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  1. Sorry to disappoint everyone, I didn’t make it out today. Will be going to camp atleast a couple times over the next week or two. my apologies
  2. Thanks! I prefer the outdoors during training camp just because I like the atmosphere. Will send updates later!
  3. Going to try and make it down there today depending on the weather
  4. Any guesses on what his salary is looking like? Got to admit was glad to tune in today to see this news.
  5. In case you missed it coming back this year??
  6. My question with Eli is how long is he really going to be committed to playing football for. 1 year? 2 years? Somebody on the fence doesn’t seem like a career long player, regardless nice add especially that late
  7. A little bird told me this is pretty much a go
  8. Don’t see the point in firing Maurice unless you can find someone better. Options are limited with a lot of coaching seats potentially up for grabs
  9. I find it hard to believe that the bombers are at the ceiling
  10. Aye. Forgot how to play hockey in the third
  11. Jets in 6. Everyone needs to calm down. Bigger, more talented, better goaltending. Home ice advantage
  12. This hadnt really crosses my mind. Doesn’t have the break out speed of a walker however he is quite sure handed and shows up to play
  13. I think Walters saw the bombers losing Chung and goosen when he signed Gray. Looks like a real important signing now
  14. I agree and would hope that’s the case. I just have heard these theories about Toronto in the past too, and would hope the league would never look to find that low
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