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  1. FWIW, Harris was on the field helping out yesterday (holding pads etc). I didn't see Neuf at all but to be fair, when I was watching the OL, I was more focused on Eli & Desjarlais so he could have been hanging around somewhere.
  2. Throw in a full season of their typical off-field stuff (bar fights, drug charges, getting busted having secret rosters, etc) and I'm good with that!
  3. How is that better? Shepley is a completely unproven rookie and Bladek is coming off a serious injury. Add in Clark's health issues and there is definitely reason for concern about their OL.
  4. 1st bit of tempers flaring. Yoshi had someone (Wilson I believe) pinned down behind the play. Lachance came in and shoved Yoshi off which brought in other players for more pushing and shoving to wrap up practice.
  5. Oliveira has ripped off a couple nice runs late in practice. Hazel is looking better in scrimmage than he did in drills.
  6. Simonise, Jefferson and Richardson are my top 3 standouts so far today.
  7. While my expectations have gone way down over this season, I don't know that anything will ever beat the Sopranos ending for me as the worst ever (Lost is right up there too).
  8. I saw the same post... I had zero interest in trying Yes before that (Foody Goody has scared me away from any and all chinese buffets like that) and now that picture sealed the deal. If Popeyes comes to this end of town, I'll try it but if it's KFC-like then it'll be a one and done for me. I'll stick to Mary Brown's for my fried chicken.
  9. As long as Anthem is trying to make Impact work, I can't see them adding a direct competitor to the Fight Network.
  10. They did add a taco stand to the south end concessions so you might be onto something! 🤔
  11. It seems like a good deal for the people who don't go to their seats anyway. They stand by the Rum Hut & drink so this gets them in & their 1st drink for cheaper than what they probably pay now. They can always just go sit in an empty seat until someone kicks them out too since sell-outs are rare (Banjo Bowl excluded).
  12. I wonder if they are working on a Canadian deal? Nitro was also on TNT and TSN aired it (not live though) so maybe we see something like that? TSN did lose WWE to Sportsnet so they might want to work with AEW.
  13. Per wikipedia, 90 million for TNT vs 93 million for Spike.
  14. AEW to air on TNT.
  15. The Canadian Mafia can get to anybody!
  16. Yeah, he missed all of the 2018 season and then left the team (he could have red-shirted to get a year of eligibility back) so people thought he was done with football. From the sounds of it, the guy turned into a ghost (Hodge says scouts were even asking him if he had any contact info because they couldn't reach him). McManus has a family connection to him through his in-laws though so the team was able to keep in touch with him. He got the itch to play again and here we are!
  17. Maybe they're referring to all the secret practice roster players? More than enough players there to field a second team.
  18. The end they gave us also completely ignored the fact that she sent Bronn to kill him and that her plan failed. He should have been dead but she was concerned that he was bleeding?
  19. Possibly or maybe he means the fact that they turned a favorite character heel. Going by social media, a lot of people are pissed about their favorite Khalesi is now the Mad Queen so in that respect, he was right. I know at least one of my friends was so livid after last night that she swore off the show.
  20. They could probably have extended last nights episode about 30 minutes and wrapped everything up. The major fighting is done so it's down to politics and a couple more deaths. There is still some intrigue left though so I wouldn't say Arya is the only interesting character left but it is getting to be slim pickings.
  21. Ummm GOT ends May 19th...
  22. The decision to reduce the number of episodes didn't do them any favors. I realize part of that was budgetary because of all the expensive battle scenes but I feel like an extra episode or two would have been much better for the show (and if it was more plot than action it wouldn't have been as expensive to make). Yeah, no issues with them dying (I picked them both to die in the GOT pool I'm in), but definitely not satisfying enough. Minor nitpick I suppose.
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