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  1. I don’t need to ask him, I know why As an aside, I’m happy I have my autographed Streveler jersey to bust out now that Bailey is gone. But I usually roll with the Khari Jones jersey I found on Marketplace for $30 last year
  2. Hi Adam, can you please unblock me on Twitter
  3. A fair deal and another example of why Schoen/Lawler are likely to cost less next year
  4. I’d take a boring downtown over the meth zombie wasteland we have now.
  5. Manitoba? Sure. The best part about Winnipeg in the summer is how close it is to other places. I genuinely can’t think of anything I can do in Winnipeg in the summer that isn’t a Bomber game. Go to the Forks for the annual Canada Day machete attack? Ride my bike around, weaving through all the homeless encampments? I love summers in Winnipeg but it’s not because of Winnipeg. It’s because in two hours or so, I can be at my cabin that isn’t in Winnipeg.
  6. Are we really arguing that Winnipeg isn’t a dump? I’ve travelled all over North America … I think in terms of individual cities, I’ve been to Phoenix, San Diego, Anaheim, Richmond, Philadelphia, Trenton, Baltimore, Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, Buffalo, New York City, Orlando, Tampa, Regina, Minneapolis, Grand Forks and Fargo in the past 5-ish years … the only places that are as much of a dump as Winnipeg are Baltimore and Edmonton. Sure, obviously some places were a quick visit. Some places you can chalk the experience up to oblivious innocence where I probably didn’t know any better. But for the most part, there’s a ton more to do/see without half the hassle in these places. Even Buffalo, which I was expecting to be a total dump … their downtown is quiet with not a lot to do (like ours) but I didn’t get hassled by a homeless person once. There’s stuff to do. Probably the most comparable downtown to Winnipeg, honestly … just cleaner and less disruptive. I get the experiences won’t match because obviously the sample size is a lot larger in the city I reside in, but this place is a dump. Manitoba? Beautiful. Winnipeg? It’s a dump. It’s my dump, but it’s a dump.
  7. Lawler will be on the wrong side of 30 and coming off a deal that was signed in a time prior to teams becoming more accepting of the belief that paying receivers that much money doesn’t make you succeed. Doesn’t matter how well he plays this year. He hit the max he’s ever gonna make
  8. Blink is the problem. I’ll share a slightly vague story about Charlie - after his playing days, he was struggling a bit and ended up moving in with a friend of mine into their basement suite (the club is how he got connected with my friend, they were caring enough to help him find a place to live) there was more than one occasion where we’d go out to a bar or restaurant or wherever and all meet for drinks at this friend’s house first. Roberts would wait downstairs and then if it was in walking distance, he’d walk to wherever we were headed and wait for us outside to beg for smokes, food, etc. the club also paid his rent several times because they felt responsible for the tenant when the tenant spent all their money on smokes and VLTs
  9. I don’t really agree. Lawler is not going to make the same dollar amount he’s making again on his next deal. 285k + 230k could lock them both up at 250k each and you’ve saved money and it’s still going to be the high end of what the value is looking like i really think they’ll get them both for 235-240k each next offseason. That’s big savings. why not just give Dalton that money now? Because there’s genuinely a good chance the market tanks even lower on receivers. It’s trending that way.
  10. You can sense the market reset coming on receivers. I’m thinking they’ll be able to keep Kenny and Schoen in 2025 for less than they’re making right now.
  11. I’m very much thinking the Bombers wanted a one year deal just as much as Schoen did.
  12. Great like I’d probably put him top 12 in the league. Schoen, Lawler, Begelton, White, Hatcher, Hollins, Lewis, Demski, Bane, Rhymes … Then you get into the next tier of guys like Hardy, Emilus, Acklin, Snead, Coxie, Gittens, Julien-Grant, Godwin … probably forgetting a few but I’d say Emilus/Coxie/Godwin/Snead at the top of that list. Easy for us to not notice, but the league is pretty receiver poor right now.
  13. Are we really pretending Emilus isn’t a great receiver? Better season numbers wise than Demski, catching passes from Rainbow Jake. If we had a 2nd year Canadian breaking 1000 yards with a backup QB throwing the majority of the passes, we’d be going nuts over him. I know a lot of the Riders numbers were garbage time numbers, but Emilus had a lot of early game impact. Real big fan of his.
  14. Emilus, Lenius, KSB, Bane doesn’t really seem like that bad of a set of receivers. Three guys with 1000 yard potential for sure, I mean it’s obvious they don’t have a Schoen or Lawler but they’re not trotting trash out there.
  15. I agree, I just don’t think it’s an off-season that puts them in contention for the Grey Cup.
  16. He wasn’t the OL coach in Toronto. He was the running backs coach and quality control.
  17. Speaking of linebackers, we signed Jeremiah Gemmel today. Fun fact: the move Denver made to fit him on their training camp roster? The release of Barrington Wade.
  18. No but I feel like doing it with a few vets like Hardrick and Sceviour who are winners … could be worse decisions to make. I still don’t see it though, they’re missing that A+ part to pull it all together. Lots of B and B- but who’s the franchise player?
  19. It’s very common … Jovan Olafioye, SirVincent Rogers, Dejon Allen, Derek Dennis … that’s off the top of my head thinking of the major huge impact guys Jonathan Broxton (who we signed originally) was another one for BC. Kent Perkins was also BC’s MOOL nominee in his rookie year as a tackle.
  20. Why would people be even remotely bothered by this? Scheme fit, we have no clue if he will perform better then he did in Sask. Hardrick stunk there too.
  21. Would people feel better if we signed Ouelette, Tim White, Dolegala and Adekele?
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