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  1. Good video here. Go to about the 2:55 mark where he talks about China and Korea with "significantly declining epidemics". 


    1. Dirty30


      Interesting. I’m open to the difference of opinions. Hey like I said in the thread. I hope this is all over hyped. I’m very concerned about our lack of resources. Working in the healthcare system I know first hand that our hospitals struggle with day to day medical conditions. There are nowhere near enough beds, respirators, staff etc...to handle an outbreak never-mind an epidemic/pandemic. I suppose it’s a lot about the unknown. We really don’t know all the true numbers. Considering the criteria to get screened, there is more than likely a greater number that have it and may not even know it. Many who have tested positive have been asymptomatic or have had symptoms for a couple days. Its going to be a day to day thing (even perhaps hour to hour).

      Forbes has the video in their article 



    1. Dirty30


      Touché lol. Thanks

  2. I hope you’re right, but for the moment I’ll continue to listen to the experts and follow their suggestions. There’s a lot of unknown and I agree that the last thing you want is panic. People need to keep their s*** together, but also not be naive. I’d rather Canada (and the rest of the World) overreacted and be overly cautious than under. I hope you and everyone else who believes we are worrying for nothing can say “I told you so” . I’ve got a two week trip to Florida booked at the end of April that I’ve been waiting all year for. I received an email at 5:30 this afternoon saying that the health minister and the wrha are advising that all doctors and healthcare professionals not leave the province until further notice.
  3. The Argos would be screwed if the NHL and NBA seasons were extended.
  4. Btw- Just bc someone shows all the physical signs of the virus, hospitals won’t test you unless you have travelled internationally recently or have been in contact with someone who has. Zero confirmed cases in Manitoba does not mean no cases in Manitoba. I know this is not the thread for this but think it’s important to share since we’ve touched on it. https://www.gov.mb.ca/health/coronavirus/docs/screening_tool.pdf
  5. Not fear mongering, just going with what I’ve been hearing in my field of work. The rate things are progressing is worrisome. Anyone who thinks otherwise has their head in the sand.
  6. By the looks of it there probably won’t be a season.
  7. Not a very big guy. Not that makes a big difference in the cfl.
  8. He talked **** on the way out of his mama and will be talking **** when he’s six feet under. The guy never stops talkin’. Congrats to him. Glad he’s retiring in Blue and Gold.
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