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  1. My god the Riders have the most Inspector Gadget kinda luck. They've had no business having winning records the last 2 years save for dumb matchup luck gifting them wins
  2. Lol borderline preseason game and the backend of a back to back. Don't know the % but I'm pretty sure the winning team usually loses the 2nd game
  3. Lol get outta here PPC go cry to your American friends about liberty
  4. You would think but the clowns over there are blaming Harris as a bad influence somehow....
  5. Agreed. What's the fine, 100k? Easily paid for from a fraction of grey cup merch sales
  6. Wait hold up if we're playing that game.... IF the bombers don't drop 4-5 passes they win that game easily by another 6-13 pts... Also IF my parents were related well, I'd be a rider fan 😛
  7. Amazing how holding only gets called against us but never for us
  8. Dude did you not just hear Suitor spend half a game verbally blowing the Riders?
  9. I wish I could take credit but I'm just a lurker and saw this on r/CFL but not here and thought it was too good to not share
  10. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8pejJk_fAlk Anyone else see this? It's hilarious I created an account just to share it here.
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