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  1. Thanks... Also wondering why was oshea so fired up on the 3rd and one "fumble"?? He was livid at the ref
  2. Thanks for the insight. Appreciate your knowledge
  3. Yeah, Brady played well. Weve just been so spoiled with Harris. I dont think Brady sees the field quite like a true #1 yet. Give it time
  4. Got to witness my first live game in 2 years today (section 131) fantastic seats too and wow what a game to go to. Some notes from me; Oliveria, although may develop into a true number one running back, isnt there yet in my opinion. The Bomber brass must be pretty high on him, rightfilly so. Just wonder why Johnny A hasnt gotten the same opportunities. BC simply did not have time to develop any intermediate to deep routes, and when they did, the secondary was all over it. The Bomber d is the best ive ever seen in the Cfl, ive been a somewhat "knowledgeable" football fan for 12 or so years. Listening to the post game and some of the stats the guys were listing off were unfathomable. Our receiving core also doesnt get the credit they deserve. Any guy can make a play on any given second and I saw maybe one drop tonight? Adams is still a good number 2 receiver, and although he doesnt have that break away speed he makes up with it with great blocking and really sells his routes on run plays. Zach Collaros is so so so much more accurate than Nichols ever was. Hangs in the pocket, and tonight anyway, made great choices with the ball. Grant is electric. The guy is an NFL talent in my opinion (which isnt much, but) 45-0 felt like I was watching a video game Thanks for reading
  5. Grants gone to the nfl next year. Got to watch this game live, cant believe the hate adams got on this forum this week. I stand by opinion on darvin being a quality #2 guy
  6. Billions is okay but got pretty stale for me. Succession in my opinion is miles ahead. Good cast on both shows though
  7. Yeah, but still the question remains. Are their intentions to bring him back? I get what happened. Just wondering what happens next with him
  8. @Boochso has meridith been signed with the bombers now then? Seems odd Im curious about this guy because looking at his history he was a legit nfl starting talent. Made like 6 + million .. sucks about his injuries
  9. I thought Meredith was released no? Thats the former nfler that was living in winnipeg right?
  10. First thing, Darvins on a pretty good contract. Letting him go would be a mistake. On maybe a bit of a down year but still a hell of a player. Secondly, for the sake of discussion. Any chance oshea gets an nfl look?
  11. Full disclosure, Mike Oshea is an amazing coach. However, I hateee the way he deals with the media sometimes. Mike can be so condescending about things. A simple comment about kicking would be nice Mike, nobodies saying the team got "lucky". Deflect deflect deflect
  12. Both brown and Bob were convinced that was PI
  13. Any doubt kicking isn't the Bombers major concern right now?
  14. What ever happened the good the bad and the ugly segment? I miss that
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