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Everything posted by Geebrr

  1. Truth. I just can't think of an NFL comparable. Flutie, Garcia, Dickenson on one team in one decade. Insane
  2. Excellent. I am confident Bryant will re-sign as well.
  3. Fuckkkk...Lamar in the CFL. Destruction
  4. Russell Wilson would literally be unstoppable IMO Jeff Garcia but better. Garcia was one of the best QBs I've ever seen in the CFL
  5. Highest paid D player in the league!
  6. They also thought Micah Johnsom had a great year . They still don't know he retired in the preseason
  7. The Bombers and Stampeders are the two winningest franchises in the league over the last four years.
  8. Any team in any league should be close to any other team playing them 4 times and with 2 weeks to prepare for a home game.
  9. Seriously. Did he ride into the presser on a Harley?
  10. They got to play us 4 times and with 2 weeks to get ready in the West Final. They didn't deserve to even be in that position.
  11. The Riders were by far the worst team we played in the playoffs. They had no business even being in that game
  12. Then go re-evaluate your life in regards to the bolded.
  13. Osh will be here far past 2022. He said himself that the boats are burned.
  14. Ask the loser adult men who were going from gate to gate snatching up as many as they could. I'm sure they had a legit reason for having 10 each
  15. When does Ricky Ray get into coaching?
  16. Yeah, certainly can't be ruled out. Jim Barker is around as well , or a guy like Tom Higgins that is trying to get back into the league
  17. Definitely an intriguing prospect. I'm trying to shake this feeling we release him before camp so he can sign with an NFL team
  18. Agreed, Darvin is a total pro. Brings some intensity, loves to block, seems like a real leader. Will be interesting to see what the current crew can do if the offence opened it up a little.
  19. I'd be just fine with that. I think we have a solid group right now. I really appreciate Darvin so I hope he comes back, but it may not be in the cards.
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