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  1. Streveler - Wolitarsky going to be memorable today as we show Sask how to play football.
  2. Petermann is excellent after the catch. I like north-south sure hands Petermann more than Demski, who plays loosey-goosey with the ball and dipsy-doodles around after the catch - if he doesn't pop it up to the defender first.
  3. In terms of toughness, and pure athletic ability Streveler reminds me a lot of Matt Dunigan and Tracy Ham.
  4. My opinion of Streveler hasn't changed. I thought he was good before now and still do. Hope we can keep him in Blue & Gold because he is only going to get better as he gets more game speed reps. Although I don't know why we keep him in the pocket. Give him different launch points, let him throw from the sprint. That'll help the receivers too. Strev didn't get much time to throw vs Sask. The straight drop back is for QBs such as Nichols who can't run as effectively. And that's a problem when your O line isn't giving you steamboats in the pocket.
  5. Great Game. Proud of our Bombers who deserved a better fate. Monumental collapse by the D at the end. https://imgur.com/rmG3Xj9
  6. Wish we'd extended Streveler at the end of last season though, because if he lights it up there will be competition for his services.
  7. prob dealt natural supplements - still wouldn't mind a #13 Matthews jersey though - he was good for us, at least the first time around
  8. This is a great opportunity for Johnny Augustine. For a bunch of reasons, including looking forward to the 2020 season, I hope he steps up and shows.
  9. As Doug Brown said: Why not just test the supplement? I think Andrew said he wants to do that. Look forward to the result of that.
  10. No one knows better than Matt Nichols what it's like to be a perennial No. 2 and how hard you have to compete to win a starting job. He competed with Mike Reilly in Edmonton and ended up No. 1 here, by default really because Willy was done and Nichols was competing with the likes of Brian Brohm and Robert Marve for the starter's job. In Edmonton Nichols had a 5-7 record as a starter but threw way too many picks and actually lost his job to James Franklin. Nichols probably came back too early from his knee injury last year - and that decision to get back in early really hampered his performance. He could have been looking over his shoulder at a young gun like Streveler and that's why he clawed to get back in early, who knows? I wish Matt well and hope he'll fully recover. Meantime looking forward to watching Streveler progress if that is the way we must go ...
  11. It seems like you get better quarterbacking when you have people who truly understand the QB position running the show. Look at Edm Mtl Calgary - Harris Adams Arbuckle - they are mentored by Maas Jones and Dickenson/Huff. I hate them all but you have to admit QB is a strength on those teams. There have been times when I've have wondered if our weakest position in Winnipeg is QB.
  12. First off, I hope Nichols is OK. But with Streveler we need to look at total yards generated by the QB because he brings an athletic dimension that Nichols does not have. Just look at games where Streveler was the starting QB as opposed to relief duty. In his first three starts for us as a raw rookie last year Streveler completed 54 passes in 86 attempts for 570 yards. He also ran 22 times for 183 yards. Combined that's +250 per game.
  13. Well, not really. But since we've got multiple threads about who to hand the ball to ... well, Captain Blue is a fan fave so, you know, he's got that.
  14. The QB draw to Nichols in the Red Zone is a play that has been called a few times and does not work. Also, the hand-off to Demski up the gut is a play that could be retired from the playbook because it consistently nets 1 yard and leaves us 2nd and long.
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