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  1. You’re saying we had 6 NI’s like it was a bad thing. Our OL is the best in the league and Harris is the best RB in the league. Lapo used Demski more than any of the import receivers and Woli is a talented albeit under-utilized player.
  2. You think Masoli is going to sign as a backup? No chance.
  3. To be honest, all of the rules that are being implemented next year seem to be terrible. I think we'll see quite a few of them reverted fairly quickly.
  4. There would be no Nichols/Collaros debate or compassion if Collaros had the opportunity to beat up on low hanging fruit like Toronto and Ottawa. We played Calgary four times this year and our O had its worst game (by far) when Nichols started.
  5. Saying that Collaros didn't do anything Nichols wouldn't is a classic case of looking at the stats sheet to compare them Collaros's ability to use his legs to extend the play is a huge advantage over Nichols. Collaros also stretched the field much better than Nichols. I wouldn't be so quick to shortchange Collaros's impact. Not to mention the fact that his four games were against the 2nd ,3rd, and 4th best teams.
  6. Or that we fired Doug Berry to hire “Lord Lyles” best friend Mike Kelly.
  7. So forgive my ignorance, but what’s the best way to handle an event like this as a spectator? Going to the forks at the end?
  8. I wish Riderfans didn’t lose their data. I still vividly remember that clown (RS) posting in a thread about Walters/MOS’s last extensions stating that “as a rider fan, this is great news”. I would love to see his opinion on that post now that we have a Grey Cup win and 2 more playoff wins than the Riders at their own freaking stadium.
  9. Even the Rider fans were complaining about how horrific that was.
  10. The Strev to Harris touchdown was the throw of the game. Huge play.
  11. That touchdown would’ve iced it, but there’s no way and no how the Ticats come back. we’re 6 minutes away from ending my lifetime of misery.
  12. Can we get this country singer off my TV screen and show me the ****ing Grey Cup?
  13. That’s a fumble, I don’t think there’s an immediate recovery regardless though.
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