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  1. Just you wait. $5 taco and beer on Mexican Day. Pinata contests in TV timeouts.
  2. I want to see Chi Chi Gonzalez, the first mexican draft pick catch the game winning touchdown in the Grey Cup! TACOS FOR EVERYONE!
  3. Are you allowed in the new stadium? I hope you aren't banned, that way the Argos actually have an extra body in the stands to increase the attendance percentage.
  4. all part of the bombers master plan to preserve ticket sales this year!!! seriously, this years team are the heartbreak kids.
  5. You mean 2018 First and Second round of the playoffs Jets. The third round Jets were a stink-eye Toronto Argos style pure stink up to watch. (Other than Game 1 which was pure momentum from Nashville).
  6. Jets played way more forceful yesterday. Lots of action at the next, lots of pushing, lots of speed. Shoot hard, shoot fast, shoot often. Definitely have a chance. Need to pull out a win on Tuesday so we can be on even Kiel.
  7. This team wins when we have a lead and can build on it mainly due to our speed and constant attack at the net. Shoot, shoot lots and shot hard. Tons of misdirection and screens around the net and we are tough to bed when playing with a lead. When we are playing a tight tie-game or down by one, we fall victims to the trap game (Vegas crushed us in round 3 playing trap, and Nashville nearly did the same in the 2nd round). We tend to try to play "not to lose" instead of playing to win and the rails tend to fall off, especially since February. Guys need a bit more fire in their belly. A first round exit this year isn't acceptable. How bad do they want it?
  8. The way the Jets are playing there should be no reason people have hockey hangover and hold back on buying bomber tickets!!
  9. You could pay $250 CDN for a round trip chartered coach from Kitchener to Buffalo, including all you can eat at the game, all you can drink (yes drink), full access to special tailgates and decent seats. This was for the Pats vs Bills MNF game. You could get other games a bit cheaper, but same deal. The bus usually goes full every time (plus multiple buses going) and people will pay it because it's convenient (and the whole experience) Rogers screwed up big time trying to charge big ticket prices for crappy value.
  10. remember the team is owned by the NHL group... so this is their way to pocket moolah!~
  11. I lived there from 2005 to 2011 and attended a ton of argo games. 1) In game experience. It was *great* from 2005 to 2009. Lots of promos, on field action, etc. It was normal to get 25K plus. 2) Friday night games were most popular but were an issue if they couldn't link up with Jays games. 3) Competitive team. Team ownership got cheap and sponsors started bowing out after and the on field product started to suffer so people stayed away. The jays were just as affordable for a 500 level ticket which on a friday night was a blast.
  12. Yes. This might be a safe move for the riders though so Glass-Colaros could be safe from injury.
  13. Well while the Riders are learning to count, their next QB signing will be "Fourteenth Mann"
  14. If we keep it up, our choices for receiver in free agency will be a battle between TBURGESS, Nasty Nate, and Colin Unger. Never know though, the Riders might beat us to the punch.
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