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  1. Tap is far faster then cash and waiting for change.
  2. Are you looking for a phone sex operators or something? As long as they don’t have annoying voices I really could care less. They are there to be explaining what is going on for you. I do like the commentary and the silly ness rod black injects but that’s just me.
  3. This is not A game day thread. there are no gifs
  4. Why is Lawrence allowed to continue to play ina league when he has repetitively injured players purposely? in those situations he should be suspended u til the player is able to return. it just garbage at this point that the league allows it
  5. Each year I rely on this site to give me insight into the teams around the league. And each year I hear how horrible the riders will be which makes me feel good. And then they do far better then everyone expects. . So either these posters are on the Money and the riders just have something that elevates them, or we don’t know **** or I dunno. I expect them to be decent but hope they suck horribly.
  6. I would love to attend and being fully vaccinated, i could, but i have kids that can't be vaccinated and being in a large crowd is not something i'm willing to risk yet.. The chances catching and transmitting the virus is relatively low, coupled with low numbers here in MB, its low risk, but there is still a risk and we are just letting our kids see their cousins and hopefully friends soon. I'm sure there are many other fans that are uneasy being in a crowd when they can watch the game at home with now risk. I would be willing to purchase a virtual ticket to watch the game on line each week (i don't have cable) but have other methods for watching live.
  7. And it wasn't dirty at all! Just took out some players
  8. Thats not true though. in 2010 we bought our house 30k over asking against five other bidders and were not the highest big but the sellers recognized my last name and the side was friends with my sister in highschool. all my fiends had similar experiences over the past 10’years.
  9. Your phone does not need to read qr codes. Login to the site and when you QR code is on the screem take a screen shot .. Now when you need it, just bring up the picture on your phone.. or. login from you pc, print the page with your QR code showing as a pdf and then email it to yourseld and bring it up when you need it or safe the file to your phone.
  10. I’ve been away since novemeber 2019 so I thought I would reintroduce myself. I have lived in Winnipeg for all my life outside of 9 months in Edmonton before age 4 I have loved cfl football since as far back as I can remember and have been more passionate about them since the jets left. I’m not nearly as attached to the jets or watch their games. I haven’t missed listening or watching to a bomber game in years. I have zero interest in the nfl and find the games slow and boring. Even the super bowl which I will watch while doing something else. I work in It infrastructure and now cyber security for a very large international company in Winnipeg and I’m opinionated, confident (overly?) and can be an *******. I can hate what you are saying and disagree with you but it won’t really effect how I feel about you. I can hate one post and fight with you and laugh and support something else you say. anyhow. I’m back
  11. Nah. Call them out. Leave them behind snd exclude them form social /work / fun events. It’s their right to choose what medication/vaccines they take. We shouldnt force then to take it. They should also fully accept and agree that it’s the vaccinated’s right to not want to be around them and be at greater risk of infection and prevent them from attending these events. If they want social events they can through them themselves if public health allows and restrict it to unvaccinated or both groups.
  12. I Mean.. that would be cool if the XFL adapted the CFL rules and field. But this is worrying depending on what they are really thinking.
  13. This is my favorite 2020 thread.
  14. I wonder if Lapo would want to walk into mess? The same enviroment got him canned here. No QB, weak oline and weak offence. Its a recipe for disaster. Ottawa and TO are gonna be hard pressed to attract a HC with with out a QB. At least BC has Riley who is over priced, but you know he can play within a good offence.
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