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  1. Glad I’m at the game and not having to listen to Suitor…. Sounds like he’s his usual asshat self.
  2. They should have added in a meager little fart noise at the end.
  3. How in the hell did Montreal’s Oline not get one single holding call? Incredible.
  4. Maybe the Bombers just allow teams to stay close, so they don’t feel bad about themselves, before they turn out the lights.….. Very sportsmanlike.
  5. Whoooo! Great hole opened up there. Well done boys.
  6. He should have challenged the ball spot after the pick. We know they wouldn’t overturn the PI.
  7. Why was the ball spotted at the 25? Dude’s knee was down at the 1. Not to mention he pulled on Demski’s jersey before the pick.
  8. Can’t play that soft of a zone and then tackle so poorly. Balls.
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