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  1. What happened to BC? Even ten years ago they had huge crowds.
  2. Seems to be common for Mike Reilly led teams.
  3. 1. Harris 2. Hecht 3. Woli HH to Nelson for some solid returns and catching the ball on the fly.
  4. Darvin Adams would’ve caught that one too.
  5. He looked a lot better for the Riders and Esks than he has tonight but it’s only one game.
  6. Darvin Adams would’ve caught that. Just sayin.
  7. Me too. I loved that he was happy about the pick and didn’t try to belittle him for the UR.
  8. I’m not in BC, I’m not going to get to eat it and I’m sick of hearing about it. It’s an interesting thing to see as a novelty, but this isn’t the food network.
  9. Give me Dressler over Whitehead and Lawler.
  10. Woli isn’t someone we want to see hurt.
  11. He needs to be a focal point of the offence. He’s easily our third best receiver when Matthews is healthy.
  12. First game this year where it looks like two heavyweights are going at it.
  13. We need to go down and get a FG before halftime.
  14. Were we watching the same game? Davis had a pick dropped by a Calgary defender or they were in position for one on nearly every play of the fourth Q.
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