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  1. Hardly stellar run blocking TBH. In fact you could argue Bombers inability to run the ball contributed mightily to the loss on a bad weather day. Oliveira 7 carries for 27 yds = 3.9yds average. And Augustine 5 carries for 15 yds = 3 yds average McGuire on the QB draw was our best rusher 2 for 26 yards or 13 yds average. He ran for first downs both times on those. Saw daylight and went for it - head first, no sliding. None of that Matt Nichols diving for the turf 4 yards short of the first down.
  2. Bombers D held Stanback to 65 yds - very stout run defence. OTOH Bombers run game was even less successful. Oliviera was 7 carries for 27 yards - most of which came early in the 1st Q resulting in a TD. Augustine (who I like alot as a tailback) was just 5 for 15 for an average of 3 yards per. We were 2nd and long all game, which impacts play-calling. That factors into the outcome.
  3. Folks who are writing off McGuire after one game need to chill. It's as if he's the first QB to throw multiple interceptions in a football game. It was his first CFL game in less than ideal conditions. Bethel-Thompson throws 4 picks: https://www.piquenewsmagazine.com/national-sports/toronto-argonauts-can-earn-east-division-playoff-spot-with-home-win-over-bc-lions-4703360 Darian Durant throws 4 picks: https://www.cjme.com/2016/08/21/durant-throws-4-interceptions-in-53-7-loss-to-the-tigercats/ Bo Levi Mitchel throws 4 picks: https://3downnation.com/2021/08/13/bo-levi-mitchell-throws-career-worst-four-interceptions-in-loss-to-b-c-lions/ Johnny Manziel throws 4 picks in the FIRST HALF lol: https://www.nfl.com/news/johnny-manziel-throws-four-interceptions-in-cfl-debut-0ap3000000944668
  4. What makes people think that every time there's a pick it's the QBs fault?
  5. 4 picks (2 of them on 50/50 balls to Demski) = not a great debut for McGuire. But he showed flashes. I would not be giving up on him. Shaq Cooper OTOH = sayonara. Kongbo, Houston, Kevin Brown showed well. MOS can't be happy with the penalties, lack of discipline.
  6. Hopefully Sean McGuire can stay loose and have fun. Seems like he's been nothing but a good team-mate in the back-up role, very patient and looks to have really good velocity and accuracy with his throws. No one can say he hasn't had time to prepare but this will be a real test vs Als D. Can he read the D and anticipate? Pretty sure Buck will have a good plan. Rooting for him to do well since I've got a #12 McGuire jersey from the 2019 season.
  7. You don't even have to be an Argo fan to see who got hosed on this deal. Not sure what's up with Arbuckle though. Both Ottawa and Toronto have moved him. Can't be that he's making too much - $9k per game left on his salary for this season.
  8. #80 Janarion Grant taking one to The House tonight. GO BLUE!
  9. Now that we are in the playoffs it's time to get McGuire in there for meaningful game-speed reps. Why would you want to expose Zach to more risk than necessary with a patched-up O line? Let Collaros start the next four games for sure, but get McGuire in there too. Let him get his timing down and sync-up a bit with our receivers. Let him run the O. How does he handle the pressure? Look what happened in 2007 when Kevin Glenn went down in the final quarter of the West Final. A really strong Blue Bombers team goes to the Grey Cup - and loses - because the No. 2 QB, Ryan Dinwiddie - was not given any playing time during the season.
  10. Tell me I don't need to worry about the Elks QB tandem of Taylor Cornelius and Dakota Prukop .... Prukop really burned us in a pre-season game awhile back when he was an Argo, if I recall. But then, if he was really that good, Trestman/Milanovich would have kept him. And so would've the Stamps, you'd think. Because they know QBs. Tell me I don't need to worry about pass protection for Zach because Yoshi is out. I mean, Buck will scheme for this by moving the launch points and using a formation more often that includes Mike Miller in the backfield for extra blocking, right? Tell me I'm dreaming when I predict that Janarion Grant takes one to the house tonight!
  11. I'm not a lawyer but the fact is that the offence to which Hughes eventually pleaded guilty occurred before December 18, 2018. After that date things changed. And so a different, more stringent, standard will be applied to Lawler's case and the immigration bureaucrats who decide if someone can enter Canada will be applying that tougher standard. Again, here is the link: https://www.cic.gc.ca/english/helpcentre/answer.asp?qnum=152
  12. Remains to be seen whether Lawler has an alcohol problem. But he definitely has a legal problem. If convicted, he could be deemed inadmissible to Canada https://www.cic.gc.ca/english/helpcentre/answer.asp?qnum=152
  13. Not Zach Collaros's best half as a Blue Bomber. Looks like he tweaked his back on that pick that was intended for Darvin. His throws have been wonky and off target since then.
  14. Maybe this has been discussed earlier in this very long thread, and if so I apologize for bringing it up, but what are CFL/NHL teams going to do with unvaxxed players once the federal requirement comes into effect that all air travel passengers show proof of vaccination? Will they leave the unvaxxed players at home for away games?
  15. I agree Lawler and Collaros weren't very good vs Argos in Toronto. Play-calling seemed very vanilla too. Bombers failed to adjust to what Toronto's defence was showing. For me, the jury is still out on Buck as OC. But the offence generally looked very slow and disjointed. I'd like to see Augustine in for Oliveira next game or even a 2-back set.
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