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  1. True about BC and Montreal but they still looked dominant against those teams. We did not dominate BC that way they di. But we also didn't have Matthews etc.
  2. Harris looks better then he Did in Ottawa. I don't think anyone should be taking Edmonton lightly. I think they are alot better then people are giving them Credit for.
  3. its not on Franklin i don't think. Their receivers were not getting open, there run game wasnt moving and their o-line was getting pushed around.. .Very similar to the EDM - BC game last night but BC had Rielly that was able to get the ball to his recievers sometimes. And the TO Defense was out to lunch on alot of those Touchdowns,
  4. for people on the go, or without TSN https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2SP5N6EzBew&feature=youtu.be
  5. Bishop was knocked for not being smart which i don't think was the case. Atleast while with the bombers, he was at home down south when he got the call and started the first week he was here. If i recall correctly he stopped listening to the calls MIke Kelly was calling and started running his own plays and Kelly was livid. I also recall that he was shaking his head at kelly on the side line, ran the play, it was blocked/picked and he turned at Kelly with his arm up and yelled i told you so. Kelly was an egomaniac. He may have done alot better had he been humble and didnt try to make it all about him and his way.. The pistol package and jet package etc. What a ******* tool.. I'm been a fan since i was a kid in then late 80s, and Kelly is the only Coach i have ever hated and wanted them to DIE. I couldn't wait for Kelly. Reinbold was horrible, but was really likable and the players loved him
  6. Bishop had and arm, and single handily almost dragged us to the playoff despite Mike Kelly's Offence.
  7. I Remeber us looking at Printers. Printers looked good in BC and then failed horribly when he didn't have a good supporting cast to move the ball. he was a motivational speaker though.
  8. i think it was 4 or 5 games in and it was pretty apparent Mike Kelly was horrible.
  9. which is incredible. But he is very good ad plowing ahead on the goal like. Its like have Joe Smith without the eccentrics and he ability to be a QB.
  10. And Firekid is looking for a Prostitute.. I think this requires a new Board on MBB called backpages..
  11. I'm sorry.. and i'm not being a hommer here, but Nichols is underrated by most fans in the CFL as he is not as flashy as Rielly or bo Levi. He plays with what is called by Lapo and in past seasons we had only one deep threat that was always covered (Adams) and they were forced to dump it off of make shorter throws. These were all pretty effective and we moved the ball and scored alot of points. Now that we have multiple Deep threats (adams, mathews, whitehead,Wolitarsky et all) we have already seen Him and Lapo stretch the field multiple times in preseason and last week. I believe that this will continue to happen throughout the season assuming those receivers are open and can make the catches. I'm perfectly happy with the well rounded offence we have currently and wouldn't want to swap out Nichols for Rielly or Bo Levi with their associated salary. I think we have the potential to be a high scoring offence while balancing between deep, mid, short throws and a ground game. Its going to be very hard for teams to defend and shutdown when we have the potential to go anywhere on the field. I think Nichols is essential to us being successul and and Collaros, David, Harriss Et al would not be able to deliver.
  12. Not really since they stopped service alcohol a few years back.. I hear the food it good but i'm not about to check it out.
  13. i will be waiting for Do or DIE's report(s) days later after all the GIN has dried up and he awakens from his alcohol induce coma
  14. Pardon my ignorance, but is the yardage calculated only while the ball is in the air or does it include YAC? If its the later, i would suggest that our receivers suck for not getting more yards after the throw (j/k) and perhaps our defence was weak if BC was racking up so Many YAC yards. Again pardon my ignorance (really), I only focus on Jet Packages.
  15. Their Sisters/cousins? I've seen a few films on the subject.
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