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  1. Pretty soon it will become a badge of honour to be criticized on twitter by trump
  2. Thats a pretty easy thing to accept if it were between that and losing my job. Now that the feds are providing about $500 million to Manitoba, they cancel the layoffs. Yeah right.
  3. Uh what?? Going to do NHL for Sportsnet. Sucks to lose him from CFL games but we end up with Rod Black so often anyway. Be great to hear Cuthbert call hockey.
  4. Turns out my sister is an organizer.
  5. The senator should acquaint himself with the third amendment
  6. Hydro Should be flush with cash. Ndp mismanaged it for years. But the province should guarantee those jobs at this time. If you want to reduce, that’s fine. Offer incentive packages and early retirement. Pretty crappy thing to do. Id like to know what was offered that the unions turned down. I know from a friend who works there that hydro wanted them to take a temporary wage decrease but they did not want that feeling government would try to keep it. She also told me a filmon Friday would have been fine with her.
  7. Maybe he should talk to his white supremacist buddies and ask them to stop then. Speaking of stopping this forum is more peaceful recently. Have certain people chosen to go away or been sent away? Either way it’s a welcome change. I can’t imagine people blowing trump in these threads right now.
  8. Interesting. I like SVU and I loved the original L&O. My dream scenario is they bring back Chris Noth. I only watched Criminal Intent for his episodes. Streaming has made a lot of these shows possible, especially franchises where ratings are as important as having lots of content to drive subscriptions. CBS's strategy for Star Trek being another example.
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