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  1. He basically detailed how much Saskatchewan was never in the game, so I don't really get the big deal?
  2. No kidding, definitely needs to be reviewed. Also did he get the starter reps in practice until today? Weird if he did.
  3. Honestly, going to have to see this kid on the field before I feel comfortable. They have some good WRs
  4. I am sure it has been mentioned, but Eric Carter beating the piss out of that guy who ran on the field (and deserved his ass kicking) during a playoff game. Adam Rita shoving Reinebold post game starting a brawl in 1997. BC sucks.
  5. TSN: How much involvement will Khari Jones have during Bombers game? https://www.tsn.ca/CFL/video/how-much-involvement-will-khari-jones-have-during-bombers-game~2281948 I am hoping no involvement. That would be really weird. Who is with me?
  6. This Saskatchewan/Alberta heavy COVID tour has me as worried as anything
  7. I have no time for Farhan the BC Lion schill.
  8. Not everybody that should does though!
  9. Very fair. I just see him blaming himself after losses. Lots of good things to say about our D.
  10. He is overrated but you can't take away his toughness, like you say. Off the field he actually seems like likeable guy,. Sounds like he will be alright, which is good to hear.
  11. I heard Leggs had a monster accurate leg. Prove it. I don't care if he kicks it out the stadium if it isn't accurate.
  12. That's what I am saying. I don't need someone kicking 55+ through the back of the endzone. It was great having Medlock, but he is maybe the best to ever do it, we got spoiled. Just hit the stuff you should hit. Parades has made a career out of it.
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