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  1. My only point was that he has that elite level talent. Hence the Sims walker reference. I personally am not crazy about our receiving group... Lawler is a gamer and Bailey potentially too. Grant and Nelson are certain situation and returner types imo. But honestly what do I know. Just my 2 cents
  2. Do you remember when Mike simms Walker came up here? Didn't stay long and was on a brutal team but I remember watching that kid and thinking "Ahh there's that NFL level skill"
  3. Good signing and will likely be in our starting line up
  4. CodyT


    Thanks fellas!! Appreciate this. I am open in Onanole as well as 2 more in portage la prarie starting this Weekend. Jcon send me a text when you are up at the lake I'd like to put a face to the name 2043331201 My cousin dated this guy for a lengthy period of time Really cool dude. Was always jealous of his profession
  5. The one comment I have been thinking about lately is that somebody said the single game betting could pretty much make the CFL a profitable business. Does this mean potentially the CFL is safe from the XFL and will we still be in grave financial danger? Is the CFL more likely to recover on its own now, and I'd so, how much more likely?
  6. Holy hell is this forum quiet
  7. Same thing happened to me so I assume it's a no
  8. I thought it was really bad. The plot ( even for the mighty ducks ) is super unrealistic. Bombay owns a rink, but won't rent it out for hockey? You would rather have your most profitable avenue of revenue halted than kids play hockey. Ohhhkay It's definitely a kids show. A show like Ted lasso does a better job of making it for both kids and adults
  9. Say what you want, the man's brilliant. Not in your typical billionaire brilliant either, truly a great mind. Hes a bit of a dip **** sometimes. However hes also changing the world. All the great ones are **** heads
  10. CodyT


    So I've vented my frustration on the lockdowns in the past, and I keep changing my mind back and forth and then back again. My best friends dad has gotten covid. Early 60s. The man is attached to a breathing mask and was almost transferred to the IICU. Been in the hospital for 10 days. Sure hits different when somebody you care for is in the hospital. So I suppose, if this means the end of my small business I hope it means were saving lives, like those of my friends father.
  11. Any notable landmarks filmed in nobody ?
  12. Succession is great... slow paced but wow .. hbo does it right
  13. CodyT


    Couldn't agree with this more. Last year when they shut my business down, I was all for the good of the people. Being in the event industry I'm completely fed up. Enough is enough. Get the vaccines out. I'm beyond frustrated. I understand people's concerns but most of the people saying we need to tighten up or continue with heavy restrictions are the same people's financial well being isn't being wrecked beyond belief. Sorry. I know this may come across as inconsiderate but this ain't ebola. 8 billion people and 3 million deaths world wide and those numbers are likely exaggerated. I want people's safety first but if that's the case then none of these rules make any sense.
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