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  1. OUR kickers are hitting 50% this season. We need to stop trotting these scrubs out there unless it’s 3rd and long. This is insane.
  2. Hansen is far and away the best global player in the league. I love that guy.
  3. Hansen is far and away the best global player in the league. I love that guy.
  4. We were down by 5. It was to make it a 7 point game. Although, we should think about exclusively going for 2 this season.
  5. We need to start gambling on 3rd and short or 3rd and medium when the alternative is a 45+ yard field goal. I don’t know why O’Shea refuses to go for it in that situation when we don’t have a kicker who can hit the side of a barn.
  6. Whitehead is meh. I like Lawler and Bailey, I don’t think either one will be elite, but both are good starting receivers. It’s still been our weakest import position in the O’Shea/Walters era.
  7. Receiver has been this regimes Achilles heel. I’m extremely worried about it.
  8. Over ask doesn’t mean anything. Realtors are intentionally listing houses for under market value to encourage bidding wars.
  9. Be careful, someone on this board gave me the gears when I said the Bombers were a motivating factor in getting vaccinated. Seriously though, it’s nice to know the Bombers will be approved to play. If being fully immunized is the requirement, I’d like to see IGF at 100% capacity from the start.
  10. I want nothing more than to be at IGF with 33,000 screaming fans telling the Riders how much they ****ing suck.
  11. What’s the logic behind us not playing Ottawa at all? Seems strange.
  12. There’s always one ******* with the holier than thou attitude. I said it was a big reason why, not the only reason. Not that it’s any of your business anyways. Maybe save your contempt for the actual anti vaxxers. Better yet, maybe you should relax and not force your opinions down everyone’s throat.
  13. Not going to lie, the possibility of seeing the Bombers is a huge reason I decided to get vaccinated. I can’t ****ing wait to be back at IGF.
  14. EA makes garbage games anyways - but EA used to make arena football games. I never understood how the arena league could have a game made when the CFL couldn’t. I would’ve liked to have seen the CFL partner with 2K for a fun arcade style game.
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