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  1. Cause Joe Mack knew better! Scouts??? **** the scouts! I was in the NFL! I know better! Canadians??? Pfffttt, who needs 'em?? Dime a dozen. He didn't inherit a great team but that jackass made it worse and set us back years.
  2. Hope Hecht is back. Jones was not very good to put it kindly.
  3. This confirms what our eyes are seeing. Fenner and Alexander need to get their **** together if we are truly going to be a contender. Cant keep giving up so many explosive plays.
  4. Yup, secondary needs to tighten up. Been disappointed in Fenner and Alexander this year. Both have looked terrible at times.
  5. He looks even sleepier now! Good luck Montreal! Kiss your Canadian talent and draft picks goodbye.
  6. No kidding. So tired of this freezing tundra narrative bull****. We've had the sunniest and warmest weather in Canada so far this summer for **** sakes.
  7. Beauty looking o-line BC's got over there. Good thing theyre paying Chung 200K to solidify it.
  8. Big time piece of s***. Cant remember if it was Khari or Glenn but one of them threw a pick and was standing there miles away from the play watching when Philion absolutely dismantled one of them with a blindside hit. One of the most violent hits ive ever seen. Hated that POS ever since.
  9. Yup I believe he was the guy who pile-drived Charlie head first into the turf back in the day.
  10. Controversial pick. Wasn't he banned in schools?
  11. I'll be shocked if Bighill plays. If he's truly this iffy just rest him for another week man. Why risk it against the Argos in week 5??
  12. I love when he uses that helicopter punt that spins the ball sideways. I haven't seen it in a while. Man that must be tough to catch.
  13. I think it was brains/unwarranted overconfidence. I think the whole going down to the show made him overconfident in his skills and he figures he can just show up and be handed a spot instead of putting in the extra work on his craft. You might look like a football player but if you cant catch....
  14. Yup he's got some size and big time speed. Spend the last 3 years in the NFL getting seasoned. He could be the big deep threat we are lacking.
  15. Speaking of Justin Medlock, for all you Game of Thrones fans, has anybody noticed his striking resemblance to Grey Worm??
  16. Ryan Lankford axed by Ottawa. Justin Medlock says sorry
  17. That would make a lot of sense
  18. But but but, all I heard from the mistake to the left before this season was how great their defense was still going to be, it didn't matter who they lost, they got even better because they signed a bunch of 40 year olds, and they were just going to repeat their ridiculous and completely un-repeatable fluky stats from last year. It was going to be such a good defense again that they didn't need a great QB, they were just going to become the 2000 Baltimore Ravens and win it all!!! Collaros was going to be their Dilfer!!!! Id expect that from the mindless zombie hoard of melonheads but it wasn't just the koolaid drinking fans I heard this from. Pretty much everything I watched and read about the upcoming 2019 season was the "elite" Rider defense this, and the "best D" in the league that. All the while thinking to myself how anyone with a brain bigger than a pea could possibly think that their defense could be anywhere near as good after losing their defensive architect as well as Jefferson, Eguavoen, and Antigha.
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