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  1. Got mine at 43 in 2015. Best decision. 8/10 pain since late 20’s, several months after rehab. Do NOT take Percs if offered. Makes a bad situation worse as they are extremely easy to become dependent. Hard to discontinue. Just my opinion. Stick to Tramocet and ice machine.
  2. BC Lions have released national fullback Rolly Lumbala
  3. Betts/Kongbo/Desjarlais/Wilkinson any of these 4 at number 4, but would like to see Lenius-Dickey is at six-foot-five and 243 pounds. I know CDN receiver isn’t a need, but this guy could be Harris’ Mike Sellers. A nice all purpose mulitool type of player. Lapo likes those type of weapons. The guy is a beast on ST, can play FB, TE and WR
  4. Everyone needs hope. Without hope there is no will. Nothing driving us. It’s what keeps us going. Expectations on the other hand....lower expectations lead to less disappointment.
  5. Micha Johnson would plug up the middle quite nicely. Wasn’t he the DT that pretty well had his way with the Olineman(Chung?)trying to block him in the Weatern Final
  6. Sorry, but who was it that beat him out again?
  7. I’m sure Mrs Lapo will let everyone know how he’s feeling about this on Twitter
  8. Hamilton signed Sinkfield as a returner/receiver
  9. It would be great to add one of them (or any other above avg receiver) so he could have an even better post season
  10. Posey? Matthews?? Walters missed the boat on that and will more than likely sand pat and we will most likey be watching Calgary and Hamilton in the Grey Cup. I would take many other receivers over Dbag Carter, however I would not condemn Walters if he did manage to make a trade for him. At least it would show that there is somewhat of a pulse. I’d definitely have more hope than I do now.
  11. I get what you are saying, but what’s the worse thing that can happen....Bombers don’t win the Grey Cup??? At this point I’m okay with the club selling its soul for a chance at a Cup. If they can bring in another receiver that can be the deep threat we need without giving up too much then great. Good enough to squeak into the playoffs in a 9 team league isn’t going to cut it. We know how this story ends. Walters needs to step up and bring in a game changer on offence.
  12. Haven’t seen anything. Perhaps an upcoming trade 🤞 for a veteran receiver and he maybe pushed further down the depth chart or about to be released. Maybe he’s just had a lot of time to think and question his place on this team.
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