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  1. Must have been one of the Smith brothers, Marcus and Marcel. The epitome of the futility of the 05 Bombers D.
  2. Bad coaches don’t continuously win 10+ games for four years in a row. Tim Burke was a “bad” coach, MOS is nothing of the sort.
  3. People seem to continuously neglect the fact that we have a awful receiving core when discussing our QB situation. We don’t have a single player anywhere near the level of Milt, Armstrong or Edwards in 2007. Who's our best receiver and where do they rank league wide? Every single team has one if not two receivers better than whoever our best guy is (and I don’t even know who that would be, probably Bailey or Lawler).
  4. How else do you tackle him? Furthermore, BLM dropped his head to brace for contact. There’s literally nothing else Jeffcoat could’ve done there. I guess he should’ve just went low and tore BLM’s ACL.
  5. What a garbage penalty. These refs are absolutely horrible.
  6. If Collaros isn’t ready to come in the game right now why the **** did we trade for him?
  7. He’s a good gadget player.. This says nothing about his ability as a every down receiver.
  8. I can’t wait to see that number to drop 5 out of 7 in the playoffs.
  9. Can’t wait for the “well Nichols beat Calgary posts” while the posters fail to acknowledge that Nichols had absolutely nothing to do with that win.
  10. I thought he was going to be the next Fantuz. He really didn't pan out at all.
  11. I can't re-watch 01, 07 or 11 until we win one. I just can't put myself through that.
  12. I saw Darvin Adams drop an an easy catch, I saw Bailey make nice catches down the field. Maybe instead of Streveler you should think about our OC and receiving core. Mike Reilly wouldn’t be hitting our guys on deep balls.
  13. Adams has played quite poorly this year and it hasn't really been mentioned until this week. I know Matthews was a healthy scratch for Montreal, but I have to wonder if we would've been better off keeping him around. It's interesting that everyone is quick to put Streveler through the ringer, especially when almost everyone can agree that our receiving core has had major issues. Adams has shown a lack of fight, Whitehead is useless in our O and Demski is almost a gadget player himself. That doesn't even take into account the terrible playing calling we've been saddled with all year. What kind of production can we really expect from a young QB in an offense like this?
  14. 1. Streveler 2. Harris 3. Secondary HH - The OL & Hardrick particularly.
  15. Bailey tried to run before catching the ball. I like Bailey and he’s made some huge plays but he can’t keep leaving plays on the turf. The lack of Lawlers involvement has surprised me today.
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