they also thought they had buff for 25 minutes a game. They didn’t. Kuli isn’t that bad when managing his minutes. For only one year it was worth keeping him. And there is help coming. But sure without buff they do need to bring in help in the off season. But they can’t hand out six year deals to do it. Have To manage it. hope niku keeps getting better. Maybe ville is here. Samberg is ready. Poolman has been pretty good. Plus josh and pionk
  10. Nah. Here;s the thing, I know you equate far left with being worse than the alt right but it isnt true. Someone who's worse trait is they want free health care, free tuition etc is not the same as someone that wants all Muslims and Mexicans locked in cages and who support white supremacy. The far left can be objectionable on policy. The far right is objectionable on morality.
  11. Who said there would be. I realize you're just doing your gimmick but I said from day one Trump wasnt going anywhere. If he leaves it will be on his own because he's bored and his ego hates the criticism and his laziness hates the work...or a medical. No President has ever needed re-election as much as Trump because its entirely possible there are sealed indictments waiting for him the day hes out of office. I also said the reason the GOP protect him is partially because some of them are likely compromised but mainly because they Trump core is so gross and racist that they wont ever vote for anyone that doesnt share their disgusting values. None of the right can win with only that base, but they need that base to even have a chance. Fact is, Trump got his ass handed to him in the last election. He had Russians cheating for him, he had an opponent who was disliked by a large number of people, a nasty Dem primary, Rudy's crooked FBI agents forcing Comey to make the blunder of the century in smearing Hilary and he STILL got badly beaten in the popular vote. The GOP is becoming unelectable. But...if they turn on Trump they will all lose. Trump represents the only chance they have. It was, who Graham, that said if they nominate Trump they will be destroyed and will deserve it. They blew it. Trump never wanted to win. He wanted to launch an alt right news network (or more accurately his kids did). His kids, as they always have done, wanted to ride daddy's coattails into media and politics. So Trump will never do the right thing for the party...if the Senate removed him, he run anyway (assuming he isnt immediately arrested) and probably form a Trump party. That would keep all the gross alt right voters. It would destroy the GOP and elevate the Dems to power for a generation. So the GOP is now stuck. If you're a Senator that takes his oath seriously, that doesnt matter. You do the right thing, vote to remove Trump and run on the truth and let the chips fall where they may. None of them are willing (look at how many announced their retirement...they know its over). The *only* way that changes is if public support becomes so overwhelming against Trump that it actually becomes *worse* for the GOP to support him. Thats unlikely. Too many of the right are the alt right gross racist bigot jerks. With them, Dems waltz to victory every time. Thats why you hear that so many in the GOP hate Trump. But they're stuck. They have no one to blame but themselves. They nominated the idiot and now they've destroyed themselves. Not a single conservative voter supports Trump without also sharing his gross racist, rapist values. Period. No one says "I really hate the culture of the KKK but darn it, their economic policy is good enough to vote for." If you support Trump, you share his bigoted values. Trump will be acquitted by the Senate. He will lose the election. He will whine and cry about being cheated. He will explore throwing out the results. He will be dragged out of the white house. A Dem admin will finally reveal that what we know now was nothing compared to how bad it really is, how low this admin and the GOP have sunk. It will be a the worst political scandal in American history. Or the Dems, who have a habit of being their own worst enemies will piss it all away trying to rip each other apart and the GOP will cheat their way back to power.
  12. I love the idea that it's partisan because the GOP are desperately helping cover it up but its somehow the Dems fault. I mean, you have to be so far buried in the sand (or somewhere else) to be that absurd and transparent.
  13. Wed be worse without Kuli. Stanley still has a chance. Niku is good. Ville is good. Samberg is good and coming. Pionk has been pretty darn good.
  14. If only the gop would put country ahead of party. The right is broken. Disgusting. Partisan hacks. oh and
  15. Seems like a conscious effort to add some big hoss. Kross is likely wwe bound though. Archer is vastly improved. Might be a good pairing with spears and tully at first.
  16. I noticed they like to use the end camera when play is at the opposite end...or at least to show some replays. Weird.
  17. Jericho Cruise 3 announced for next Feb. Cody says they will air Dynamite live (rather then taped like this year). Speaking of which, apparently they flew two master copies of tonight's show on different airplanes just to make sure at least one made it back to HQ for post-production. Meltzer reports AEW likely going to introduce Six Man Tag Team Championship, maybe at next year's cruise. Ive avoided spoilers and looking forward to the show tonight. Looks awesome. Cant wait to hear @Goldkobra review.
  18. So is the issue that the team is tuning Maurice out? Or that they bought in in 2015 because they believed that was the way and now, perhaps, are not thrilled with skilled players trying to play a more team D style? If Maurice does not get fired, it wouldnt surprise me. But if Chevy fired him tomorrow (if the Jets lose tonight), it would also not surprise me. I think some of the other issues, such as player usage...I dont know, is Maurice the answer? Doesnt seem like it.
  19. When the team was winning there were smart people looking at stats and saying it was Helle and it wasnt sustainable. Chickens have come home to roost. But Maurice's answer seems to be if the forwards can play better D they can win. This is a fast and talented team. Ive never been super pro or con on Maurice. But....it does seem like its time for a change.
  20. I dont like Maurice's comments after the game where he basically said he had no issue with the way the team played. He might just be shielding the players but I dont know.... It seems Maurice's system is designed to create low event games. When he came here, that might have had merit. Now we have a team loaded with skilled forwards (and at least a couple of D that are able to move the puck up). One could argue the system is wrong for these players. Thats on the coach. If something doesnt change on the ice, they'll have to do something...its the nature of the beast. I do wonder if Chevy accepts some blame for the poor D and thus, gives Maurice a pass or if he pulls the trigger. As for when, sometimes you *have* to fire the coach during the season either because you think you still have a shot (clearly what Vegas thought) or because the team has tuned him out and you have to do it. If Chevy thinks he gains anything by firing Maurice sooner than later, so be it (perhaps a coach he likes is available, I recall when Noel was fired, Lawless reported part of what made it happen when it did was Chevy wanted Maurice). But it would seem to make more sense in the off-season.
  21. I hope Maurice travels light. trade everyone who isn’t part of the core for whatever picks and prospects you can get.
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