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3 hours ago, Noeller said:

Almost wanted to apologize to you yesterday. Dave and I got talking about it and went "ah ****, turns out Iso was right all along..." 

And I don't think what he said is putting a positive spin. I think it's outright lying or at least deliberately withholding information. 

The positive spin, for me, would be him saying that there is a plan for every scenario. We HOPE to have this, but we'll be able to play if it's that..  That would be the positive spin. 

As for my post yesterday, losing the CFL was really like a death in the family for me. I love it that much. 

I just hope they somehow get their **** together & have a season unless the entire world is locked down. 

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6 hours ago, TrueBlue4ever said:

Here’s my criticism of your stance. You ***** when he “hides on his cave” and says nothing, and then you ***** when he comes out and says something. You are pre-dispositioned to take anything he says or doesn’t say, does or doesn’t do, in a negative light. You have no objectivity when it comes to him and it has come off as some personal vendetta. You have even bitched about him wearing scarves, for God’s sake, when that is completely irrelevant. You expect him to have a massive plan laid out For CFL perfection when we are seeing that this pandemic has flummoxed governments around the world in their responses. Sweden goes with herd immunity, did not work. Canada did early lockdown amid huge criticism about crippling the economy, and yet here we are now in a huge second wave. Ambrosie was in a no-win situation in a league that needs fans to make a profit, and he along with the owners (who are really the ones pulling the strings, as it always has been) decided not playing was the course to take to protect the players and society. Now we get news that shows they are at least planning a re-boot, and you jump all over it as being useless. But if they did not say anything you’d whine (as you already have done repeatedly on this board) that he is not saying anything to the fans who have the absolute RIGHT to full disclosure (news flash, we don’t). Hey, if you have all the answers and see the way out of this, especially a way that has zero fans and no vaccines but can sustain the league financially, please enlighten us, and run for commissioner yourself (or better yet become a politician, since they don’t have the answers either). NHL owners pitched for the season to shut down in some quarters too as they would lose less money that way, so this is not just a CFL problem. 

I don't get paid to make the CFL plans to play. He does. And so do the individual teams. Ambrosie ghosted US... the fans for months & continues to do so. He came out for a day this week announcing a schedule. Well, good for him. All dependent upon people being in the stands & a vaccine so there is no plan.

I don't trust anything Ambrosie says. If the CFL has no money then tell us as we deserve to know. How will 2021 be different thatn 2020 financially so a season can go ahead. Don't string the fans & players along for the next 6 months. Have the courage to stand in the glare of media lights & tell us it doesn't look good for 2021. Don't get our hopes up just to inevitably hear bad news. To me he's a bad used car salesman & most fans know this by now. He has lost most of his credibility. Scarf or no scarf. 

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2 hours ago, Mr Dee said:

And they may have some of those ideas in the drawing room already. I just don’t see the point in putting out an idea that can be dead in a month or two.

 I would be in favour of the Feds putting up a certain amount of money per home game to coincide with some home attendance, but once again, who’s to say at this point? It would be along the lines of paying bars and such a certain amount to stay closed and avoid the risks. 

One way or another, the Feds are going to pay for it so you might as well try to keep some businesses alive.



Well they don't have to say what they're doing, but a simple statement of "we have some ideas if things are still in a dicey situation" 

Given how spectacularly they dropped the ball in 2020 you can see why it seems like there is no faith.

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