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  1. I thought you were just going by what I said- just wanted to clarify I misheard. Otherwise, I agree with you.
  2. He was not that fast and couldn’t catch that great. Not a great combo.
  3. They should have it on social media - it is 2023. People aren’t going to your website
  4. Shaq Evans on the long term injury list - as he always is and will be.
  5. That’s what he said. Doug Brown said an even better reason IMO - if a starter gets dinged up there is not much recovery time. Edmonton has two weeks to make cuts and practice as a team. We have to make cuts and be into the season opener game plan by Sunday. Seems fair
  6. Aaron Sterling should be on this team. Hopefully we can keep him on the PR
  7. Pressure has been fine - I’m remembering why I don’t come into GDTs
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