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  1. Some of you mistake the legal process with professional conduct policy. The CFL doesn’t have to wait for anything if they determine their conduct policy has been violated.
  2. Naylor didn’t specify but maybe he meant for a non Cup hosting year.
  3. New turf and new ribbon boards will be a great addition. Maybe they can re-purpose the old ribbon boards to field level.
  4. $1.25M goes a long way for the Bombers. They are also extra wear and tear on the field. The league in general just doesn’t seem worth the hassle. Soccer fans (and some will claim there are a lot) don’t exist or don’t show up.
  5. I also liked the head and shoulders above the rest best QB on that list the most.
  6. There was a huge Kamau Peterson fan at OB.com. I used to think he was Mike here, but I am pretty sure his name was Jeff. He was a good guy.
  7. Ended Tee Martin’s career TBF he went on to have some very good seasons. So…
  8. Keep checking this thread for Bomber free agent signings and see nothing but jersey talk.
  9. They just do everything wrong. Joke on and off the field in every way.
  10. Thats not really true. They should do an investigation and if it came a to light that the Argos didn’t handle this properly they should be punished.
  11. You “@‘d” him with something annoying enough to get blocked. And I mean…why?
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