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  1. Yes, but that is ignored because it does not fit with the American myth.
  2. It is a cultural/attitudinal problem that began with the American revolution when the country was born in violence. The colonists were afraid, rightly or wrongly, of a British re-invasion and encouraged all male adults to have firearms and be prepared to use them on short notice. There is good evidence that the colonists were more afraid of losing their slaves than unfair taxation, and that attitude warped public attitudes. The framers of the American constitution placed the primacy of the individual over the common good and when you mix those two values along with a multitude of firearms, it leads to the Munroe Doctrine and Manifest Destiny. Americans are driven by fear of each other and a mythological government overreach. The gun culture is extolled in the male supremacy myth and "might makes right" thinking. They are not "all in this together"- they see themselves as being in a zero-sum game. In order for one to gain, someone or everyone else must lose. If you as an American feel aggrieved, you have the God-given right to avenge yourself by whatever means you choose.
  3. Just another day in America. The Democrats will wring their hands and propose restrictions on firearms in the full knowledge that the NRA and the GOP will stymie any and all restrictions. The GOP and NRA will not disappoint, and adults and children will continue to die. The NRA and GOP will fatten their wallets and clutch at any reason, real or imagined to try to blame Biden, the Democrats, progressives, atheists, fake global warming, immigrants and anyone else their diseased minds can fantasize about. Another step towards the looming American apocalypse.
  4. Southern Baptist scandal: It's no coincidence that anti-abortion churches protect sexual abusers- As with the Catholic church scandal, what ties sexual abuse to anti-choice activism is a belief in male supremacy "Shocking." That's the word being bandied about in both news coverage and social media reactions to a nearly 300-page report released on Sunday that details both extensive sexual abuse within the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) and a thorough effort to cover it up by the denomination's leadership. As Christianity Today bluntly noted, the convention had "a secret list of more than 700 abusive pastors," but "chose to protect the denomination from lawsuits" rather than the victims or potential future victims in the pews. Instead, protecting predators became the norm, and victims of abuse were frequently blamed. One victim, whose abuse started when she was 14, "was forced to apologize in front of the church," but forbidden to name the pastor who had forcibly impregnated her. The situation is, indeed, horrific. It's a minor miracle that this report even happened. Activists have been clamoring for it, but have faced a massive institutional resistance from the leadership of America's largest single Protestant denomination. One cannot help but marvel at the nerve of some Southern Baptist leaders who engaged in the coverup. SBC general counsel Augie Boto, for instance, responded to victims and their allies by accusing them of being part of "a satanic scheme to completely distract us from evangelism." Boto even appeared as a character witness for a Nashville gymnastics coach who was convicted on charges of molesting a 10-year-old girl. But for feminists, none of this is shocking in the slightest. It lacks the element of surprise that the word implies. Not just because this whole situation is a retread of the sex scandals in the Roman Catholic Church, right down to the pattern of reassigning predatory pastors to new churches where they can begin abusing a fresh group of unsuspecting congregants. Like the Catholic Church, the SBC is one of the most virulently anti-choice religious groups in the country. Opposition to reproductive rights and tolerance for sexual abuse go together like peanut butter and jelly. The common thread linking the two, of course, is male supremacy, or, to use an old-fashioned feminist term, patriarchy. As Laurie Penny writes in her new book "Sexual Revolution: Modern Fascism and the Feminist Fightback," it's a culture that's "comfortable letting men get away with sexual violence but determined not to let women get away with consensual sex." Indeed, to say "comfortable" might be an understatement. Sexual violence and anti-choice ideology are rooted in the same tendency to see women (and often children) as objects to be used and discarded by men, who have no rights or autonomy of their own worth respecting. https://www.salon.com/2022/05/23/southern-baptist-scandal-its-no-coincidence-that-anti-abortion-churches-protect-abusers/
  5. The UCP has every reason to squelch any investigation into their internal workings. They have a lot of excrement on their faces from all of the disastrous Kenny administration actions which looked an awful lot like they were setting policy by reading goat entrails. I'm not sure how much lower they can sink in the polls and in the eyes of Albertans, but they seem determined to find out.
  6. It's been a tough couple of years ending in a long, cold and snowy winter and delayed spring. I cannot express how much I have been looking forward to the CFL season as a significant step towards normalcy. CFL teams are not awash with money and from my admittedly quick perusal of the agreement, it seemed to be fair. Neither side was wildly happy about it, which usually means it was a good compromise.
  7. I suggest that the whole Canadian housing market is overheated and due for a significant correction within the next year or so. That is gonna hurt a lot of people who scraped together the minimum down payment and bought homes they could barely afford on two incomes.
  8. Trivia: Tom Cruz has been married three times and divorced each wife when they got to their "best before" age-33. He is currently involved in a power struggle within the Scientology organization (you may notice I didn't say "church") with John Travolta to be the heir-apparent to David Miscavige.
  9. Agreed. Since the American DOJ is essentially toothless about the "stolen election", it would make sense for the government department in charge of election oversight to sue Trump, the pillow guy and all for slandering their integrity. A settlement of several million dollars would shut the miscreants up quickly.
  10. Bill Gates wants to control people with monkeypox & force them to drink 'poop water': MTG United States Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Georgia) drummed up a new conspiracy theory on Friday that Microsoft founder Bill Gates is behind the growing monkeypox outbreak and that he wants to control the population by forcing people to drink "poop water." Greene's infamy is rooted in her claim that wildfires are triggered by Jewish space lasers, her opposition to COVID-19 inoculations, in voting against a bill to help American families access baby formula amidst a supply shortage brought on by contaminations at processing plants, and her participation in the January 6th, 2021 Capitol insurrection. Misspelled text messages that she sent following the attack have earned her the nickname "Marshall Law Marge." Greene has cultivated a concurrent reputation for being sympathetic to Russian President Vladimir Putin, having voted against authorizing critical military and humanitarian aid to Ukraine, whom she has encouraged to surrender to Putin's genocidal occupying forces. Never shy about upping her game, Greene went all-in on Gates, whose post-corporate career has been dedicated to fighting diseases and expanding human rights around the globe. Gates has also been a leader in vaccine development and has issued numerous warnings about future pandemics arising from humanity's relentless assaults on Earth's biosphere. But for Greene, and many within the right-wing, Gates is a liberal boogeyman lusting after power. "Why is Bill Gates running everything?" Greene wondered. "Bill Gates, I want to remind everyone, wants to grow fake meat in a Petri dish and he wants us to drink poop water," she said. "So I don't know why we're letting him control our health decisions," the government-mandated forced birth advocate complained. Gates "is very concerned about monkeypox, because this is something apparently he can make a lot of money off of and him and his other buddies," she alleged, adding that she believes that the first patient in Massachusetts who contracted the virus became infected in Canada (two cases have been confirmed there and in the US). Greene offered no evidence to substantiate that hypothesis.
  11. Utah Hunting Guide Facing Felony for Rigging Don Jr.’s Bear Hunt A professional outdoorsman in Utah is facing felony criminal charges for allegedly helping Donald Trump Jr. shoot a bear illegally during a guided hunting expedition. Wade Lemon of Wade Lemon Hunting hosted Trump for the outing in May 2018. According to the Utah Department of Natural Resources, Lemon illegally baited the bear for Trump with “a pile of grain, oil, and pastries.” Trump is not listed as a defendant in the case, and is believed to not have known that the integrity of his hunt was compromised. Of the hunter, Davis County Attorney Troy Rawlings actually said he was “a victim and now a possible witness in a fraudulent scheme.” The Salt Lake Tribune reports that Trump was in Utah for the hunt to support Hunter Nation, an organization that promotes hunting and gun rights; the organization later formed a PAC that spent nearly $100,000 in anti-Democrat advertisements during Donald Trump’s 2020 election. If found guilty, Lemon—whose hunting outfit has been investigated at least eight times for criminal conduct—could face five years in prison. He told the Tribune that he was surprised by the allegations. “As far as I knew everything was above board,” he said. -Getty News
  12. Should he not have "personal conduct issues" , he ought to make training camp interesting.
  13. Mancuso looks to have most if not all the tools: good arm, goes through his reads quickly, good size and I like that he is a threat to run- keeps the opposing defence on their toes. If he can pick up the 3-down game quickly, he might be a darned good Streveler clone.
  14. Don't think Rittenhouse is a dentist, but Gendron's new roomies may help him with a few extractions. Without anesthesia, of course.
  15. The Buffalo domestic terrorist's antisemitism was rooted in an unfixable toothache: report NBC News reporter Ben Collins on Friday added important context to how the white supremacist accused of murdering ten people in the Buffalo mass shooting was radicalized. Collins covers online disinformation and drew upon his experience tracking extremism to note a key detail about suspect Payton Gendron's motivations. "I want to tell a quick story," Collins began a thread posted to Twitter. "The Buffalo shooter had a toothache," he noted before explaining why that detail is important. "You may have heard this by now, but the Buffalo shooter spent the six months before the shooting messaging himself on Discord. He did it the same way you would email yourself a reminder. It was every stray thought he had for a half-year, archived as a sort of handbook," he explained. "The Buffalo shooter apparently tried to get his bad tooth treated. He went to the dentist, and whatever the dentist tried didn’t fix it. He didn’t, or couldn’t, go anywhere else. He alluded to insurance problems. But instead of blaming insurance or himself, he blamed the Jews," he wrote. "The Buffalo shooter blamed the dentist, who he said was Jewish, but also Jews in general, who he was convinced were the cause of all of his suffering." https://www.alternet.org/2022/05/buffalo-domestic-terrorist-antisemitism-toothache/ (Makes sense to me!!!)
  16. Too bad. Had they done it in the first series, it would have been notable.
  17. A subtle whiff of racism there.
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