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  1. Supposed to be replaying a Jets - Stars game on TSN 3 tonight.... Old Jazz - Bulls playoff game is on instead. Kinda bummed, was looking forward to it.
  2. Suffering more than someone who killed people? Come on. Who says he’s suffering at all? He seems like a ****** and may not even feel like he was in the wrong. I get the angle that he’s being harshly scrutinized for being an idiot in a private conversation, but comparing his punishment to a killer, is ridiculous.
  3. Ranthony isn’t a great handle.
  4. Good God no.... Please no.
  5. It’s incredible how bad he is at playing the puck. On the bright side, he’s pretty damn good when he stays in the net.
  6. Completely inexcusable to let them gain the zone, with no resistance, inside 7 seconds left in the period. Can’t have **** like that.
  7. It was ugly, in that 5 Jets just watched a guy walk in front of the net and score.
  8. Lowry comes back in and Harkins sits..... Go figure.
  9. The Wild won, so they have 75 points now and the #1 wildcard. Jets need to go on a heater, to have any chance.
  10. He already got the big contract from the Isles.... 6 year $30M, I believe.
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