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  1. Eakin was asleep at the wheel on that 2nd goal. Other than that, he was pretty much invisible in the series. ONE shot from your 2C, is beyond awful.
  2. If Letestu plays, I’m gonna lose it.
  3. And the special teams, PK especially, has been awful.
  4. The Jets have literally had zero breaks in this series. Not a bounce, a call.... Certainly not on the injury front. Just incredible.
  5. Them having double the PP’s we’ve had, is goddamn ridiculous.
  6. Unbelievable. Same **** they didn’t call on Laine. Cheap shot on another one of our top players. League apparently wants to encourage that.
  7. Yup. That’s exactly who came to my mind.
  8. They should show Pettersen not scoring more.
  9. Pretty sloppy 1st. Some very shaky play in our own end.
  10. I came here looking for some CFL news.... Wrong spot?
  11. So, we can put this thread to bed now??
  12. I don't mind the sound of this.... ✔ @WPGMurat Patrik Laine is terrorizing both goaltenders today and hasn't celebrated once. Mr. "I just work here" continues to dazzle and yet somehow seem very unimpressed with himself throughout it all.
  13. Beat me to it.... This is exactly what I was going to post. Seems like a pretty easy alternative. Doing nothing is ridiculous.
  14. Sucks for watching the CFL, no doubt, but it's a boost for the NHL broadcasts... Some of those Sportsnet guys are brutal.
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