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  1. Rhymes for 95K? I would’ve been all over that if we don’t get Walker.
  2. Burnham is a great receiver, it’s hard to argue with that judgement. The Riders definitely blow though.
  3. He’ll probably end up playing for more teams than Glenn before his careers done. I wouldn’t be surprised if he becomes the property of every team in the league, I think he just needs MTL/Ham.
  4. Definitely. Give me Edwards or Rhymes as a secondary option.
  5. Hey I’m perfect fine with Sask finishing first if the season ends the same way it did last year.
  6. **** the Riders. Nothing else needs to be said.
  7. Walkers a great player, but a guy like Armanti Edwards could be a productive player for us at half the cost.
  8. Who’s the last great receiver we had? Terrence Edwards? It’s been a really long time.
  9. Walters has done a great job, he's brought pretty much everyone back that he can. I wouldn't mind seeing Derek Jones and Thomas Miles back as well as a receiver or DB. But I'd say free agency has worked out well even if we stand pat.
  10. God forbid someone has a different opinion than the peanut gallery on our mediocre underachieving former QB. Nichols is a fine backup but he’s a walking glass ceiling and his limitations became even more obvious when we put Collaros in the lineup.
  11. Except we beat nothing but garbage teams with Nichols. We got a win over Calgary that was due to Janarion Grant and a timely interception, aside from that we beat horrible teams and pissed away a huge lead against Toronto. Collaros (2x), Streveler and Nichols all started against Calgary and Nichols had BY FAR the worst game of the bunch. Let’s stop pretending that Nichols had anything to do with our wins. We won a Grey Cup without Nichols, which is something we never came close to achieving with him.
  12. This picture is missing Jason Boltus. That would truly show the incompetence of Bellfool.
  13. Arbuckle is asking for 450K, he likely gets more. Fajardo is around 450K IIRC. This is the standard market rate for a good but not great starting QB. Not to mention that Collaros is a big upgrade over Nichols.
  14. Huge signing, I’m happy to see it. I wish Strev wasn’t NFL bound as Collaros and Streveler are a lethal duo.
  15. I still have PTSD from drafting anyone with the name “Mulumba” or “Muamba” for that that matter.
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