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  1. “ a lot of holding on us tonight huh” - Matt Nichols
  2. Who was saying the bombers couldn’t complete intermediate routes or sustain drives.....
  3. So I’m traveling through Saskatchewan doing some mini donut events this summer, and I turn on the radio and within 30 seconds—I kid you not—I hear and I quote “ye and years later my mother told me that the woman I was in a relationship with was my cousin” on 94.1 fm @Ripper Saskatoon I guess the stereotype is true
  4. Tin foil Phoenix had some success too, I think ...
  5. Didn’t watch the game... saw highlights with Milt wearing a rider jersey.... someone wanna put that into context for me?
  6. I was in the “mosh” ... my girlfriend, although beautiful has scary bad taste in music
  7. Haven’t looked over any of this thread, ****** **** faced. Holy **** is lucky whitehead fast that is all blue 2-0!!! Best in the west!!
  8. I also missed the game. Fajardo going to be a serviceable qb for the riders?.... he put up pretty good numbers
  9. I don’t mind reading your posts and watching you banter back and forth with everybody. However this is just absurd. you can’t seriously believe what you’re writing
  10. Haven’t heard a lot about Corey Washington ..
  11. A little early to call him a dinwiddie with wheels 🙄 I mean really, 3 series..
  12. I for one love the pre season and TC, not only is it nice to have the good weather and obviously bomber football back, but I enjoy keeping track of the players and seeing who shines and who flops. kind of an interesting dynamic
  13. Correct me if I’m wrong but wasn’t lawler in camp last year.. watched that guys highlight tape and wow that is an incredible reel. A lot of one handers... going up for the ball... a lot to like there
  14. Holy **** we are tainting every thread with these running jokes... and I just contributed to the madness.
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