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  1. Well.. we beat shitty teams, lost to the same Hamilton team and lost to the worse team in the league.. By your logic, we are worse then Sask, which is not the case we weren't discussing this or arguing about it. We are talking about how you think Sask is a **** team and Fjardo isn't that good and we should beat them and i'm arguing the opposite is true and their recent play and points scored should be alot more concerning.. We can agreeJust because the Bombers took their foot off the gas in Toronto doesn't mean a lot in the grand scheme of things. that we hate Sask, sure, but to suggest their team it not in a fight for 2nd place is silly.. After the LDC and Banjo bowl, they could be sitting atop the west. We didnt take the foot off in the TO game.. We crashed and burned and couldnt stop them from marching down the field twice in the final minutes, nor could we buy a first down.. The should be very alarming
  2. Franklin might be a good pickup, but we wouldn't be playing him unless Strevler was hurt and McQuire, who has had half a season to learn the offence and beat out Bennet showed really poorly. Risky running with 2 QBs only when 7 of 8 starters are out of have been injured this year. If strevler is injured and out for any amount of time, a weeks delays could really hamper a new player from getting up to speed.
  3. That has no affect on our games.. The comparison is stupid. With that reasoning, we are horrible because we lost to toronto because even the worst teams have beat them.. If you believe that, then there's no point going forward with this discussion. Where is anyone saying that the Riders are superior to the Bombers? I dont see anyone saying that. They are not the garbage fire that toronto is and have been winning games by a fair margin and they are getting alot out of players you and few others said were garbage. The team we are about to face has a far better chance of beating us now with our injuries and our backup QB. Their Backp QB is playing like a bonafide starter in the league and has been far more consistent then what i or the majority of people thought was possible. I'm not sold on this idea. Yes, The crowd can feed them some energy, but if the home time is playing like **** or behind, the crowd is gonna be fairly quiet. Thier Fanbase sucks, but they have been winning games as of late which is the only really stat that matters. Regardless of what you think of the team or the fanbase, their team is on an uptrend, where our teams offense has been stagnant for the past 3 games (or more) and we now looking to a backup QB to make things better? I hope Strevler come in and play at the same or hopefully higher level then Nichols and the offence along drags this teams to wins. But i'm taking a wait and see approach. 7-2 is a better record then i could hope for and i'm happy where we are. But if the offence was more productive we could be far more dominant and we could be alot more confident in our chances the rest of the season.
  4. Yup.. I would rather of have Bishop then all the other QBs since him. He came into a horrible office and almost dragged the team into the playoffs despite the handled internally **** show
  5. Well.. we beat the stamps because of two kick returns for touchdowns. While thats amazing. its unlikely that will happen again.. We didnt beat the stamps with our offence and the defence held their own. You can also argue that with arbuckle being so inexperienced is going to have ups and downs. The bomber lost to a backup QB in hamilton and the defence let TO back in the game and couldn't stop a drive to save their life, and the Offence couldnt get a first down for a win against A ******* WINLESS TEAM THAT IS A JOKE. I think that carries more weight. The riders beat the worst teams in the league and we got beat by one. You can underestimate the riders all you want but i really really hope our team isnt as fooled as you are and plan hard to shutdown the riders that are doing far better with Fjardo then i or anything thought they could. The team is only as good as their record and they are showing that they are not the garbage fire you and alot of people thought they were. I wish they were a garbage fire as i dislike the fanbase, but you have to accept that they are a much better team then anyone thought. i'm happy with our record but we should be 8-1 but **** happens.
  6. where have i attacked the bombers? I think Nichols is underrated by most and plays a bigger role then most give him credit for in the wins. We will find out with strevler whether is qb play or play calling shortly.. We have won games because all three facets of the team are great and earning wins as a team. Edit: Maybe you see my avatar and it just makes you angry?
  7. its litterally the same argument you use to say sask is a horrible team despite their record, when the majority of our wins came against horrible teams or teams without their starting qb. So which is it? Sask is horrible because they only beat shitty teams or teams without their starting QB, or they/we are good because we have done the same? i don't get your logic, perhaps because their isn't any.
  8. whats frustrating for me is that we have not put in Strevler when Nichols is struggling for two games in a row. I get not wanting to yank him in his first off game so that he can try and work through/past it.. But in TO in the second half why not put strevler in to switch things up so that at least the Defense has to think of something else like the QB running forward, or rolling out and give us a chance to make a play. DO SOMETHING. AS much as i love this team and for the most part the coaches, they make some very frustrating decisions often enough that its a problem. Would i rather be a fan of BC, MTL,TO, EDM, Ssk,HAM? no.. I rather have out team.. but i rather we do something when nothing it working vs the same old.
  9. The defense is really good.. You can't really argue that especially since Big hill is out and even with Fenner we are shutting teams down. Special teams is providing exceptional kick coverage while also opening large lanes for our returners and they are racking up yards putting starting us out at midfield. The offence isn't getting the yards that the 300 club pines for. Perhaps this is more because we are starting off from mid-field or in their end on kick offs and punts. Maybes it becuase we score early on single large plays and then run the ball? Regardless of where you view the strength / weakness of the team, i think you have to say that all three facets of the team and strong and working hard and contributing to the wins. I'm sure we will loose a game soon, but i its nice having breathing room early in the season vs trying to catchup.
  10. from reddit "I don't have too many details other than it was a pretty big brawl between players and other club goers. After the stabbing the place was swarmed by cops who broke everything up. She didn't know exactly what started it. Everyone just kind of started going for each other and she got shoved aside into the wall"
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