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  1. Ristro traded from Buf to Philly for a 1st this year (13th) 2023 second and Hagg....
  2. That forward group for the Kracken does not live up to the name....pop gun offense anyone? They better have some side deals or its going to be a long season....
  3. It can't be about our rights and freedoms those disappeared when this pandemic started. Is it an election issue? Why does Roussin and Pallister talk about the Fundamentals but fail to force us to use the one instrument that really works? Is it fear of a revolt? What if all citizens had refused to get vaccinated? Do they have this problem in China?
  4. Well when the Habs are away the mouse will....you know the rest, terrible i know.
  5. Its probably as simple as Jennings wants too much dough.
  6. Crazy...Mtl might be the favorite if it's Mtl ,Islanders final. What a crazy year in so many ways...
  7. Wow didn't see this, one more and Montreal is in the final 2....still hate em but it will be nice to see Vegas out too...😆😆
  8. Hmmm how did it work for him in Columbus? I am not saying its the same situation but his play is lacking for a supposed impact player and the history is there. I guess we wait and see.
  9. Well hopefully Chevy knows. Does he want to be here? Based on his play so far i think its a fair question.
  10. PLD,i get the excuses but you would think he could stand out in 1 game. I just don't see it. All the talk of how he dominated in last years playoffs against the Leafs but with us ,zip ,zero does he want to be here or is he just terribly overrated? I guess we wait and see....
  11. Its a toss up, but I still hate the Habs more,fresher wound plus watching the Habs in the final the way they play,too ******* boring.
  12. All i can say is Go Avalanche! My new no1 hated Canadian Team i hope the Habs get crushed next round...☠🥱
  13. Yeah well it was not the hit but the timing of it...the puck was in the net he didn't even try to reach out with his stick it just looked terrible and it was stupid thing by our supposedly best player. But it looks like he won't have to worry about coming back into this series. As a leader you have to be smarter....
  14. Anyway you look at it...it was stupid if for only risking Schiefele over a bit player like Evans. Dumb penalty to take that might cost us big time. Should of let up, lived to fight another day.
  15. Sounds like a name i made up for Madden Football....At least they didn't call themselves the Edmonton Footsie......
  16. My God i never thought i would say this.....Go Habs Go!!!!
  17. Did not look good at all couple of brain dead plays by us early in the game but thankfully Archibald returned the favor! Best playoff comeback in Jets history! Might even be close to the Kings comeback of the Oilers in the 80s!
  18. Fing Kassian take that useless goon out...Jets brain dead today , Thompson terrible high stick ,then giving mcgoofid a 3 on 2 after clawing back, not a good game by us at all..
  19. Lol,of course but love what Toninato brings,just too bad they both could not be in the lineup...
  20. Love that Ethlers is back, hate that Dominic Toninato is sitting. So tough to bring anyone out of that lineup right now.
  21. bb1


    I am so tired of us being blamed while the governments take no responsibility. Who let the original virus in when the rest of the world was stopping international travel? Who watched the different variants 3 months ago in different parts of the world and did diddly squat? Who shut down ICU in Seven oaks ,Misericordia, Concordia, etc and now hey guess what we can't handle 200 hundred people out of over a million in our province? Hmm yes that was the guy next door made those decisions.... easy i guess to blame us but real leaders look in the mirror when disaster hits. Six months ago at my work in a plant no one was wearing a mask...it took the federal gov that long to mandate mask wearing and yet this is our fault????
  22. Nice to see Heinola get more of a shot..
  23. Or another way to look at it is ,these guys got us in to this 7 game losing streak let em get us out! 😉
  24. We just don't have enough tough players and teams like Toronto take advantage. Ottawa did it,same with Calgary. The old school hockey ain't dead yet. We could use Buff out there that is for sure.
  25. The channel crapped out ...last minute..wow.
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