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  1. But he hasnt played since last year.
  2. Do we swap in Neufeld considering how the oline has been playing/winning?
  3. trained to **** on themselves? Makes sense.
  4. they aren't playing in sask though.
  5. to be fair, if you suck at drafting you can't really do that. The draft is a crap shoot anyhow, Remeber how great we were at drafting players or trading our picks for so many years? I think the biggest part of our "success" in the last few years is that they Kept Oshea after some initial struggles and the players really like him and the other coaches. They have weeded out players that maybe didn't fit the characteristics they wanted off the field and brought in really good players to help strengthen the team even more (harris, Jefferson, Biggie, rose, etc etc). This coupled with the ability to get multiple draft players playing time makes the team stronger overall. No one wants to play on a losing team but having a good environment to play in and a good support system lets people look over some over those issues. There is a lot of community interest in the team here vs BC, TO and until recently montreal. Hervey may be an idiot, but you can't draft well in one year and expect the team to be instantly competitive.
  6. i need some steak knives, so still a win
  7. Yes.. Hes doing far better then alot of people thought he would and were sad that harris was out. There was a drop off with Augustine, but not nearly a much as i think most of us thought there would be .
  8. Well.. He looked alot better this game. So i'm back on the strevler is good wagon. He hit augistine and peterman in stride. So. thats a large improvement. He is a mike sellers RB/FB that can also throw the ball well. The riders looked like hot garbage on the weekend, against alot of backups. LOVE IT.
  9. Well.. When the offence finished the last three drives going 2 and out, its hard to put that on the defence, when the offence failed to run the clock out. You either blame both or neither.
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