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  1. On SportsCage DT announces that it was time to go. He has been there 3 years. Say no more, we all understand.
  2. Who thought hiring a numbers guy would be a good fit for Rider fans? They should be fired.
  3. I definitely will defer to you on his abilities you know what you are talking about better than anyone here. I am with you on the going back to TSN thing. I do wish/hope he has the ability to do his own podcast where he can do the show he wants and say what he wants.
  4. I have never heard his PBP to be honest, and I doubt many here have (why would you?). I actually like his radio show despite it being super homer charged. That show is 90% CFL which is actually refreshing. Maybe DT doesn't love the constant message from the Riders that he cannot criticize them or pump up other teams? It will be interesting to see where he ends up I wonder if he is venturing out on his own to do a show.
  5. Guy had some negative things happen in his personal life during a health pandemic, wasn't ready for canp, owns it still probably the team OMVP when healthy. Handles his own negotiations (for the first time?) and felt disrespected when hearing things the team didn't like. Says he has moved past it, holds no ill will towards the team. Now he is an ego maniac that was always selfish and questionable character. Unbelievable
  6. Rose took Alford's spot when he came back. Alford moved over.
  7. Sure. But not every guy is a good player in waiting. He hasn't shown anything that should lead us to believe he is a quality player in this league.
  8. I don't get the Kelvin McKnight love. He is on the Charles Nelson territory for me. What has he done to be excited about? What is he good at?
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