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  1. What is Anaheim smoking? That is goddamn ridiculous. And yeah, wow on the Ladd trade.
  2. Switch Laine and Wheeler and I’d be good with those lines.
  3. I don’t mind those lines, except for Copp in the top 6. He just doesn’t fit IMO.
  4. No shots for the last 9+ minutes. Nice line tinkering.
  5. Good call Maurice.... Bitetto looked great on that 1st goal.
  6. And Bitetto takes his place. Are you friggin kidding me Maurice? Unreal.
  7. To me, that makes no sense. Why break up a line that has been performing well, with a guy they’ve never played with? Drop Shore and put Eakin there. I’d also swap Copp and Roslovic, but Maurice won’t do that.
  8. Laine and Connor have looked good... I’m not sure about Copp. Still don’t like him in the top 6.
  9. Beaulieu needs to sit. Him playing over Niku is foolish. I’m sure Maurice wants his size and ‘grit’, but he’s hurting us.
  10. @ScottBilleck 53m Dylan DeMelo said he could definitely see himself as a part of future with the #NHLJets but hasn't thought of his future yet. Looking forward to playing out the season, seeing how the fit goes and then going from there.
  11. I wonder if he or his agent had communicated to the Sens, that he wasn't interested in re-signing with them? As others have mentioned; a 3rd round pick isn't much to give up for a top 4 D.
  12. Well, if he's a legit top 4 and has good fancy stats, he should definitely help. Hopefully he'll work out and want to stick around.
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