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  1. I could be wrong, the article I read on his arrest mentioned 2017 charges but maybe its for the same crime.
  2. Correct me if im wrong, but I believe this wasn't his first arrest relating to drugs which may have something to do with the longer sentence....
  3. This team is so f****** frustrating. Three weeks ago we were first in points for and first in points allowed. WTF HAPPENED? How can a team **** the bed in every aspect so spectacularly? Its f****** mind boggling. I cant even fathom how far this team has collapsed in such a short period of time. Less than a month ago everything was clicking, we were Grey Cup favorites and sitting in first place. Now Jefferson=invisible Bighill=still invisible Entire Secondary=Cant cover. Is the Ebola virus going through the locker room? How an entire team can turn into garbage in a matter of weeks is beyond me. Its mind boggling. Maybe Noeller is right, this team is cursed.
  4. Arbuckle, Fajardo, Evans, Adams, all these backups are light years ahead of Streveler when it comes to passing. The Streveler offense of running like a RB and passing for 180 yards a game is not going to cut it. In the CFL you need to be able to throw from the pocket with consistency.
  5. Lol, **** this team. At least Jets season is starting so I can follow something else until they suck.
  6. Seriously Rios needs to get the **** off the field. NOW.
  7. Remember when this team was clear and alone if first place and the sun was shining? WTF happened? Secondary cant cover, Jefferson has disappeared, Bighill still invisible.
  8. Evans over 300 yards passing at the half LMFAO. What a joke. Richie Hall should be escorted out of the building.
  9. Did Willy Jefferson stay in Jamaica during the bye week? Without pressure the secondary is toast. Rios can GTFO anytime.
  10. Perhaps this our Brady/Bledsoe moment. Going to be hard to keep both guys happy if theyre somehow both back next season. I don't see that happening. I think this signals the beginning of the Streveler era. Lets see what you got kid!
  11. Ive said it before. Name me a "players coach" in either league who has had lasting success? All the great ones are hard asses that the players respect and almost fear. Those coaches expect the players/other coaches to perform, and when they don't, they are replaced. MOS is a coddler who always has a thousand excuses.
  12. I think the front 4 is more to thank for our wicked run defense. He also missed a fumble that was in his hands. He is a shell of his 2018 self. He looks like molasses in January out there.
  13. Ofcourse its horseshit but crying about it on social media after you and your defense just s*** all over the field in THE BIGGEST Alouette comeback in their history is sad. Its like saying "we had no answers for him and he schooled us and took our lunch money, but but but he shouldn't have been in the game anymore!!!"
  14. Its a bullshit play but there were garbage/missed calls all game, going both ways. Just sounds like sour grapes at this point. Bighill with another forgettable game. Hey Adam, stop whining about the refs and build a time machine to go and bring back 2018 Adam Bighill. I like him better.
  15. Agreed. With the amount of talent this team should be a Grey Cup favorite, especially with all the QB injuries. Anything short and at the very least the coordinators need to go. Enough is enough already.
  16. Nothing like letting yappy ***holes talk s*** about you and then have the last laugh. Good job Bombers.
  17. I'd like to think that changes will be made and heads will roll after this latest bullshit collapse on both sides of the ball but knowing MOS/Walters it'll just be the same old same old.
  18. I'd like to start a Go Fund Me page for a 3 seater rocket to shoot Rod Pedersen, Lapo, and Richie Hall into space. Any donations? Scratch that. 2 seater to save money. We'll just strap Pedersen to the nose cone.
  19. You know what would have been a great call there? Have Demski and/or Whitehead sneak out of the backfield on crossing patterns and have Streveler do that fake run throw. Montreal had EVERYONE on the line of scrimmage. But nope, lets just run straight into a wall of Alouettes. No imagination, no killer instinct. So f******* frustrating.
  20. Too true. Well hopefully Calgary makes it to the cup so I can sell my ticket.
  21. That is Lapo's MO. Here is a brilliant ****ing idea I just had. Why don't we keep calling the plays that have worked all game regardless of the score? You know, the old adage "keep doing it until they can stop it"? I know it sounds crazy! Like weve got the ball with 2 minutes left, EVERYONE on planet earth and beyond knows its going to be a run. WHY RUN STRAIGHT INTO 48 GUYS IN THE BOX?!?!? ITS NEVER GOING TO WORK. Game is on the line, that is when a good coordinator is going to pull that one play he's been sitting on that can put the game away. No imagination. Lapo is just braindead.
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