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  1. Bought a couple upper deck corner tickets.....impulse buy
  2. I think the IHL used to subsidize playoff road teams to prevent bottom teams from tanking to not make the playoffs.
  3. Wouldn't the AAF be in breach of the contract by not paying the players?
  4. Players could negotiate large upfront bonuses which would act as a guaranteed contract.
  5. Guess the teams signing them are forced to pay the premium.
  6. Reminds me of the Enoc Muamba tour.
  7. Recipe calls for a receiver!
  8. Just joking. lol Other years when they were signing lots of big names the Bombers media were saying everyone wants to play for Oshea.
  9. Word is that no one wants to play for Oshea.....
  10. I'd take Johnny over Zach. Maybe over Franklin or Jennings also.
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