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  1. Toronto is the worst football team in recent memory.
  2. Derek Dennis that was an abomination
  3. Jermaine Franklin telling the exact same story Claire Hannah did 2 weeks ago, almost verbatim
  4. There are Rider jerseys in the crowd
  5. Wilder can stopped being talked about
  6. If you are using location, parking, and cost, cool, stay home. But as someone who buys season tickets and spends money on the team, I don't want those people to be able to sit at home and buy their cheaper beer. Blackout games
  7. I honestly dont get this argument anymore. I think people forget that Polo was pack a lunch time to get out. The new stadium takes 20 mins tops and costs 5 bucks to park. We we so spoiled for too long , it actually irritates me. FYI trying parking around US Bank it us about $40 USD
  8. Exactly. The stadium wasnt happening without the free land.
  9. This is a "still have a job" game. MBT is better than Franklin Walker has busted out. I'm not convinced Calgary is that good yet
  10. Stadium location is an easy excuse and not really valid.
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