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  1. This hadnt really crosses my mind. Doesn’t have the break out speed of a walker however he is quite sure handed and shows up to play
  2. I think Walters saw the bombers losing Chung and goosen when he signed Gray. Looks like a real important signing now
  3. I agree and would hope that’s the case. I just have heard these theories about Toronto in the past too, and would hope the league would never look to find that low
  4. Walker, then Ellingson, then Posey. sounds like we’re not getting walker already which is kind of a bummer. The other guys are good but I think Walker is a tier above them
  5. I’m sorry but if this has any merit, and I’m not saying it doesn’t, it defeats the entire purpose of watching this league. thats a reality
  6. Certainly inconsistent but when he’s on he’s on. I would think he’s the #3 qb in the league, ironically behind Reilly and BLM. Yeah yeah, Matt Nichols is #4. Masoli #5. Although I guess from 3-5 it’s interchangeable at this moment. But if I had to have one of the three, hate to say it but it would be Harris
  7. Count me as one of the guys who thinks Harris is a top tier QB
  8. Hodge also said the bombers were tight for money and didn’t have a lot of cash for free agency. Can anyone confirm this? Any idea how close we are cap wise?
  9. Absolutely made my day when he wanted a “poll” done to show people wanted him back, and then the poll said they don’t want him 😂😂 see ya later buddy, career is over!!
  10. Man, sucks because the browns were the team I would root for in the NFL... no longer the case
  11. Yeah Randle will catch on with another squad undoubtedly. Really sucks about Mo, however. Dude was an absolute game changer
  12. Thanks Mr Randle for the great years, really sad to see him go. He repped the blue and gold with respect and dignity, and is a hell of a player. I wish him the best in the future. ... tough business. side question, does anyone think mo will get another look from a cfl squad ?
  13. Wow do I hope you are correct about that. I have a concession business that I operate in Brandon at the Keystone Centre. Just got wind that I almost kinda sorta have gotten the contract for the hockey arena in Halifax. Would love to put in a bid for the new stadium, too !!! not to mention I think having the 10th team would be AWESOME for the league.
  14. Merry Xmas to alll my blue bomber family!!
  15. Hope Ottawa wins ... I think they do
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