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als v. suckskatchewan

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2 minutes ago, greenrider55 said:

That being said, even if the Riders had ZC back, he’d get killed by our OLine. We could have Tom Brady back there and he’d get murdered.

Yeah, I don’t think ZC would look any better with the Riders than he did the first time. 

Bad OL, bad OC.


I can’t believe Davis is still in the league

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17 minutes ago, Booch said:

Anywhere I coached and trained athletes...a helmet smash like Duke and u wouldn't see field again that day..obviously Dickie is a push over and ball less

I honestly think it's much worse than stepping on your own logo in the locker room,it's a helmet but it's still respect to that logo.

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5 minutes ago, wbbfan said:

He did. 10k yards 135 qbr polians team stretched the field lots. 

That was 4 complete seasons tho....and just shy of 10k....Strev threw for over 6k in 2 seasons... So he musta really slung it! Lol ...Faj had a rap coming out of college that his arm wasn't pro quality

Als could...and should really be 3-0....2-1 at worst....if BC...WPG and CGY all win this week guess who's in 4th lol

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2 hours ago, Rod Black said:

I think all the penalties SK got is hilarious. They haven’t fixed that. The Qb can’t throw past 10 yards and the oline allowed 8 sacks.they ain’t going to make the playoffs. 

Nah they'll snag a few wins due to other teams making ridiculous mistakes like the 11 wins they picked up the last two years thanks to opposition missing easy field goals or losing QBs to injuries 

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3 hours ago, greenrider55 said:

You know it man. I’ve been advocating for Maas to go for ages now. He’s killing me.

To be fair, Bomber fans wanted Lapo to be sent packing too but as it turns out, you have to have a limited playbook when your QB can't execute  anything over short to short-mid throws.



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I just caught the replay of the game now.    

If I'm a Rider fan I'm scared shitless with how poor that o-line played with only a 3 man rush for the most part.    I dislike Fajardo and even I feel bad for the guy because he had zero chance.    The few times he did have time the man still can't throw a deep ball for absolute shite.  Absolutely ugly passes and his big pass to Wiliams was sheer luck that he caught it.  

Also several completely unnecessary penalties on the Riders..I thought they were going to clean that up?

Terrible special teams play,  terrible d-line pressure,  terrible coverage...  just awful all around.   The only positive the Riders had is Hickson runs really hard.    

The Als looked sharp tonight,  Lewis made some circus catches early and that d-line just completely owned the Riders.   


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