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  1. Seemed to be very turnover prone during his stint in the XFL. Hopefully that carries over into the CFL.
  2. Yikes. Kinda wanted to face Harris and crush them declaring our supremacy to the world.
  3. The man who ended Jesse Lumsden's career. I still have nightmares of the game in Aug 2007 against Hamilton. Ill never forget it was Neil McKinlay's first(and last) start at linebacker, and Jesse Lumsden turned him into a clown shoe rushing for like 2414145 yards that game. I think he had two 50+ yard TD runs in that game IIRC. They were a 3-15 team that year but b****-slapped us that game.
  4. Doubt we see Richardson back this week, he's still listed as a DNP on the official report.
  5. Me too 😥. I remember a quote from him saying he was coming back when his NFL days were over. Mike where are you??
  6. My most lasting memory of Bigg Mike was playing against Toronto where he broke through to the DB level and it was just him and Orlando Steinauer. You could tell Steinauer was like "oh ****" with 270lbs of man-meat coming at him full speed. And ofcourse he goes for the legs cause thats all you can do as a 170lbs DB. Sure enough Sellers hurdles him like a b**** and Steinauer doesnt even lay a finger on him. Man watching Sellers was fun.
  7. I was at that game. If im not mistaken Reggie Hunt also set the single game tackle record in that game.
  8. He also specifically mentioned our d-line, linebackers, and receivers lol.
  9. He's also clearly been mixing alcohol and quaaludes today saying things like weve been very lucky with avoiding injuries so far this year and seemingly blaming Lapo for Dom Davis' terrible INT.
  10. Wouldnt be surprised to see Lapo in his spot starting the second half.
  11. Yeah the guy brought it up like 10 times. He had like 2 hours to look up the rule or ask someone who could check, and then heaven forbid say something like "Well by the rule its not a automatic disqualification even though it was an ugly play and probably should be" which would have been the correct thing to do/say, as opposed to crying is his green hanky over and over again while gently stroking his signed Fajardo game worn jockstrap.
  12. I dont know. Nice problem to have though. I thought Willie was pretty lights out last week too. Nice argument to have.
  13. Yeah no f'ing kidding. We play Edmonton 3 freaking times. One of those couldnt be against Ottawa??!? Schedule maker can take a long walk off a short pier.
  14. Lapo is *ucked. They legitimately might not win another game this season. Their D is trash and they dont have a quarterback, or running game, or receivers, or water boy..........
  15. Still gotta be Willie. He's just such a difference maker out there.
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