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  1. Crockett and Dedmon looked pretty good for the RBs in the pre-season - if Jennings is hot could be a close game. But I think Bombers are just going to get better and better! Go Blue!
  2. O'Shea had words with the officials after Harris had is pot lifted the first time by Argos. That's 3 times in the past two games Harris has had his helmet yanked. Dangerous play.
  3. Yes, I saw that Briggs had his left arm in a sling. I noticed John Rush got nicked too, didn't mention him in the earlier post. Harris seemed no worse for the wear but he certainly had to walk off a few stings during the game. I really wonder why Augustine didn't play at all until the final 2 mins. He's another guy who could benefit from reps and take the load off Harris. It seems like the game plan was to spread the ball carry load around a bit by giving the ball to Demski. But that didn't really work as well as the sweeps to Whitehead. But we had 189 yds rushing and 239 passing - nicely balanced attack.
  4. I just knew Bombers would dominate the moment former Bombers DB #22 Don Burrell raised the 13th Man flag before kickoff! Great Game! 4-0!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Here's hoping that Hecht Briggs Hardrick Bighill and Matthews are back next week vs Redblacks.
  5. Wearing my #14 jersey to the game ... so expecting Marcus Sayles to have a big night and a major role in Bombers victory. (Last time wore #22 jersey and Fenner gassed it) lol
  6. Bailey was practicing today by the look of it. Harris/Demski should have a good game running vs Argos. They've given up over 140 yds per game on the ground. Meantime, Bombers D has been spectacular stuffing the run. Average against: 42.7 yds per game.
  7. Wish the Argos had won that game vs BC - they totally should've. So they might start out a bit snarly like nothing's wrong, but they've got to be mentally shaky. After all, they've only scored 38 points total in 3 games. Won't take too much for Bombers to force them into capitulation.
  8. I said in preseason Bombers made a mistake letting Davis go. I hope he proves me wrong.
  9. I don't know what the coaches are thinking but a lot of fans think Nichols is boring to watch - especially with the offensive weapons he's got. What's the point in having Chris Matthews if he hardly sees the ball? Nichols decides very quickly to throw the ball out of bounds. He does that alot. He slides or goes down as soon as a defender gets a pinky on him, instead of fighting for yards. We are blessed to have a shut-down Defence. But if Bombers management is thinking that at least Nichols can manage things so we might not lose - then I think people are going to stay home instead of buying tickets to see the team play. They might sell more tickets by giving Streveler the reigns. He's exciting to watch, even if there are some growing pains. Fans want to see him play.
  10. If he's holding the team back they sure would. Thing is, haven't seen enough this year to know if we're getting the bad Nichols from 2018 or the decent Nichols from 2017. Game 1 vs BC looked pretty good, put together some drives. But Game 2 vs Esks showed all the same tendencies as the sub-par Nichols of 2018. It's not time to panic, but Bombers brass should be concerned and ready to give Strev the reigns soonish if Nichols continues to be unable to move the football in a sustained way.
  11. Gaitor on the medical table, never returned. Knee or ankle. Team-mates commiserating. Oliveira's injury looked worse after that ST pileup. He got rolled on or twisted high ankle. Did not look good. Good thing Bombers still have Johnny Augustine and Chris Humes. Would not be surprised to see Rios and Humes in vs Argos. I'd also like to see more of what Streveler can do at QB.
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