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  1. You can’t make the blind see. It’s not even about AOC’s plan being perfect. The right has moved so far right they’re effectively plugging their ears, covering their eyes and yelling na na na na na I cant hear you. And they are scared to death of AOC. Because these once-“crazy” ideas are gaining more and more traction with people. They are becoming “Center” or moderate ideas. There’s no point on engaging with the white nationalists because they don’t hear anything that isn’t their own narrow minded perspective.
  2. I hope you enjoy it! Thank you!
  3. lol so Gerard depardieu is the authority on tax. Hahaha. Imagine irrationally attacking AOC using a fox opinion piece and Gerard Depardieu.
  4. Mueller recommends no further indictments.
  5. No more indictments. For the special counsel anyway.
  6. Right, its the beginning of his career when he's a poor PI trying to make a go of it. I assume the series will show his advancement into law.
  7. What if he defends a killer that DID it but he's so good he gets him off. Maybe the suspense is in what really happened. Im a sucker for true crime shows AND period shows AND premium content dramas AND the team that did Sopranos, Boardwalk etc...so sign me up!
  8. Absolutely. I was just illustrating that if super wealthy did it voluntarily, everyone would be thrilled. The difference is its a tax. And those super rich can easily afford it. But super rich often like being even richer. I get it. I wish I was more money too. But do I whine about people worse off than me paying less taxes? No, ofcourse not. In Canada we pay too much tax as it is, but I should pay more than someone making half what I make. And someone who makes ten times what I make should pay more. Its actually a silly debate...its a no-brainer.
  9. well, using a link to an opinion piece on FOX was the obvious clue that it was a nothingburger. But if that's the proof against AOC's plans then it sort of reinforces that she's probably on to something.
  10. To be fair, the only people that matter will never except a report that is negative on Trump. And by "only people that matter", I mean matter to Trump. His racist base. I
  11. If every person in the US who made over $10 million a yeah, voluntarily donated 70% of their above-$10 million income to a fund that was then distributed to everyone else using a formula where the most needy got the most and so on and so on...we'd call that a great Utopian ideal. I suppose people can debate whether it would stifle innovation or make people lazy. But in theory, its sort of a perfect scenario. Those with more helping those with less. At the end of the day if someone like me is taxed at 20% and someone like...say, Trump, is taxed at 70%, he STILL has way more money left over than I do. Whats the problem? Mostly, people who dismiss it are just doing the usual ideological blindfold routine. I remember when everyone said Bernie was nuts for wanting universal health care and its not an accepted part of many mainstream politicians policies. Asking the super rich to pay more is not anti-rich or anti-business. Its pro-human.
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