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  1. https://3downnation.com/2019/09/19/zack-evans-sends-care-package-to-young-fan-cuteness-ensues/ Most CFL guys are good dudes. Zack Evans is one.
  2. Rod Pedersen is accusing the Riders of pumping in fake crowd noise.
  3. I want that bobble head bad. Gotta get there early
  4. Rod Hill works for the Bombers during game days in the suites doing a hospitality type role. Very nice guy
  5. Did Paul Friesen sneak in and ask about Nichols' shoulder?
  6. What can Matthews tell them about our offence? He had a lot of time to study it from the sidelines it makes me nervous.
  7. Those people don't actually buy tickets Bomber for Life is season ticket holders
  8. Ted Wyman @Ted_Wyman · 10m #Bombers RB Brady Oliveira, who has been out since Week 3 with an ankle injury, is doing some light running at practice today. Told me yesterday he hopes to be practising again in a few weeks. #CFL
  9. https://3downnation.com/2019/09/18/ticats-bombers-and-stampeders-can-clinch-playoff-spots-in-week-15/ Win and in (when Ottawa loses)
  10. Be interested to see if Matthews keeps running lazy routes for Montreal like he was for us.
  11. Then there are guys like Derek Dennis who couldn't get a job doing that this offseason.
  12. Brandon Dyson, and he was railroaded. Plenty of guys in the league as dirty that got celebrated.
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