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  1. Do we have a plan for exiting our zone?
  2. Not too bad…. Ducks are out hustling us. Nash stinks. Connor has a lot of zip tonight; great back check. The line with him, Dubois and Svechnikov, looks good. I feel like Vesalainen might get one tonight.
  3. Don’t worry, Maurice will dress 9 defensemen on Thursday. He’ll get this thing turned around. Beaulieu had 4 minutes of ice, by the way.
  4. Are you kidding?? The Wild have outplayed us, but they have had some serious garbage goals.
  5. Is it me or is the puck bouncing around way too much?
  6. Yeah, he better be hearing from player safety. Special teams are complete crap.
  7. Wheeler tested positive... Everyone else is negative. Maurice is going with 7 defensemen and 11 forwards, for some reason and of course..... Perfetti sits.
  8. Ehlers was asked to take the spot on PP1? I didn't hear that.... Interesting tidbit. Odd that he wouldn't jump at the opportunity, given that the 1st unit often gets most, if not all, of the PP. Maybe he's assuming Wheeler won't miss any time. But as far as Nash being on the PP1, there's no justification for it, even in practice. Why put him there in practice if you have no intention of him being there in a game? I'm not buying the, "it's just at practice" angle.
  9. Nash on the PP is just ridiculous. What about Harkins, Perfetti, Vesalainen…. Literally anyone else. And wouldn’t Ehlers be the natural move up? Then replace him on PP2?
  10. I honestly can’t remember… It was a home game and the play was going towards the south endzone. The refs actually called it tandem blocking and no one knew what the hell that was. It was Houston. Really wanted him to get that. He and his family deserve some good fortune.
  11. Exactly. I can only ever remember it being called once…. Pretty sure Sellers was the ball carrier and it negated a TD.
  12. Hey guys, Suitor doesn’t think the kicking issues are behind us yet. 🙄
  13. Trying to create some false parity.
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