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  1. Every can just stop predicting timelines. We have no clue and it is pointless.
  2. Geebrr


    Give me my fuqn Lysol wipes though.
  3. I'm sure the 800 people that died in Italy yesterday is just standard flu ****. These are human beings, remember that. Alter your behaviour and be a functioning part of this planet.
  4. Usually I wouldn't care if someone has a crazy opinion/conspiracy. However, this misinformed thinking literally harms people. So frustrating.
  5. Any league returning would be a good sign.
  6. I think there is a chance.
  7. Report: NBA bracing for June return - TSN.ca https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.tsn.ca/report-nba-bracing-for-june-return-1.1457609%3ftsn-amp
  8. The NBA is looking at June as a best case scenario return.
  9. Might as well test for Spaghetti-Os. Who cares?
  10. It is legal, all across Canada. Don't test at all. Waste of time and money.
  11. "Former Rider" Is the 3DN headline. Never played a game.
  12. If they cancel the season they should just name us B2B Champs.
  13. I think he means that the impact of long term effects is not taken into consideration.
  14. The season is in June. Take it down a level Pre season is subjectively irrelevant in a one off season in a worse case scenario.
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