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  1. Maybe by the time the season starts Chris Streveler will be making his way back to Winnipeg.
  2. Maintain the TV money and use the federal government to cover the loss of gate revenue has to be their plan.
  3. We’re giving the CERB to students and minors who worked one day a week at an ice cream stand.. I have no issues giving it to any CFL player residing in Canada.
  4. Best case scenario, we still get an abbreviated season. Worst case scenario, the Bombers remain Grey Cup champions. I’m going to look at this one with the glass half full.
  5. Not only that, but the NFL needs the CFL to avoid being considered a monopoly.
  6. I remember that son of a ***** purposely concussed Milt with a dirty hit in our meaningless final game of 2002.
  7. Nope, Lulay got hurt in the fourth with the Lions up 32-10 or something. Printers came in the game and the Lions ended up losing by two touchdowns in OT. That pick six was the last play of his CFL career because he was released the next day.
  8. This is a great and underrated point. Something that everyone should keep in mind.
  9. One game I would love to see replayed is the home game against BC in 2010 where Alex Brink started. Brink played absolutely awful and was benched for Jyles who proceeded to lead us to a huge comeback. The game ended on a Casey Printers pick six in OT which I believe ended his CFL career. It didn’t help that Printers screamed at O’Neil Wilson after throwing that pass.
  10. Watch out, the hive mine will be all over for you that comment.
  11. The thing is this isn’t a CFL problem, this is a worldwide issue. I wouldn’t be surprised if most players have nonessential jobs and aren’t working in their other fields right now regardless.
  12. I thought of that.. don’t get me wrong it was an absolutely awesome moment but the play itself was kind of lacklustre which dropped it down abit for me.
  13. Usually for a question like this i’d answer with something I saw live. However, I can’t say it’s anything aside from the 100 yard Milt Stegall touchdown. That was just a miraculous play and completely awesome to watch.
  14. I’ll sit by the guy coughing over the guy with a Rider jersey for sure.
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