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  1. The “woke” blacklash. It’s hilarious. Strong effort to make things like equality and fairness seem bad. Which they are i suppose if you’re a bigoted white male who has had free reign for so long. But it’s transparent to most people. Bigots.
  2. How he’s even still allowed to troll these threads is beyond me. I think maybe this thread has been abandoned lol. Which is actually probably better than the alternative. the most glaring thing to me is him going on about Clinton as a means to distract from the lawyers trump appointed to defend him as if there is any relevancy. If the House appoints Bill Clinton, then it’s fair game. Imagine being someone so consumed with embracing the racist gross alt right that you’d have to rey and distract Negative discussion on a message board in Winnipeg. That’s next level delusion.
  3. Did you read the original draft? Makes more sense within the context of the trilogy. Rise of skywalker felt like a do-over
  4. It’s pretty good. And would surely have gotten better wirh re-writes. I get the feeling the decision to go with Palps started with this draft.
  5. Between PCW, CWE & Wrestlemax there’s plenty of good wrestling and unique and different events. For sure people should check them all out!
  6. I find it intriguing that you think one persons issues exonerate they other. It’s like you are totally fine with a child rapist as long as someone else sexually harassed someone. Weird. Ofcourse no evidence of clinton being involved while Dershowitz is in a law suit right now and has a history of defending sexual assault and child rape. Why is it relevant? Cause he’s defending trump in the senate. Is Clinton? No. So stop trolling.
  7. This whole mess has allowed us to look at the Clinton impeachment with the benefit of hindsight and realize fully it was a right wing witch hunt. Starr was a Republican hack. And his reputation is forever clouded.
  8. Heck of defense. A democratic plant told me where she was so I’d be able to hire guys to kill her on orders from trumps henchmen. So...don’t blame me.
  9. No doubt. Even with Russia collusion and interference Hilary would have whooped Trump. Comey did what he did because of Rudy’s pals in the FBI NY field office. When trump and co. Whine about FBI agents being bad it’s because they had their own bad agents. They always accuse opponents of that which they do.
  10. DS9 definitely did it best but they were only allowed to because Exec producer Rick Berman didn’t really get it and focused on tng. serialized story telling is all the rage now with the idea it builds viewer loyalty. It might be more difficult to watch a random episode of Disco but if it wasn’t serialized it would be just as easy to not watch at all. Although I think disco didn’t do a very good job making episodes flow. TNG did bottle episodes as a way of saving money. Any episode coming in under budget allowed them to go over budget on other episodes. Sometimes those episodes were great because without all the flash and sizzle they has to be well written and well acted. Generally TNG episodes did matter even though it was not serialized. Picard and crusher relationship (both crushers). Troi & Riker. Troi & Worf. Data’s exploration of humanity. “World events” etc. You didn’t really have to see every episode to understand but If you did, you could appreciate the evolution of the characters and show more.
  11. You might say the original plan was deleted.
  12. Meltzer reports the original plan was for Scurll to be leader of Dark Order and debut on that big dark order episode a few weeks ago. That makes more sense as to why they did it. But ROH came back with a crazy offer and he took it.
  13. Oh trump lied? What a shocker. But damn those progressives.
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