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als v. suckskatchewan

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Cornerback, Mike Jones was arguably the Als best player in Week 2. He had a first quarter interception overturned, but proved to be valuable in coverage all game against the Double Blue. Montreal will certainly be relying on another standout performance against a versatile Riders offence.

Montreal’s defence will need to maintain defensive pressure for 60 minutes against Riders quarterback Cody Fajardo. Fajardo has thrown for 558 yards and a pair of touchdowns through two games. It’s still early, but his average 9.6 yards per completion so far this year is the highest of his career.

In their Week 2 win over Edmonton, Shaq Evans was once again Fajardo’s main target, catching five of his eight targets for 81-yards.

Mitchell Picton and Kian Schaffer-Baker will also provide formidable options the Als must find a way to slow down. Picton contributed to the Riders win in Week 2 with a 28-yard reception for a touchdown, he followed up the touchdown by catching the ensuing two-point conversion.

mute engaged  if suitor is involved.

do not  need to hear about schaffer

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8 minutes ago, Eternal optimist said:

the insufferable 620 CKRM...

their colour guy.... cant listen to him. mullinder.    

faj pick 6 would be nice.

when faj tries to pass over 10 yards, they should send three receivers out in a group, sort of triangle formation, five yards apart.

ball might be near one of them.

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Montreal isn’t going to be an easy out this year, especially with Harris at QB. 

Wishing Mike Jones was still part of this team.  An underated part of our secondary.

Good god is the Rider offensive line … offensive.  They are terrible and in trouble if they can’t figure out their protection.

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What a totally undisciplined team...good lord ..and Faj is not a true 1st string pivot.

And that online is embarassing...I think the last 2 games are the true Riders team...inept on offence.. undisciplined all around and looked good against a Cats team that totally shat the bed..CGY will be our toughest test...then BC in west

16 minutes ago, Bomber_fanaddict said:

Since 2019

And that's all on limp Dickie...guy is not a guy in control by any means

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