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  1. Other teams FAs are waiting for the first opportunity to come here to play. Unlike a place like sask where they have to beg and overpay.
  2. Putting feelings towards it aside, the bottom line is he can't travel until he is fully vaccinated. And he better get moving on it as soon as he is eligible - because I can't imagine three doses not becomming "fully vaccinated" in the near future.
  3. If he isn't vaccinated he isn't worth talking about. Non starter (in several ways).
  4. He is coming back. No doubt from me. He said during an interview that he just wanted to enjoy everything happening around him and reflect on how he got to that point last season.
  5. Gotta love Biggie. We are ridiculously lucky to have him.
  6. Streveler may not be as good a passer as Harris, but he is a legit threat that needs to be prepared for week to week. Harris sits on the bench doing nothing.
  7. Based on his play in the playoffs the past few years it doesn't seem like he wants to.
  8. Richardson unfortunately plays the position where level of production is easier to manage. 75% of our line is back and Stove missed a big chunk of last year.
  9. Monstrous signing. He runs the D and was the best Defensive player in the league last year. Best believe the Riders and others were going hard at him if he hit FA. Him wearing Sask colours would make me puke
  10. That's a fact. Also only Calgary had won more games since 2016
  11. The D has given up 14 points a game with Collaros as QB. I love ZC. We need to make sure he is back. But he isn't the only reason we are winning.
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