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  1. Succession is great... slow paced but wow .. hbo does it right
  2. CodyT


    Couldn't agree with this more. Last year when they shut my business down, I was all for the good of the people. Being in the event industry I'm completely fed up. Enough is enough. Get the vaccines out. I'm beyond frustrated. I understand people's concerns but most of the people saying we need to tighten up or continue with heavy restrictions are the same people's financial well being isn't being wrecked beyond belief. Sorry. I know this may come across as inconsiderate but this ain't ebola. 8 billion people and 3 million deaths world wide and those numbers are likely
  3. You are the man. Thanks a lot . See you then, hopefully we can have a beer over a bomber game...
  4. Hey guys, gals. Just wanted to share that I've opened up a pizza/burger joint in clear lake. First day; blizzard, and lockdown looks like it looking. Covids completely sunk me Codysconcessions on Facebook, the restaurant is called Gigi's. Wish I wasn't so computer illiterate or I'd post some photos of the grub..
  5. Am I the only one that is driven mad by the idea that the CFL will likely die a death this disheartening and tragic? Over 100 years of history and tradition and its being thrown around like it's no big deal. I can't come around to it no matter how unbiased or reasonable I try to be
  6. Wow. Hard to believe a year and a half ago we were Grey cup champs and now there may not be a league at all next year. Cannot believe how much this sucks. Years and years of going to the training camps, watching the rosters, getting excited for the year to go ahead. This year feels like bittersweet goodbye. Like it doesn't even matter
  7. I've tried shwarma khan, not bad but not exactly what I'm after. Just tried Lamar donair. Not even close to what I would consider a good donair.
  8. Can someone please tell me where to get a good donair in Winnipeg. Honestly I've traveled this country and had amazing experiences out east and even some good donair places in Alberta. Every place I've tried in Manitoba badly misses the mark. Shwarma Queen in Brandon is the best I've had.
  9. Yeah I drank a **** ton of whiskey last night and was trying to be profound. Leave me alone
  10. False. Whatever it takes never said "let's take our league and TRY (emphasis on try) to make it an NFL farm league. I get that the xfl is under new ownership and there's potential there. But I've spent my LIFE cheering on the blue bombers and rooting on the Canadian games success. If it were a sure bet I'd made concessions. But if I'm going to lose my life time of memories and culture to be more "american", well that's a hill I can die on. Noeller said it best, In the cfl our team is built on pros. Selling out our tradition for "the rock" to use his social media platfor
  11. I still think this is a terrible idea all around. For reasons you all already know. I don't want to be an American league and I don't want to gamble on it working. Been a die hard since I was a little kid, I'd rather see the CFL die gracefully than have a bunch of Americans ruin it **** this idea
  12. And I quote "Woww. Might actually start watching the bombers now" And "It's gonna be so much better haha. Bigger names in the league, 4 downs, more teams" ******* idiots don't get it
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