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  1. The Unknown Poster

    Manitoba Moose

    Certainly appears the jets blinked.
  2. The Unknown Poster

    WHL Returning to Winnipeg?

  3. The Unknown Poster

    US Politics

    And he answered them all by himself even though his lawyers did. And even though they refused to answer some of them. He thinks he’s being set up for a perjury trap by being asked about the weather. So already we know he doesn’t know what perjury is.
  4. The Unknown Poster

    Vince McMahon considers move to bring back the XFL

    It does seem very ho-hum. Like for $100 million or whatever Vince estimates the start up costs, it really seems like a huge risk. But he's counting on TV rights fees for sports continuing to be valuable. XFL is slated to start a year after the other one (AAFL?). So...I dont know how successful it will be.
  5. The Unknown Poster

    The Mysteries Thread

    Rather then cluttering the TV Thread with talk about the Avery case.... His new lawyer (from Making A Murder Season 2) did a twitter thread yesterday revealing new information (and Q&A). Pretty interesting:
  6. The Unknown Poster

    David Suzuki

    Hasnt it been common knowledge for a long time that David Z is bogus? I thought that was accepted by most. Some of his message is great. But its just his job.
  7. The Unknown Poster

    Random Video Thread

    Not really a video but hilarious. This guys Jesse impression is amazing. Listen for the Winnipeg reference around 1:58
  8. The Unknown Poster

    US Politics

    Unfortunately very unlikely. Because its not just a matter of the VP and cabinet executing the order. President can issue a declaration in opposition and it goes to Congress who must uphold the declaration of unfitness by 2/3's in both Houses. So it requires a ton of Republicans to go along with it. It would probably be easier for those people to privately convince Trump to resign then to remove him forcibly.
  9. The Unknown Poster

    Random News Items

    He’s going to look awfully bad if he’s lying. The fact “Surefire” was trying to take credit is....interesting.
  10. The Unknown Poster

    US Politics

    Trumps gonna lose it today lol
  11. The Unknown Poster

    US Politics

    How so? Liberal support is down and there are plenty of posts critical of Trudeau in the correct thread. Weird post for this thread.
  12. The Unknown Poster

    Game 18 : Baby Buffalo

    Brossoit to start.
  13. The Unknown Poster

    Random News Items

    You might think mocking the idea that people think you support White Nationalism is funny but if you actually didnt supoort that, you'd be upset that people think it. Not sure what a boogieman coming for me means, but believe me, if a guy embracing those "values" came after me, I wouldnt sweat it in the least. Again, you lie and dance around to try and change the narrative. I wont let you. This isnt about MY reaction to the allegation, its about YOURS. I was quite clear in my opinion. YOU attacked ME over Kav vs Avanatti, accusing me of supporting the Democrat. And thus, we go down the rabbit hole. YOU attacked Avanatti. YOU defended Kav. Thats the fact, Jack. End of story. I didnt defend Avanatti at all. I merely pointed out that the exact thing he claims actually occured recently, making it far less far-fetched than one might otherwise think. (I know, you dont even want to mention the Mueller smear attempt or Stormy's false arrest because they're examples of right wing smears),. Your last point is what every right wing person did in the wake of Kav...pretend that ONLY Kav was subject to allegations and judgement and NEVER is any liberal (which is absurd). I NEVER, EVER said Avanatti had "obviously been smeared". You're a liar because you lack the courage of your convictions. Its that simple. If you believed in your position, you would not resort to lying about my words or opinions. And I certainly dont ever recall saying Kav "is guilty" (although the available evidence certainly lends itself to HIS account being BS which lends itself to HER's being more likely). You're trying to play Trump's game of making up lies out of thin air, painting people you dont like with those lies and then claiming they're lying when they point out your lies. Just stop. If you cant engage in discussion without having a Trump-love agenda, then dont bother at all. Its old.
  14. The Unknown Poster

    Manitoba Moose