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  1. CodyT


    I'm in the event industry, with a couple of outdoor food trailers and 3 indoor units. I haven't worked for several months and was anticipating 3 events to pay the bills until my outdoor season starts. All 3 of my events have been cancelled. I don't know what I'm going to do. I am in full on panic mode for money concerns as I have big bills that need to be paid to keep the ship moving. If it goes into the summer, well that will be the end for my business. Anxiety through the roof
  2. Been watching sneaky pete on amazon prime. Quite a cfl reference on there. " You mean you played for the rough riders, and the rough riders??" 😅
  3. CodyT

    US Politics

    I'm still holding out hope she's going to throw support for Bernie. The policies are so similar and if I wasn't a bernie fan, I'd be headed for Warren
  4. CodyT

    US Politics

    Watched a video with Michael Moore on Canadian news saying exactly this. If the dems play it safe it's a guaranteed L. That country needs a total overhaul, and although I don't love all of Sanders policy's he is hands down the only one with the hearts of the people. He is standing up for what he believes in. Guaranteed health care isn't a ridiculous ask for the a country that spends more money on military than the next 10 countries combined. If you think what is really the largest security/health risk to their country? It's not Iraq, or the never ending wars. It's right at home where people are being ****** over the coals for health treatments and medication. What a backwards brainwashed world.
  5. Hey who's hosting 2021 GC? We should be in the running to be hosting soon, no?
  6. My thoughts are that Walker goes to BC. Wouldn't mind picking up Rhymes though. I also This Roosevelt still has some game left. Arceneaux no thanks
  7. First in E and first in W get a bye like normal. 3 plays 6, 4 plays 5. First place overall in the whole league than decides who they want to play over a television broadcast. Worth noting it would be temporary if Halifax entered league
  8. oooh man would this make a deadly o
  9. With a good set of Canadians and either Lawler or bailey that looks like a pretty good wr core though
  10. What are the chances we are going after Walker? Tried last year, big pay cut coming this year too.
  11. Lol @ people riled up about this having its own thread. who cares. 😅 Anybody know his cap hit?
  12. Thought he was better than Manziel I'n 20(18)? That team was piss poor. To clear up my stance I too would rather go with Mcguire. I think Pipkin will find a job somewhere though.
  13. I don't know if I would "love" to see the Bombers go after him, but I'm indifferent. I don't believe he is a horrible QB but wouldn't want him starting for long stretches. I don't think it's out of the relm for him to come in and steal a game or two. He's shown he can chuck the ball.
  14. Thank you for saving our franchise Matt. You will be missed
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