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  1. They might just impeach Pence too I’ve said before that Pence is sort of trumps leverage because even if senators turn on him they won’t let both the President and VP go and elevate Pelosi to the White House. But I wonder if the gop would conspire with trump to throw pence under the bus. Ie they acknowledge wrong doing so they sacrifice Pence to save trump and get someone they like more as VP (Haley??).
  2. So you knew it was wrong when you saw it but you're excusing JT as not knowing...? He didn't live under a rock, by the way.
  3. Just because you somehow have never known blackface is wrong doesn't mean it isn't common knowledge to the vast majority of people.
  4. Was he the one doing the Vince McMahon walk? He's great!
  5. Perhaps an odd name for a January arena show (lol) but I like them using familiar names.
  6. The evidence is overwhelming so I think the GOP will eventually admit Trump did it....but its not impeachable. Or at the very least, once he is impeached, they will say *that* is consequence enough and he shouldn't be removed. Just watch, House will impeach him and GOP Senate will say "well, that's punishment enough". You might even see some GOP House members vote to impeach to try and make the argument it was bipartisan punishment.
  7. Oh boy. Hard for GOP to argue the impeachability of lying since they impeached clinton for it.
  8. That’s a good point about Ted Danson. That was big big news and he really only got through it because his then-gf Whoopie Goldberg admitted it was her idea.
  9. You think a 29 year old drama teacher son of a PM didn’t know blackface was bad? And even if he was that ignorant that he *should* have known it was bad? im neither American or a drama teacher and I knew it was bad 20 years ago. In fact I knew it was bad in the early 80’s because a prime time sitcom did an episode about it. In the 80’s. You can debate whether JT should be disqualified from being PM for wearing blackface but you can’t really debate whether it was wrong to do so. and it also has nothing to do with don cherry. Both are bad. The difference is a private company employed Don whereas JT is employed by the people. Had the blackface scandal been one of JT’s MP’s he’s had likely turfed them.
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