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  1. I don't see the overwhelming talent
  2. Didn't Maas become Esks HC in 2015 after Jones bolted right after they won?
  3. Keep in mind Maas worked with Harris in Toronto. Plus Jaime Elizondo was a position coach when Maas was OC in TO so likely had some similar offensive tendencies. Harris has benefitted more from familiarity than most being on 3 different teams in 5 years.
  4. Can't expect your team to be professional if your coach isn't
  5. WPG Blue Bombers @Wpg_BlueBombers · 2h "I'm ready to go ahead and jump up on those walls a couple times, celebrate with the fans and get this win." WATCH (link: https://bit.ly/2N1KhlF) bit.ly/2N1KhlF #ForTheW
  6. "“They fly around, they’re very physical, they like to celebrate a lot after plays,” began Harris when asked for a take on the Eskimos. " Hilarious because I noticed the same thing. They are super yappy and looooove patting themselves on their back for doing their job.
  7. Darrin Bauming, TSN. on Twitter: "Positives — Chris Matthews is practicing for the first time in nearly a month, repping with the 1s at practice, but we’re also seeing the Week 1 starting receiver group work with Nichols/Harris/OL1. We will monitor him closely ahead of Thursday. #Bombers" / Twitter https://mobile.twitter.com/DarrinBauming/status/1142844277451579397
  8. I can't wait to see Matthews get out there in blue and gold.
  9. They've won 3 Cups in the last 15 years so I feel not so bad.
  10. Chungh quickly realizing he left a good thing
  11. And D line and some LBs and a running back
  12. I doubt Edmonton will be this mouthy on D next week
  13. He's getting paid 750k. You better be the difference
  14. BCs line is trash and they are blitz heavy you better get pressure
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