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  1. One thing that we have going with Streveler in as QB is the opposing defence has to watch out for both him and Harris. Man those dudes have legs. Off to the friggin races! I am hoping we absolutely slaughter the riders next week so they can shut they gd cakeholes.
  2. Looked way more full than an Argos game. Someone had to say it!
  3. Every team in the league is running with backups. Even keel now. (Reilley doesn't count because his O-Line other than Chung are bush league. He will be on the IL pretty soon too, sad to say) Let's see what this team is made of. Season isn't lost yet.
  4. We have two solid backups. Fajardo has shown with game time he can win. Same with Arbuckle. Run both in tandem to keep people guessing and use the strengths we already have. I'm far more concerned that we have Adams, Alexander, Briggs, Jeffcoat and Neufeld on the 6 game. Get those boys back and we still have a rock solid shot. Won't take much for Bo or he others to go down (again). We have weapons everywhere on this team. Use them.
  5. It's a running joke that matt can't get 300 yards. You should be able to sense the sarcasm...
  6. Matty gonna throw 220 yds in 2nd half to end at 299.
  7. should have learned from the Bills in TO debacle. canadians won't pay full price and sell out a stadium for preseason bush league nfl.
  8. Traditionally we play like crap in Hamilton most of the time, because Hamilton is a cesspool of a city, ranking just above Regina. That said, we knew Matt would have a game at some point that was basically a bucket of sheet-stew, glad it's happening now and not the playoffs.
  9. As long as we don't lose to the shitheads, I mean riders, we are good. Calling this season a 14-4. First in the West and road to the cup in Calgary!
  10. W.T.F MOntreal beat the cats. The sky is falling. Must be an Omen. It's our year!
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