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  1. The Unknown Poster

    Dave Wheeler fired from 92

    Unless his contract has a clause against firing I can’t see him winning.
  2. The Unknown Poster

    The TV Thread

    On CBS All Access. Another solid investment with a niche audience. Hopefully SPACE or someone picks it up as I'll give it a shot. The gf was a big Outer Limits fan, she'd try this too.
  3. The Unknown Poster

    Random News Items

    In my experience the cops have a mixed response to things like this. I remember from my time working in bars, we often got mixed messages. For a time, the cops would show up (cause every entitled drunk we threw out would call the cops) and berate us for "thinking you're cops" or "being out of control". Then we had a community officer who was great and he met with us and told us our job was tough enough without dealing with BS so to call the cops anytime we wanted. So we did and then got berated for "not being able to handle your own problems." I remember my boss angrily telling our community officer that we could handle things ourselves if the cops supported us or we could call them for every incident or a combination of the two but that he was threw with cops showing up with attitudes. The community officer was totally with us. But community policing ended and it was the wild west again, a crapshoot as to what type of officer you'd deal with when you needed them (or they were called). I noticed in the last couple of police information releases, it seems the LC security was being more active and there have been more arrests.
  4. The Unknown Poster


    WWE will be launching a tiered price for the Network. That's why people think the Impact/WWE meeting was about the library, with Impact supposedly doing the pitching. I cant see WWE willing to air Impact without owning it, though they had considered airing some smaller indies on the network, but Vince always changed his mind. And I cant see the Fight Network selling the TNA library because its the whole reason they bought it in the first place. WWE does own Progress and ICW tape libraries (UK-based indies) and have sat on them. But they're probably saving them for the Network Tier pricing. Having TNA's library would be a good hook for that and WWE negotiated to buy TNA a couple of years ago but they never get into bidding wars. They have a value they put on libraries (an amount per hour) and they wont pay more. I think thats a bit stubborn in the case of TNA as its 16+ years of turn-key footage, meaning it's ready to air as-is...cataloged, on masters, HD, ready to go. Its an enormous library. And it contains some of the best matches of key WWE guys like AJ Styles and Samoa Joe as well as the last match of Ric Flair, years of Sting, the whole Hogan thing etc. WWE had minor talks with ROH too. If they could ever secure both ROH & TNA libraries, it would be a great thing for the Network.
  5. The Unknown Poster


  6. The Unknown Poster

    Random News Items

    Joe’s a great guy. Great honour for him and he deserves it!
  7. The Unknown Poster

    Around The NHL 2018/2019

  8. The Unknown Poster


    So on the subject of Saudi Arabia, this is hilarious. Its Undertaker & Kane vs HHH & Michaels, in HBK's first match in 8 years. He always turned down their offers to return but the money was too much to ignore. The Saudi government are basically wrestling fans from 10-20 years ago. They had some weird requests, like I think Yokozuna was one of them...or someone who was dead anyway. So, Kane didnt want to do it because he's the Mayor of Knoxville and he felt it looked bad politically. So WWE donated $100,000 to a Knoxville charity on Kane's behalf. So he'll do it. lol Good for him!
  9. The Unknown Poster


    I think they sure think he does. And he probably does. Star power carries weight and he has it. Its the reason they throw so much money at Brock when he hasnt looked that impressive for awhile and why he'd walk back in and get a title shot. Its why they signed CM Punk who was 37 or whatever with no fight experience...cause he has star power. Cormier doesnt want Jones before Brock. And Cormier said he'd retire at 40 (next March). But if UFC can do Cormier/Brock and then Cormier/Jones and then Brock/Jones, thats three massive PPV's over the next year. Not to mention Jones' return fight against whomever.
  10. The Unknown Poster

    The TV Thread

    Pretty stiff comments. SNL generally sucks, Ill give him that. But to suggest it was downhill after he left...yeah right. To me the glory years were Dana Carvey, Dennis Miller, Nora Dunn, Chris Farley, Franken, Hartman, Jan Hooks, Jackson...basically the late 80's into the 90's. Plus, Chase always seems batshit crazy
  11. The Unknown Poster


    Brock’s phone is ringing.
  12. The Unknown Poster

    Around The NHL 2018/2019

    I just did some Googling and it seems the deal with the Panthers is, they have a great lease with the city owned arena whereby they get revenue from other non-hockey events they host as long as they keep the Panthers there. The lease runs out in 2023, so probably a good couple of years before we hear about relocation there.
  13. The Unknown Poster

    US Politics

    I’m guessing the statute of limitations has expired. Thus no police investigation. The FBI’s Position is it’s not a federal crime. They basically do background checks and will investigate when they are asked to. So protocol is for the White House to request the FBI investigate. Trump and anyone else suggesting they can’t or don’t want to is false. If trump believes the allegation is false he’d instruct the FBI to investigate and exonerate Kavanaugh. Trump knows the score. He’s harrassed and assaulted women many times oh and this...
  14. The Unknown Poster


  15. The Unknown Poster

    Around The NHL 2018/2019

    They count tickets out as the attendance. So if they distribute 100,000 tickets that no one uses, they can claim an attendance of 100,000 people. I cant remember the details on the Panthers but there was a reason why they hadnt been relocated...a lease or something. They'd be ripe for the pickings though...