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  1. Duke Williams would be really nice too. I suppose it would be asking a lot for 2 receivers. Maybe Williams and Zylstra? Would the Bombers be one of the teams with the most cap space considering Nichols six gamed and Mathews released?
  2. Ricky Ray would do great with job with this online and the offensive weapons at his disposal. Contract would be for half a season.
  3. It’s a bit of an interesting scenario. Nichols is a better overall qb right now, but given his age and injury history you have to think he is close to peeking if he hasn’t already. Strevlor s the best of the back ups hands down...actually he’s better than half the starters in the CFL. He has a ways to go to become as complete as Nichols, but he has a lot of the intangibles that can perhaps help him surpass Nichols in a couple years. The debate can also be made with regards to O’shea and Lapolice. Which of the two will benefit the team long term? If the club wins the Grey Cup I would be more inclined to perhaps trade Nichols and maybe let O’Shea go to Toronto. Nichols and O’Shea could possibly save the Argos. Strevlor would continue to grow under Lapolice’s tutelage, and would give Laoplice a multitude of ways to be used. Again I would only give any consideration to this idea if the Bombers were successful winning the Cup this November. Just my opinion as not only a Bomber fan but a fan of the CFL.
  4. I was hoping to see Janarion Grant in for Walker. Probably because I forgot who Mike Jones is. Was he in training camp? I don’t recall him standing out.
  5. Hey thanks a bunch. Had some health issues, but things seem to be back on track now. Looking forward seeing a grey cup parade here this fall.
  6. I regret posting the original tweet. I missed my workout now lol
  7. Sure and I hope it works. Like I said have his jersey, my grey cup tickets, flight and AirB&B booked. Nothing would make me happier than to see him grab the winning TD.
  8. Lawler replaced Matthews against Toronto as Matthews was injured in the game against Ottawa (injury #2). Lawler had one catch for 38 yard against Toronto. Matthews was then a heath scratch for the second Ottawa game. Tell me what am I missing.
  9. Just for clarification...Matthews is a health scratch because his replacement(Lawler) is playing well the previous game(s)?
  10. Lawler had one reception for 38yards. Your logic would mean Bighill sits 🙄 this week.
  11. You’re right. Comparing him to Bowman at this point unfair. The start to his season thus far(on and of the field) has been a bit surprising. Lucky 7....Unlucky 13?
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