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    We will see...
  2. bb1


    Well this is history and since not enough so called caring Democrats got off their asses to vote when it counted this is what happens. Trouble now is where is Biden?Since you and i can't vote no sense in getting into a heated debate about which American politician is worse...
  3. bb1


    Ya but don't vote for her.
  4. bb1


    I think we can blame all the governments for not shutting down international travel after the Wuhan situation became known. But its all moot now and we have to try to work and fight this together no sense blaming its too late.
  5. Been there done that..move along people there is definitely nothing to see here.
  6. Based on the article why would he lie? What would be the point? If he really wanted FA why would he not just state that fact?
  7. Come on! We signed Maurice for 3 more years, no need to add much more than that!!🤣
  8. Laine best player vs Flyers so how do you reward him? Second line with Copp as his center..smh... oh well only 3 more years of this.
  9. Maybe Niku as trade bait..the only way it makes sense..except that Maurice for some reason has a hate on Niku..never gives him pp1 minutes even when it sucks bug time..but oh well , Maurice aint going change after scoring his extension ..
  10. The prodigal son has returned...🤣
  11. Yep i will, we have the same weaknesses that we had last year with our defensive positional play and our PK is also weak again..that's on the coach but hey if your happy with this same system than more power to you, not even gonna look at our pp. BTW if Helle had not been all world this year we would be a bottom feeder this year ....
  12. No whining but we are probably going to miss the playoffs and we extend the coach? Weird timing...
  13. Is it possible for the coaching staff to tell Bitetto to stop pinching? Seeing him flailing to get back is getting tiresome. I know he has great offensive skill but we need him back.
  14. I can help u with that mystery...when your not on super Mario's wing....🤣
  15. So 300k base for Nichols + incentives...with him and mcbeth could be looking at 600k...i guess that's cheap..but good luck Matt with that Oline...
  16. What i don't get is why he signed off last year on his health..really screwed the Jets and their fans. We could of at least worked out some kind of deal to trade him in the off season if he wasn't happy with how he was treated. Looks from the outside like a selfish player that just doesn't care anymore. Too bad for us that we got the Troubas and Buffs but we are in a market with little in the way of choices.
  17. Man we have no real toughness in that forward group at all...good thing Carolina isn't a heavy team. We hurting in so many ways...
  18. Looking good, our defensive coverage bang on as usual....
  19. Yeah no, Ovy couldn't hold Gretzky's jockstrap...
  20. That may be optimistic, if more and more Canadians play in the NFL where their is no ratio rules i can see it changing someday...definitely being reduced is probably down the line especially when so many first round draft picks are taking that NFL shot first. Really puts the CFL teams in a bind now.
  21. Pissing this one away brutal stupid change, Sbisa letting a guy get behind him on a breakaway with a minute to go in the second. Too bad they actually played hard but poor decisions cost us again...same old story. How many brutal line changes this year????
  22. That's not the way i read Ambrosie's response, he states that fans were concerned that only 2 qbs were on the roster and he replied no they can have 3 its just not required to have 3...
  23. Nice to have that clarified, dressing 3 Qb being now an option is nice but really for a teams future how do you not try to groom a future Qb in that spot?
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