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  1. Guess Harris hasn't quite healed up after all.
  2. They are bad but they seem slightly better than last season... so far Reilly hasn't taken a s**t-kicking like he did in 2019. They haven't played our front 4 yet though so that might just be a matter of time.
  3. You can add him to the 6 game retroactively as well so if he was out longer than expected, they still get that same cap relief. The time line for the injury just makes no sense, even if they thought it was a 3-4 week thing. (per Hodge on twitter): 09/15 -- Harris cleared to practice 09/16 -- Harris removes himself from practice 09/17 -- Harris moved to six-game injured list w/ "no timetable" for return 09/18 -- Cornelius starts vs. Winnipeg 09/24 -- Elizondo says Cornelius will start vs. Ottawa 09/25 -- Harris is healthy
  4. My music world changed prior to Teen Spirit: I did enjoy the stuff coming out of the PNW though but Nirvana wasn't my preferred band. Soundgarden and Pearl Jam were my favorites with Alice in Chains also being in the mix.
  5. https://3downnation.com/2021/02/05/sucks-for-nick-arbuckle-to-think-redblacks-were-stalling-for-matt-nichols/amp/
  6. Lirim re-signed with Dallas less than a week ago so yes, at this time, he is out of the question.
  7. So is McGuire if that's the route you want to go. Haven't really noticed any issues with the snaps. The hold is a little harder to see.
  8. Seems like he may have some thoughts on the situation but just isn't quite ready to make them public.
  9. Our next kicking prospect has been identified.
  10. Also from the Reinebold era - 1 game wonder (1 half wonder is more accurate) Troy Kopp!
  11. Darrell Hackney? Not huge as in tall but that dude was thick.
  12. He's too busy not fulfilling other claims at the moment. He's now taken up boxing as his chosen profession. Pacman Jones Guarantees Win At Rough N' Rowdy Boxing Match, 'Ready To F***ing Go' (tmz.com) (spoiler alert - his guaranteed win was a fail).
  13. Do you mean Philly? He absolutely crushed Brian Dawkins. Nevermind, he also trucked Kenoy Kennedy when the Skins played the Lions.
  14. TBF, there are players today who quit if they get the ball too much!
  15. Did he use 100% of his potential? Nope. Did he give 100% effort? Yep. I can't ever recall seeing a time where it was clear that he took a play off or was just kinda going through the motions.
  16. Might not happen tonight with all the other expected debuts but I would love to see Adam Cole make an appearance at some point.
  17. And if the NDP gets in and goes ahead with the needed upgrades/purchases, the PC's can criticize the spending increases. Win-win for them. Same play book they use for Healthcare.
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