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  1. ******* unreal Hudson’s is off the hook
  2. Heading downtown or towards McMahon between 11 and 12. Where are the pregame drinks Happening? DROUGHT ENDS TODAY!!!
  3. When we win tomorrow I can't wait to see how ******** Hudsons is. Anyway, our recent superstition has been to down a glass of scotch 3 hours before game time, then tailgate with the opposing teams fans (except the rider fans, whom we lovingly make fun of). So far we are batting 1,000
  4. If Oshea can bring us a cup this year with the fact we lost our primary quarterback, our backup got surpassed by a later pickup, we've had a revolving door in our secondary (that is now kicking ass), and all the players want to play for us, sign him an extension. Hell... 2 wins knocking off the top dogs and we are on the right track.
  5. Just replied. Another fan from here (student) grabbed the ticket. Glad it went to a good home
  6. Who wants to meet up early tomorrow before the game? let’s go blue!!
  7. Hahahaha that was aimed at White Out. Inside joke. as long as the single goes to a bomber fan I’m happy. I can transfer via ticketmaster as they are mobile tixs. Section U row 51 (roughly 22 yard line) 2 rows and about 8 seats away from us so we can all make noise!
  8. Win or lose on Sunday he earned an extension. We've gone further this year with GUT and GRIT and a TEAM first mentality. Nichols has been hurt, but this team is essentially that... a team. it has taken 6 years to instill a culture that no ONE player means more than the TEAM. This team has grit. It will play hard on sunday, and play hard for the W. If we win, you will see grown men cry. 1000's of us.
  9. Buddy I thought of you tonight at dinner. I ordered a fishbowl with Gin. GET ER DONE!
  10. I have one spare single. Dirt cheap unless you're an NDP supporter in which case it's dirt cheap + $50.
  11. Alright. My house is open for pre-gaming in Cranston for whomever wants to show up. I've got tequila and scotch and we can rip it up good. Even if your politics should be LEFT at the door, you're more than welcome. Just show up with bomber gear and we will have a blast. LETS GET ER DONE! #ForTheW
  12. You're kicked out of the house for conduct unbecoming.
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