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  1. remember the team is owned by the NHL group... so this is their way to pocket moolah!~
  2. I lived there from 2005 to 2011 and attended a ton of argo games. 1) In game experience. It was *great* from 2005 to 2009. Lots of promos, on field action, etc. It was normal to get 25K plus. 2) Friday night games were most popular but were an issue if they couldn't link up with Jays games. 3) Competitive team. Team ownership got cheap and sponsors started bowing out after and the on field product started to suffer so people stayed away. The jays were just as affordable for a 500 level ticket which on a friday night was a blast.
  3. Yes. This might be a safe move for the riders though so Glass-Colaros could be safe from injury.
  4. Well while the Riders are learning to count, their next QB signing will be "Fourteenth Mann"
  5. If we keep it up, our choices for receiver in free agency will be a battle between TBURGESS, Nasty Nate, and Colin Unger. Never know though, the Riders might beat us to the punch.
  6. Sure. And yet another another receiver signed by another team.
  7. And yet another receiver signed by another team.
  8. Doesn't really matter. I would pay double just for riderfans to pewk.
  9. We just picked up the riders best receiver! (LOL)
  10. rider fans are puking up a storm. KARMA IS A *****!!!!
  11. https://twitter.com/Wpg_BlueBombers/status/1095440508044771328/photo/1
  12. We will know today. I think he's weighing out the options: #1 - Toronto - lots of CASH but a crappy O-Line. Does the deal include insurance / LTC care in the event of a Ray type injury? # 2 - Saskatchewan - less cash, but a guarantee of at least 1,000 different topics on him at riderfans.com, plus a truckload of Potash and a bag of steaming poop on his doorstep when he loses in the playoffs #3 - Calgary - even less cash, but stability. Methinks he takes #1 or #3. #3 if he wants to play for awhile, #1 if he's just thinking about himself. If he picks #2, well he's just an idiot.
  13. If you haven't figured out up to now it's been less about the man and more about the team. We may not have the #1 QB, but locker room and overall talent we had the skills to take the west (and the GC) last year. It was simply a matter of pooping the bed in the WF. If BLM goes to YYZ, I am more than excited to think we have the team to take 1st in the west.
  14. Don't worry the excusemobile is already saying it was their plan all along. tank the season and secure 1st round pick next year. IT'S THE PLAN!
  15. I would bet you would get a few guys willing to take a discount to have a shot at winning with a decent QB.
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