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  1. CodyT

    Around the League: 2019 Off Season

    Man, sucks because the browns were the team I would root for in the NFL... no longer the case
  2. CodyT

    Bomber News: 2019 Off Season

    Yeah Randle will catch on with another squad undoubtedly. Really sucks about Mo, however. Dude was an absolute game changer
  3. CodyT

    Bomber News: 2019 Off Season

    Thanks Mr Randle for the great years, really sad to see him go. He repped the blue and gold with respect and dignity, and is a hell of a player. I wish him the best in the future. ... tough business. side question, does anyone think mo will get another look from a cfl squad ?
  4. CodyT

    Around the League: 2019 Off Season

    Wow do I hope you are correct about that. I have a concession business that I operate in Brandon at the Keystone Centre. Just got wind that I almost kinda sorta have gotten the contract for the hockey arena in Halifax. Would love to put in a bid for the new stadium, too !!! not to mention I think having the 10th team would be AWESOME for the league.
  5. CodyT

    Merry Christmas!

    Merry Xmas to alll my blue bomber family!!
  6. CodyT

    Grey Cup - predictions

    Hope Ottawa wins ... I think they do
  7. CodyT

    This Regime

    on second thought, some things are best left in the past..
  8. CodyT

    This Regime

    Man, the fact that nasty nate still gets mentioned. (10+ years since his absence) makes the guy a legend. Give him a come back straight for entertainment value to
  9. I HATE this about Nichols. Not the attitude of the winner, or of a q.b. For that matter. Of course I don’t know what he said but he is so Kevin Glenn like personality wise that it’s irritaiting
  10. Here’s my annual talk to you all at training camp post. It’s been a slice
  11. Got a place to stay in Edmonton which is really nice. Train would be great but my girlfriend works till 5 on Saturday so would likely fly out Sunday morning . 358 bucks round trip for both my girlfriend and I right now
  12. It’s not that , it’s buying the flight. Can get them dirt cheap right now but if the bombers win you know the flights will go through the roof
  13. Need some advice ... want to buy grey cup tickets ... but not if the bombers aren’t in it. chance it and get good price... or wait and let it sky rocket
  14. CodyT

    Playoff Game Day Thread: Riders

    My friends it’s been a great season. I am very excited and hopeful. we deserve something to cheer about. Go bombers go !!!