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  1. I want nothing more than to be at IGF with 33,000 screaming fans telling the Riders how much they ****ing suck.
  2. What’s the logic behind us not playing Ottawa at all? Seems strange.
  3. There’s always one ******* with the holier than thou attitude. I said it was a big reason why, not the only reason. Not that it’s any of your business anyways. Maybe save your contempt for the actual anti vaxxers. Better yet, maybe you should relax and not force your opinions down everyone’s throat.
  4. Not going to lie, the possibility of seeing the Bombers is a huge reason I decided to get vaccinated. I can’t ****ing wait to be back at IGF.
  5. EA makes garbage games anyways - but EA used to make arena football games. I never understood how the arena league could have a game made when the CFL couldn’t. I would’ve liked to have seen the CFL partner with 2K for a fun arcade style game.
  6. Absolutely, not to mention the impact a CFL video game could have on potential young fans. I know growing up my friends would have loved a CFL video game and it likely would have made them life long fans.
  7. Bombers finally sign a star receiver and he retires.. I’d laugh if it wasn’t sad.
  8. The day the CFL drops 3 down football is the day I’ll stop being a die hard fan. I’ll likely still go to and watch Bomber games, but my investment would decrease significantly if we adopt American rules.
  9. It seems like most provinces are aiming to have all adults given at least one dose by June. If that’s the case, why can’t we have fans?
  10. Damn I grew up watching Dave, Matt, Chris, and Jock. It’s news like this that you really do hate to see. It was a faux pas, but my most memorable Schultz moment was I believe Michael Bishops first start for the Bombers in 2009. We won 13-12 after the Argos missed a game winning FG. Schultz went on and on about we masterfully “iced” the kicker, only we didn’t. The Argos got a procedure penalty that pushed the kick back.
  11. I mean, isn’t that fan attendance kind of a provincial thing? I’m sure the CFL will allow as many fans as the province will let them have.
  12. Man I know the CFL didn’t have a good plan last year. But at the same time, the federal government has been pissing money away left and right. Yet, they couldn’t spare to help the CFL? Seems crazy.
  13. Forget sex.. this is the type of news that keeps me happy.
  14. I mean after Streveler’s disaster against the Rams (he was used horribly), you’d have to think there’s a decent chance he’s back in the CFL by the time the season starts. Mitchell is a nice signing. We’ve been missing a game breaking receiver. Hopefully he’s recovered from his Achilles tear.
  15. Good god those names suck. I don’t like any of them.
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