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  1. You know what else sucks? There name. Why the **** are they called the REDBLACKS
  2. If true, someone really needs to tweet this to him and call him out on his embarrassing unsubstantiated tweet... what a joke
  3. Count me as someone hoping he gets another look from the CFL. Guy was classy here, a good bomber on and off the field. best of luck to you Mr.Legget
  4. To be fair does Nichols get the goal line carries ?
  5. Another comment I want to make that some posters have already spoken about is that 2nd quarter run by Streveler. I don’t know that I have seen a QB run and break tackles with force like that in my life. I am 26 and have been watching football a good portion of my life. it looked like he was 5 yards short of the marker and made an incredible play. Matt Dunigan was before my time but based on what I’ve heard would he potentially be the same style qb? It’s got to be hard to stop a guy like this, and at only 24! Kids got more than just raw potential now... will be interesting to see how his career plays out
  6. So for all the slack we give Danny Mac and co scouting American WRs this year (and in a sense last) we could have 3 new to the cfl starting WRs. Im counting Lawler as new to the cfl On another note, you could tell that O’Shea was excited and pretty stoked on the radio. Definitely more commentary than normal..
  7. I like how the Argos consistently take shots down field. Looking like a run and gun style offence... wish we could provide some of this on our o
  8. Trapped in Halifax in the eye of hurricane... hopefully I can find a way to tune in. 28-20 bombers
  9. Can somebody tell me what OSH was so fired up about? Nice to see that.. LDC even gets stone faced O’Shea going
  10. Heard only part of this game on the radio... can’t believe how down everyone is. Lose to the riders in labour day by 2 without starting qb .. star RB and a whole bunch of key guys. We have a good team, lighten up. If we lose next week in our own barn then I’ll be concerned
  11. 24-17 blue. Bombers d and special teams steal one. can never bet against your own team
  12. I wonder if it makes a difference if we sign a receiver. I am under the belief that Chris Matthews is still a good receiver and this offence may have limitations getting a big play, all star receiver the touches he needs. Of course their are a variety of reasons to dispute and argue this.. but still it’s a thought
  13. I’m moving to Halifax next month (mid 20s) and have been on the Halifax Reddit consistently. It seems that from the talk on there nobody wants a team. small sample size but some food for thought
  14. He lost a single game recently that I can remember because of in game decisions. Everyone gets a mulligan, I think he’s been a pretty good head coach over the course of his time in Ottawa
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