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  1. I hear ya... but call me a believer that cold weather DOES make a difference for quarterbacks passing
  2. I agree the collaros story is really awesome. I will be the first to admit I wrote Collaros off and was unimpressed when the Bombers signed him. Watching him in the media, the way he carries himself, has made me a fan. Hoping for a feel good story for him
  3. Got to feel somewhat rewarded as bomber fans.. In many prior years this game wouldn't have gone our way. Nice to feel somewhat hopeful in the playoffs. and what a great story with Collaros facing his former team in the playoffs! I like the Bombers chances too. Lets follow Mr Osheas cue and go 1-0 this week. One at a time fellas. Congrats to the die hards, the coaching staff who did all the right things against Calgary, and the players who laid it on the line and came through for us. Bring on the west finals..
  4. Was the Foketi not showing up for camp thing ever addressed? What happened with that
  5. I’ve got EE best Montreal Hamilton beats Edmonton winnipeg over Calgary Winnipeg over sask Hamilton over Winnipeg
  6. Masoli is hands down my pick if we’re paying quarterbacks 500 k
  7. Wonder why the bombers have trouble attracting a younger crowd... visit exhibit A
  8. The only time I can really remember in my time watching the bombers play was exceptional on offence was the first 8 or so games in 07 with Kevin Glenn. Other than Khari In 01 ( which I remember but still a little young) that’s really it. I feel kind of bored and unsatisfied with Bomber football.. oh well... there’s always next year lol
  9. It’s honestly just annoying. Like is so ******* pathetic. Not once in nearly 30 years in an 8-9 team league. It’s embarrassing
  10. Hard not to be disappointed (again) about our season. What once looked so promising... Were now excited to see Zach Collaros at qb.. nothing against the guy, but I mean really. I started posting on the bombers websites when I was 14.. Im 27 now and we haven’t even really come close aside from maybe 07. I’m not even angry anymore, just so tired of the same ol’ storyline.
  11. Streveler waiting a couple years at his age wouldn’t be the worst thing. The reality is he may be able to get starter money some place on a terrible team and ruin his career. Hes best to take his time in his development. He’s only 24... can have a 10-15 year career ahead of him yet.
  12. I’m **** faced. Another year of the bombers sucking the life out of us. Franchise is pathetic. EVERY year
  13. I’m not buying his story. Maybe with the Vikings, but with every NFL squad he worked out for they all said “ HEY! No competition!”?? bullshit, bo wasn’t good enough. Back up money even third string money in the NFL is better than a starting QB in Canada
  14. Slowly? I’ve seen steady regress for 5 years. The league is growing embarrassing.... Coming from a die hard fan through and through. League has a lot of problems
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