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  1. Kongbo looks like a beast standing next to other huge players. Looking forward to seeing on the field.
  2. Weird. Just tell the team you don't want to play. Hopefully everything is alright with him.
  3. The Riders would have beaten the Bombers with Collaros. Who was trash every time he played the Bombers. Yeah, ok.
  4. I wonder if Oliveira got Santiago up here. Explosive player.
  5. I like the way Humes plays. I hope he can show that he is a starter.
  6. Steven Richardson is an interesting add. Nevis better bring it.
  7. Did the league just forget about this? New Era Nearing: CFL teams tease new threads - CFL.ca https://www.cfl.ca/2019/05/08/coming-soon-league-teases-new-era/ Unbelievable.
  8. Well never mind, it is outside. I think...
  9. Patrick Kabongo should keep doing whatever he has been doing the last 10 years away from football. The NFL dream is dead
  10. When do the uniforms get fully released today?
  11. Thanks. I assumed you couldn't do anything with the club until you had a contract.
  12. I think John Hodge speculated it. So...you know. They managed to find probably 200k + for Matthews in the budget.
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