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GDT - Week 12 - Lions @ Champs


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Who? Little Kitties at the Big Bad Bombers. 

What? Football with a chance for the Champs to lock up a home West Final. 

When? Tonight, 6pm central. 

Where? IG Field (East), home of the CFLs loudest fans!

Why? Cause October football is awesome. 


Keys to the game. 







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12 minutes ago, Nolby said:

Can't ******* wait!!!!!!

Callaros- 75/77 714 yards (new pro oassing record)

Brady- 58 touches 497 yards

Willy with 6 ints

My prediction


22 minutes ago, 17to85 said:

I was first!

I was drinking at 12:01 am this morning, and I am an hour ahead of you Albertans. Silver medal for you. Huzzah for time zones! 😄

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