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  1. The winters suck, but I still love winnipeg and manitoba in general. Wouldn't trade it in for a place like Toronto any day of the week. A matter of preference, I suppose
  2. Heard part of Loftons interview on the radio... sounds excited to be here, said Strevler was the first of many to text him and welcome him. Losing Bailey stinks, dude lives and breaths blue and gold. I actually think he has more to offer than he's shown here in WPG. I remember in TC last year he looked like the most polished guy on the field... That being said. It is one of those spots where we can find someone else to fill the role. Best of luck to you Rasheed, you'll be missed
  3. Loling a lot at the Bomber fan Facebook group... Saying strev wasn't a meaningful signing and could have spent the money else where. Unreal. Strev adds a massive dynamic to this offense and the price we were paying prukop.. Our offense looks like an Allstar team, but our defence, I'll be honest. Concerning. Let's hope our scouts find some gamers
  4. This will live with us until we pass away, unfortunately. Drives me nuts too
  5. Hm. Well even more respect to Mr Keith then. Was a very big fan of his music
  6. I did not know that. Nonetheless... sad he's past away
  7. Toby Keith died.. say what you will about his politics but there's no doubt he could write a hook and never short of creative lyrics... dude was a good song writer. - coming from a 90s loving rock n roller who writes music himself. The dude was gifted and knew how to tell a story Rip
  8. We have, on paper, by far the best offense in the league. Especially with Strev back
  9. And we won a gc by some last second magic, too. I agree with the board, on first glance the JT signing is underwhelming. I just think it's also important to remember what got us to the dance in the first place..it's always been a character driven team.FIFO. If you lose too many of those unsung leaders than you may lose the culture too. Let's see what happens in free agency..
  10. Maybe I'm drunk ( I am) but anyone else think the jake Thomas signing is 1000% for character and character alone. Dude knows what it's like to be a blue bomber. To me it's interesting that we applaud this organization for having character guys, yet now when we sign character it's upsetting. 4 grey cups in a row guys. We can have our oshea roster doubts. Let's trust Walter's to do his job. If Walter's says Thomas adds value.. I'm behind him 4 GREY CUPS in a row. 2 plays away from winning 4 straight. Man I get the resentment, I do. But Thomas was signed for a reason. Maybe a reason we don't understand yet. We've been given no reason to over analyze yet.. this ain't previous regimens.. My first 28 years of life on this earth we didn't win a grey cup. Now we've been there 4x straight and it seems like a good portion of this board is ready to jump ship like it never happened. I get that we need to be critical but let's reserve that until we haven't made a grey cup lol. Seriously. We were in the conversation to be the worst pro franchise in sports. Everyone hold their horses. These guys know what they are doing We have people on this website ( and I mean this respectfully) who think they know better than the management who has brought us to where we are now. - and to those people who know better. Where are your grey cup rings and why aren't you coaching pro football? It's easy to be critical like friesen when you ain't making the calls.. To winning a grey cup that dodged us for 29 years... shessh man. Do we not remember where we were just a few years ago?
  11. A lot will come to light this year on whether or not strev can be come a stand in passing qb in this league... We got a great price to find out anyway
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