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  1. Going to be in tough this week. BC coming in healthy with a juggernaut offense and all the confidence in the world. Were coming in on a short week, big time banged up, with no run game and an offense tied for 2nd last in the league in yards per game. Dont like our chances this week.
  2. MBT in the showers after the game Andrew Harris in the locker room after the game
  3. I think its his hamstring Ill never stop bitching about not playing Ottawa once last season. Could have padded our stats big time!
  4. Possible. Im just not sure what Hamilton ever saw in Evans to decide he was the guy to hitch their wagon to.
  5. Well then he can go straight to hell too. Its a vicious cycle.
  6. Keeping Evans over Masoli is going to end up being a colossal mistake for Hamilton if it isnt already. Not sure what they saw in Evans to make that decision either. He's looked like dogshit in back-to-back Grey Cups and has picked up right where he left off this year. Its going to cost Steinhauer his job. Masoli on the other hand looked great in last years Grey Cup, very nearly winning it, and has been terrific so far this season.
  7. Yeah just corrected myself. Leaves us real thin at DB. Wonder if he wanted out. Cant imagine the team didnt want to keep him around for insurance even if Houston has passed him on the depth chart.
  8. He did light us up with that big comeback win in 2019 i believe? That was the one where his ancestors were on the field with him. We seem to always play like dogshit against the Argos.
  9. Looks like the Duke of Dicks is about to take his ball and go home. Man it would have been nice to have kept Mike Jones around with the departure of Alford.......Super underrated.
  10. Vernon Adams is fun to watch but he does make a ton of boneheaded game losing plays. I really think Harris gives them a better chance of winning week-in-week-out.
  11. Yuck. As bad as Rose has been Houston would be a pretty big downgrade.
  12. Secondary needs to get their heads out of their asses
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