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  1. Ted Wyman‏ @Ted_Wyman 2h2 hours ago With tentative CBA between #CFL and #CFLPA not yet ratified, it would appear QBs Matt Nichols and Chris Streveler made a choice not to participate in today's rookie camp session. Bryan Bennett chose to participate. #Bombers Ted Wyman‏ @Ted_Wyman 3h3 hours ago No Matt Nichols or Chris Streveler at #Bombers rookie camp today. Veteran Bryan Bennett will participate along with Kevin Anderson, Sean McGuire and Sawyer Buettner. #CFL
  2. Whitehead ran a 4.41 40, at his pro day and did 20 reps of 225 lbs. Pretty impressive.
  3. That would have been helpful. Maurice not blowing his challenge, 23 seconds into the game, would have helped too... Blues 2nd goal wouldn’t have counted.
  4. I like Pierre too. He's a bit of a dork, but he knows his stuff.
  5. Beyak is decent... He doesn't routinely aggravate me at least. Edmonds is completely intolerable. I actually don't mind Randorf and DeBrusk isn't awful; it's the constant gushing, over the Blues, that drives me nuts. Maybe they're going over the top trying not to appear to be Canadian homers? Bring back Curt Keilback!!
  6. I commented about that very play to my wife. How ridiculous to suggest that Perron was simply tired, as he winced in pain from the hit that Laine just delivered. I really don't understand Sportsnet... You're a Canadian sports channel, watched by Canadian fans, and yet you seem to favour the American team. Doesn't make sense. Are any of their broadcasts being shown in the states?
  7. In most cases I agree, but if Helle never handles another puck, outside of the net, I think I’d be happy with that. I cringe everytime.
  8. 30% in the face off circle; that’s going to need to change in the 3rd.
  9. When the hell are they going to grace with the time for Thursday's game?
  10. Yes, something like that would do the trick.
  11. Yeah, that was total BS. Both of them getting 2 minutes was also pretty ridiculous. I hope Schenn gets what's coming to him.
  12. And tweet it to him over and over and over...... The experts were saying we needed get in Binnington’s head.... Buff gave it his best shot.
  13. Where has that compete level been? Blues are very lucky to even be in this game.
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