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  1. Nitro and RAW alone were tough. I recall when WCW added Thunder, it was like...how the heck is anyone going to watch that much. I think part of whats driving WWE to want completely separate RAW & SD is knowing some fans wont watch both. Part of the reason they created NXT was to be their "indy" alternative to ROH. Lots of rumours about Impact being interested in buying ROH...I had heard WWE was talking to them too.
  2. I think its going to be SD 2 hours on FOX and the third hour on FS1. Plus, a sportscentre style show on FOX (or FS1, cant remember) on, I think, Tuesdays. They want wrestling every night to choke out competition. If you're a fan, you're going to have 2 hours NXT on Wednesday and 2 hours AEW on wednesday also. Plus, 2 hours Impact on Friday (they should probably move to tuesday or thursday but right now want to run after SD thinking WWE fans will switch over).
  3. I can definitely see that being a popular costume at bars this halloween...
  4. NXT debut on USA did 1.17 million viewers. Definitely a success. It was a one hour episode (hour two on the WWE Network). In two weeks, the full two hours will air on USA and run head to head with AEW on TNT.
  5. Rudy G just had an insane meltdown live on CNN. Wow. He needs treatment.
  6. JT saying “I didn’t consider it a racist act at the time but now we know better”. Huh. Good thing the civil rights movement came along to save us from the 2000’s.
  7. Dude just remember back to before Harper won and all the rights he was going to strip away....
  8. Excellent points. I sometimes find myself hesitating when talking politics at work because my union workplace sees a Canadian Conservative and equates it to Trump. But the things our conservative leaders accept as inherently Canadian rights & values are some things The US Democrat’s are fighting for.
  9. Oh I don’t know about that. I think the Dems are doing a great job of communicating effectively with the public. I think there has been a large awakening among the public to turn towards the left. Partially as a response to the hard right of the Republicans. I think similarly in Canada there has been an effort by the right to encompass those that might otherwise have been ignored because they were too far right. I think JT opened the Center up really well for a smart, well spoken Center-Right conservative to reject the gross elements of the alt movement and push a populist agenda. I think a lot of Canadians saw JT as that because he’s handsome and young but he could be beat at his own game. But that’s not Scheer.
  10. They sure miss Stephen Harper. Again imagine if we had a leader that was genuine and intelligent and well spoken. But was also a center party? That didn’t court the worst of the far right or left? Wouldn’t that person be incredibly popular? Jagmeet wins points in this mess for being the only one who seems genuine. And I think the NdP will gain some votes but obviously not enough to matter. Scheer should have let Max take all the gross cons and went after disaffected liberals.
  11. I’ve seen interesting responses. A lot of liberals seem to be either saying yeah but Scheer or downplaying the act as dumb but not racist. Conservatives are saying he’s a lousy role model and terrible leader and needs to go. And is a racist And I’m struck by how both sides are pretty entrenched. Reading his comments, he’s definitely throwing himself on his sword but still kinda seems disingenuous and pretentious. Scheer sucks too. I mean our choices are an arrogant air head who did racist things or a creepy far right guy with a history of homophobic positions. Is it too much to ask for a respectable Center leader?
  12. Yup. It was poorly promoted. AAA has Kenny booked for an upcoming show though Im not sure he'd have worked the PPV due to AEW. But 60 is bad.
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