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  1. Seems like just an idea. I don't know what Hodge is thinking we give up for a pending FA kicker but it should be 3rd round pick and up/or neg list at most.
  2. We lie just like everybody else. This "thorax" injury we use is vague AF
  3. Plus that one during Semi-Final week.
  4. It doesn't really address why Morley Scott (I believe) was adamant that this was a concussion and they were calling it a neck injury. Clearly he heard something. Morley Scott is the Elks PxP guy. You can 6 game someone for a hang nail and take him off if you want . If the report isn't accurate it lacks credibility.
  5. Yup yer right. I had some short term Rider fan math fog my brain.
  6. Gotta make him hold the ball. He uses mobility to create time to throw. Take away the deep stuff and he will get frustrated.
  7. Reilly isn't a mobile QB? News to me. Maybe doesn't run as good as he used to but is still mobile.
  8. No run game no chance If we are teeing off on pass rush all game this will be over by half time
  9. I don't see why we don't dominate the lines, as per usual. We should be able to pass and run on them. They can't run and just have Lucky running Go routes and Reilly throwing jump balls. Their kicking game is about where ours is.
  10. I don't think Fajardo has even finished the last 2 games in Winnipeg.
  11. If we go 4-3 the rest of the way the Riders have to go 5-2 with 5 road games left
  12. I care that they report it correctly. An Edmonton media guy said it was a concussion. Calling it a neck injury is much less of a buzz word. Hope they aren't rushing him back to save whatever chance they have at the playoffs.
  13. But Ed Gainey is super serious about winning this time. Did you think of that? You know why I do the same thing at IGF as the refs did. I can't really see the ball or goalline on the other side of the stadium, but as soon as that ball is snapped I am celebrating.
  14. Calling it a concussion and not a neck injury would be good for the player too.
  15. BC ran the ball 7 times and 2 of those were Reilly? Nice game plan.
  16. They went to a few Grey Cups and won one in the first few years they existed. I feel ******* nothing
  17. Honestly, what would our D do to this Ottawa team? Feel like a lot more "Blue flus" would happen in practice leading up to it
  18. Just checked the stats and Ottawa is 11/21 for 83 yards and an INT My god
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