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  1. I can only imagine why he would get tired of you asking him why he sucks and blocking you.
  2. Put it in the job description then. You will be sexually harassed as part of the job. Can you think of why they wouldn’t do that?
  3. You can tell the people who sit inside all day in the suburbs and drive everywhere they go. They base their knowledge off Winnipeg Sun articles and Facebook posts.
  4. Yeah I have seen some crazy stuff happening in Seattle. But again, the ocean and the mountains makes you put up with more. I have a buddy who lives near LA and he says that skid row is even worse than you think and the violence is off the charts. That is right down town. Nobody goes to downtown LA unless they have to, or it’s for some specific event.
  5. I think some see a really tall building or the mountains in the background and miss what is happening in front of them.
  6. I’m in Buffalo enough to confirm it is a dump. Downtown Winnipeg has problems but it is no dumpier than Edmonton or Hamilton, Regina, etc… Philadelphia has parts of it that are so beyond dump you would be surprised human beings live there Winnipeg is a great place to live and not a great place to visit really. Vancouver is awesome. I also saw people doing needle drugs in an alley with no care in the world and drug addicts wandering around all over.
  7. Right. So don’t pretend they don’t exist. Some are worse than others. I’m in TO a lot and their downtown is really not the same vibe as ours or Edmonton’s. Just facts. 😂 This is bullshit. Winnipeg is a great place to live.
  8. It isn’t. Downtown Winnipeg has major problems that need to be fixed. It has gotten worse since the pandemic started. Asking a bunch of millionaires who spend a lot of time in the biggest cities in North America which downtown they like least is a stupid bench mark though. It is cold, dark, and empty basically any time they’re here.
  9. This is fairly accurate but there are still pockets at night that are good. I have never felt more uncomfortable than being in downtown Hamilton and it is run down literally everywhere. Regina is terrible but too small to even register. Toronto’s downtown definitely has some absolutely awful spots but it is also gigantic. Moss Park is scarier during the day than during the night somehow.
  10. Not really. Lawler will be 30 in June and is making $285k this year. I doubt he is going to make $285k at 31 outside of truly insane numbers. I think the more realistic number is closer to what Schoen makes now., something like $220k. Schoen will be 28 in October and is making $230k this year. It is looking more around $250k is what teams are looking to pay the best WRs. So let’s say Schoen gets $260k. 2024: $515k 2025: $ 480k It isn’t like $100k less but I could see it being closer to $50k pretty realistically.
  11. I think Schoen said they started talking about a 2 year deal but didn’t want to derail the progress on getting the one year deal done so the two sides put it on the back burner.
  12. I mean going out and getting **** faced the night before a Grey Cup game where we had a guy making his first start ever at QB was frustrating.
  13. I’m not back pedalling Al. I am leaving a subjective opinion open to debate. I meant I think he would have been in the conversation had he stayed. Yes, it is speculation based on one season.
  14. I said “maybe the best”. Rod Hill was a first round pick in the NFL and played down there for years before coming up here. Alford came in as a pure rookie and was the best DB in the league playing the toughest spot in the secondary. Rod Hill was never as physical as Alford from what I remember, and I don’t really care about fumble recoveries TBH. Alford was a great cover guy just like Rod Hill. Juran Bolden would be in my conversation as well.
  15. If Dee Alford stayed up here he would be in the prime of maybe the best DB career in league history.
  16. There are an endless amount of guys who can do what he does. He doesn’t bring anything special.
  17. Thats fair I guess if that’s your grouping. I think Lawler, Scheon and Lewis are significantly better than the rest of those guys. So my personal tier would end there. edit: I’m really on the fence as to whether I think White belongs with the other guys. I’d side with “no” because I’m on the fence.
  18. Great? Like upper tier? I wouldn’t put him there.
  19. 1/4 of those guys can actually stay healthy They had all these guys last year. They still sucked.
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