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2023/2024 Blue Bombers Off-Season Thread (BRADY’S BACK! DALTON’S BACK!)


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Actually I think Richmond will be an improvement....Yoshi was getting beat quite a few times last year and Zack had to get on his horse to avoid getting planted....He was letting guys leak in at the most inoportune times and it was costing us...However I still think he has some game left and his winning attitude he had here will most likely be carried over there BUT he can't do it all by himself....Good move for everyone

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1 minute ago, Mike said:

Hardrick’s deal will pay him 230.5k in each season. 120k signing bonus. Makes him the highest paid 🇺🇸OL in @CFL. @CFLonTSN


Great for yoshi.......but that's a lot of coin for the guy in what is likely to be his swansong years....I knew the riders wouldn't disappoint......heh heh

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Best of luck in Regina. Can’t be upset at Yoshi or the bombers here. Riders quite simply put decided to overpay by a significant amount. Bombers weren’t gonna make him the highest paid US OL. Like what I saw from Richmond so. Smart move here. Saves over 120k roughly. 

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2 minutes ago, Geebrr said:

Maybe this opens some money for Geoff Gray. 

I feel he’s moving on to his engineering career unless he’s not done yet but he’s taking it at U of M or was so. 

not sure he’s back honestly. I’d think he’d have been signed by now if he was coming back. If he’s still in school we are his only option really. 

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Just now, 17to85 said:

Well everyone going on about Richmond at tackle, but is gray maybe an option there?

Imo gray should be a rt. That said, idk if he’s ready for that switch. He struggled at times in pass pro at guard last year. 
 Between he and Richmond we should have a good battle. Let the best guy start. 
 Richmond instantly makes us better in pass pro but arguably worse in run pro. 
 Bryant Neufeld Eli Dobson gray/richmond is the best case scenario. And that is an improvement over last years line. Shouldn’t need a lot of time to gel. 

6 minutes ago, Geebrr said:

I think he was getting paid about what I would have wanted to pay him here. 

I’d agree I’d it was yoshi circa 2 years ago. 

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