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  1. This whole event has been a mismanaged disaster. But people taking shots at the NFL is like the KHL taking runs at the NHL. I mean really.
  2. I think Sloter is trying to beat out Mannion though, and I don't think he is going to do that. Sloter would be a good CFL neg lister, I would imagine he lands elsewhere down south if he's cut.
  3. Bauming is always quick with the bad news, slow with any info that may take some eyes off his Twitter feed
  4. Ted Wyman @Ted_Wyman · 1h Andrew Harris was getting his right arm looked at by athletic therapist Al Couture after getting banged up in a drill with other running backs. Looks like he's heading back in though #Bombers #CFl Sounds like Harris wanting to go back in is legit
  5. Ted Wyman @Ted_Wyman · 6m Mike O'Shea says RB Andrew Harris is fine. He didn't want to sit out rest of practice after banging up his right arm, but coach decided to let some others take the reps. "He's a bit of a rep hog when he's out here." #Bombers #CFL
  6. The Vikings apparently like Jake Browning a lot and it seems more likely they ditch Sloter than him. Like you say, he is Calgary's property for now anyway if he does ever head north.
  7. It is going to be fun to watch him grow his game learning from these other guys, for sure. He is already causing problems
  8. Kongbo did just that and got his hands up to tip a pass that almost got picked
  9. I'm an idiot 😂 At least I know how to spell Dunigan, Khari, and Stegall though. Not Dunnigan, Kahari, Stegal, as I see far too often.
  10. Willie Jefferson - 6'7 Jonathan Kongbo- 6'5 Alex McCalister- 6'6 That DE size would make an NFL team blush
  11. Been hoping for this for quite some time. Woo!
  12. Yet you don't remember what happened.
  13. The Bombers were up 20-17 at the end of the 3Q Final score 23-31 Hardly an ass kicking
  14. Take this curling **** somewhere else 😀
  15. This is the 1st halftime concert I've liked Classified = legit
  16. Just a head's up that Classified is actually good. He is doing halftime
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