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  1. I can’t think of another fan base in any league that I would want to have a conversation with the average fan less than I do with the Gappers
  2. Haha I meant more we could just fill in and keep rolling along, Calgary has done it (minus the winning Grey Cups at an equivalent rate part).
  3. You stupid monkey! It could last 30 years, who knows?!
  4. Gapper fans would piss their pants at the chance to sign Paddy - bunch of barely functional morons.
  5. Willie Jefferson would start on any team in this league
  6. Nichols signed an extension last year through 2023 . Houston re-signed in December 2021
  7. He was also injured - shoulder injury early, doubt it ever got back to near 100% I expect to see him more 2021 than 2022
  8. A guy who got beat to the sidelines by a 240 lb backup QB? Yeah, no thanks
  9. I’m not overly excited about a guy who has been in this league a long time and has been mostly useless outside of spot duty this year.
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