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  1. Probably too soon to speculate, but getting busted at a border in a rented vehicle with 160lbs of weed in it is a bad day.
  2. Thry played about 3 starting QBs the whole season.
  3. Yikes. The details of that will be interesting.
  4. And no airport in Saskatchewan
  5. I mean, I guess the app is good for testing your memory and recognition.
  6. The Bombers need to drop the price for the lower bowl corners.
  7. $120 for the whole season + playoff home game. Good deal
  8. Everyone you talk to was born in Sakatchewan 😀
  9. 😲Could you imagine living in Saskatchewan with no indoor plumbing, no paved roads, no airport to fly out of there, no electricity, no anything? 🤔
  10. I don't see why the Bombers would switch to the a 3-4?
  11. Wasn't Awe playing Middle? You get more tackles there. Certainly when you're on the field the whole game too. Statistics can be misleading.
  12. It has just turned into what every social CFL turns into (other than this one) .5 Rider fans ruining it.
  13. He is fast, and he does hit hard, but Kyrie is a stud. He doesn't dance around enough after making plays I guess.
  14. Wilson all day over Awe. If he didn't cheap shot guys we wouldn't even know he existed.
  15. Derek Dennis seems to think he is replacing Biggie😄 As annoying a player as there was in our league. Enjoy the XFL
  16. Derek Dennis says there was no interest in him from CFL teams. Maybe they became aware of his lack of understanding about fog.
  17. I can't remember the exact question after MOS re-signed post GC win, but Friesen asked some question about rumours of being fired/let go if they didn't win. MOS said something like "Don't worry, you will get to write that article eventually" 😄
  18. https://3downnation.com/2020/02/17/former-cfl-most-outstanding-lineman-derek-dennis-signs-xfl-contract/
  19. “But talking to different guys around the league and the guys who play in Winnipeg and they were all talking about the organization and how it changes you as a player, about how much they loved playing there" Josh Johnson https://www.bluebombers.com/2020/02/17/already-know-good-decision-johnson-looking-make-winnipeg-football-home/?utm_source=dlvr.it
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