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  1. You mentioned three guys and two of them haven’t played/been relevant in ten years. Isnt that abit of a clue?
  2. The NFL isn’t called the “no fun league” for nothing.
  3. I’m not keeping up with this thread, but the Riders are garbage and have an inflated record.
  4. Not to mention that we should’ve won the first Edmonton game and the second Edmonton game was a glorified preseason game.
  5. I’ll take Streveler over any of those guys. The only one who i would even want is Vernon Adams. Cody Fajardo still sucks.
  6. I can think of a few posters here I'd be willing to sacrifice to the football gods.. How about Ripper (or any other Rider fan)?
  7. We can win a Grey Cup without Nichols. We might have a higher floor with him, but he’s also a bottleneck that lowers the ceiling. Forcing the offence to be more aggressive and not just “manage” the game might be what this team needs to win a Grey Cup.
  8. That was an incredible segment on CJOB before the last game. Bob kept trying to steer Doug Brown very far away from that conversation and Doug Brown wouldn't stop talking about it.
  9. Is completing two passes for seven yards and then punting the ball impressive? I don’t care how many passes the check down king completes. It’s a very poor stat to use when our QB constantly throws second down passes well short of the marker.
  10. Yeah, I think they ran it all the way through in 2017 but inexplicably dropped it last year. It’s just another dimension that teams have to prepare for and can help keep the wear and tear off of #33.
  11. I don’t know why we stopped running the two back system last year. It was effective and teams weren’t able to stop it. If you throw Streveler, Andrew Harris and another good RB on the field together they’ll run all over the league. Thats the kind of offence you need in the CFL come October/November.
  12. That was a hell of a game, but the no call on the big return that led to Hamiltons game winning touchdown was disgusting.
  13. Sure, we could've said the same thing about the 7-1 2011 Bombers as well. What happened to that team when the turnovers started to dry up? You can't rely on returning kicks for touchdowns to win and the offense has to be able to score the ball.
  14. We need to use Strev more, but actually rotating QB's throughout the game has never really worked in the history of football. What we need to do is treat our QB situation with Nichols as the 1A and Strev has the 1B and pull Nichols when hes struggling. Let's not forget that Ricky Ray was often pulled for Jason Maas and Casey Printers/Dave Dickenson were also pulled for each other. If it's clear that one guy doesn't have it, give the the other guy a shot to finish the game.
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