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  1. Ehlers is so good in OT with the extra space. I’m glad Maurice has finally started playing him consistently. Copp and Perreault? I guess you kind of have to put them out there when you deplete your bottom 6 with old, slow guys.
  2. I’d rather have them playing with the Jets, but you’re right, they need to be playing somewhere, so it’s a good move from that standpoint.
  3. Yes, they use the exact same stick, apparently. Wheeler spoke about it in an interview with Orlesky.
  4. Easy Mrs. Maurice... No one said he should be canned. This is a fan forum; of course people are going to question some of his decisions. It’s what makes for some good discussions.
  5. And to no one’s surprise, Niku is sitting. Too bad, I think he was getting into a nice groove.
  6. I didn’t hear anything about Harkins being hurt, but I don’t know. Looks like Poolman is back tonight, so I’d be shocked if Niku isn’t the odd man out, even though I think he’s looked solid. I’d pull Beaulieu, but doubt Maurice will.
  7. I agree, I hope to see some changes tonight. The easiest to make would be on the 4th line. I’d love to see a line of Harkins, Gustafsson and Vesalainen.... I know that will never happen, but at least 2 of those guys should get injected into the lineup. Bring some speed and skill into the bottom half and let them develop.
  8. Obviously not a stellar game, but Niku has looked really good again tonight. Smooth skater, making smart plays and he’s dangerous offensively.
  9. Actually a better start and 2 quick goals against. Irony can be cruel.
  10. Let’s hope the guys come out with a better effort than Saturday. Winning when you’re outplayed is great, but it’s not sustainable.
  11. Let’s just stop replying to his posts. It’s obviously complete horsecrap.
  12. Jets didn’t deserve that game.... But fortunately, that doesn’t make any damn difference.
  13. Yup, it was weak, but he made a huge save off of Gallagher a couple minutes later, to make up for it.
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