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  1. BomberBall

    Game 47 : @ Let's Go Burn Ole Nashville Down

    I definitely feel the 4th line love tonight.
  2. BomberBall

    Game 47 : @ Let's Go Burn Ole Nashville Down

    I didn’t see conclusive evidence that would make that offside. What did I miss?
  3. BomberBall

    Around The NHL 2018/2019

    Av's sent Tyson Jost down to the AHL.
  4. BomberBall

    Bomber News: 2019 Off Season

    Isn't it nice that that's what we are now? You don't have to look too far back to find a very different situation.
  5. BomberBall

    Game 46 : Ooh Las Vegas

    Yup, he’s on a great heater, got to see where it takes you. If he doesn’t come back down to earth? Fantastic... Good problem to have.
  6. BomberBall

    Game 46 : Ooh Las Vegas

    Yeah, that was a very poorly officiated game.
  7. BomberBall

    Game 46 : Ooh Las Vegas

    Brossoit. Wow, he was so solid tonight. Have to give him more starts, right? We’ll see what Maurice does. I was shocked he got the nod tonight, so...
  8. BomberBall

    Game 46 : Ooh Las Vegas

    Myers is back in, but Chairot is out. Brossy gets the start. Which I was surprised to hear.
  9. BomberBall

    Game 45 : Lovely Weather for Ducks

    Hey, has anyone heard about that score and win contest?
  10. BomberBall

    Game 40 : @ Pittsburgh Pennsylvania

    I think we'd all be okay with that.
  11. BomberBall

    Game 38 : Mall of America

    That was a terrible 1st period. Jets didn’t have have one legit scoring chance and were a dumpster fire in their own zone. Hopefully they wake up for the 2nd.
  12. BomberBall

    Game 37 : Neighbours of the World

    I somewhat agree with this. There are definitely times where the Jets lack aggression and don’t apply enough pressure on the puck. It’s not a constant, but it shows up too often.
  13. BomberBall

    Jets Prospects

    So, I guess it will be Samberg, Gustafsson and Virtanen at the World Juniors? Is there anyone else I'm missing?
  14. BomberBall

    Game 35 : @ Do You Know The Way To San Jose

    To be clear, I in no way want Helle benched. He was under siege last night, especially in the final 2 periods. We had a heck of a time clearing our zone and also coughed up the puck several times in the neutral zone. He wasn't getting a lot of help and managed to keep us in the game. As others have mentioned, I was specifically referencing his ability or inability to play the puck behind the net. It's been a problem for a while now and I personally get nervous every time he goes back there.