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  1. I understand what you’re saying, but I don’t think Jets are going anywhere in the playoffs, so why not get Heinola and Stanley some valuable post season experience? I’m not so sure we’d be any worse off anyway.
  2. The HUGE difference there is, everyone knows what you get from Forbort and Benn. They are players who are what they are and they’re not going to get any better. Heinola is a skilled young player with big potential. I’d rather see Heinola develop, with a few possible hiccups, than an average and below average defenseman, make the same mistakes with no upside.
  3. Give me a break.... Kid makes a mistake and we should condemn him? He’s going to be a very good player, but there will be a bump or two along the way.... Like there is with every young player.
  4. I hope all of the Jets’ good bounces are coming in the playoffs, because they’re getting a **** load against these last few weeks. I also acknowledge that they’ve played like crap. Not making excuses.
  5. Pionk and Poolman are both out, so here are the pairings: Heinola-Morrissey Forbort-DeMelo Stanley-Benn
  6. Hellebuyck has always been terrible at handling the puck, so I doubt it has much to do with the quality of our D. Would like to know if Flaherty or anyone else works with him on this. We have other options on D, but Maurice won’t play them... Especially at the same time. Stanley AND Heinola in the lineup in the same game? Never.
  7. Yeah, the Jets’ play has been discouraging lately, but Ottawa has been hot... And we’ve hit what? 3 posts?
  8. Nope. Benn is in. That’s how Maurice rolls. Why give playing time to young players with potential when you can play washed up never has beens?
  9. Nice to see Heinola get a shot, but not at the expense of Stanley. Harkins deserves to be back in, but of course it’s a young player that comes out.... Why not dump Thompson? He was gawd awful last game. We’re having trouble scoring, so why not let the young skilled guys get a chance and see what they can do?
  10. It doesn’t matter who we face... This team isn’t beating anyone in the playoffs.
  11. Of course Harkins is the one to sit. He’s created chances and looked fast, in his limited minutes. That gets you a seat in the press box.
  12. The Jets are a very bad team right now.
  13. Same lineup. If it ain’t broke, don’t.... Oh wait.
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