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  1. I pine for the days when we had a normal commish like Mark Cohen.
  2. Pretty disgusting that they want to make it difficult for people to do their job or make a living.
  3. Yup that’s true. I think a lot of people had blown their sports budget for awhile when the Bombers season started last year.
  4. Oh good lord, the CFL isn't doing itself any favours in terms of getting new fans or making the game better for fans. At such a contentious time, aside from safety, making the game more enjoyable for fans should be the number one priority for the CFL. I promise that more penalties and more challenges isn't what will make people tune in.
  5. Please put some respect on the names of Charles Roberts and Doug Brown.
  6. Not going to lie, Jon Ryan was a beast for us. I'd gladly take him back as a punter even now.
  7. He could have played in the CFL last year, no? The decision still seems boneheaded from a “Canadian”.
  8. I was going to say... I thought he was a Bomber fan. The guy is going to hate his life in that backwater city, he'll probably be forced to go with the RIDERS 4LIFE shtick too..
  9. Correct, it was supposed to be one of those situations where we re-signed him when he was healthy. If we ever wanted to go with three Canadian receivers he would be a good guy to have on the roster.
  10. the NFL still needs the CFL.. they don't want to be considered a monopoly and i'm sure they know that the AAF/XFL won't survive long enough to be relevant.
  11. Smart move... guys gets a fair extra games in and some bucks during the off season then he can come back to the CFL. Then he can do it all over again with the XFL next year.
  12. I can't believe so many people here thought this joke of a league was a threat to the CFL or worth watching. Adios AAF(what kind of name is that) didn't watch you and won't miss you. I know they haven't officially folded (March 28, 1:42 p.m. central time).
  13. My interest in the game is beyond zero... why the hell would I want to watch Nathan Peterman play for a half?
  14. Big no to this. Don’t they remember how flags were getting thrown for the slightest touch of the QB in slow motion?! Yuck. I’m not impresssed with the CFL this off season.
  15. A Canadian QB should be counted as one of the starting Canadians if they start. It gives a team even more of an incentive to develop and play guys like Brandon Bridge. Guys like Jordan Yantz had the talent to they just don't get the same opportunity at the pro level. But at the same time, i'm not sure that forcing teams to develop a Canadian QB is the way to go.
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