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  1. I absolutely love our home and away jerseys. I was kind of hoping the Third Jersey would have been primarily gold and the helmets a reflective gold or blue. Something completely different than anything in the past but keeping with the blue and gold colour scheme and of course the W.
  2. The two QBs on the field rule is perfect for the team that land’s Streveler if/when he returns from the NFL.
  3. And in your opinion what would you say the likely hood of that actually happening?
  4. I hope Hansen comes back. Love watching that guy.
  5. It would be nice if we heard of some leaks of potential players the Bombers are in on.
  6. Crap. He was one of few I wanted from other teams
  7. I wouldn’t be surprised to see BC go with a Rourke and Streveler combo
  8. I totally agree. I wear his jersey proudly to every second game (Have to wear my Biggie jersey every other one). He is the most complete QB we have had in many years. Walters was a genius to make that trade and I commend him and OShea for letting Nichols go in order to keep Collaros. I am and always will be concerned about that next hit though because even though it’s been a while, the guy has taken more than his fair share of head shots.
  9. Winnipeg has had a good to very good oline over the past several years (Everyone know that since Walters became GM his focus has always been on improving the oline and CDN content), but I would argue not better than these past two, which have benefited Collaros and more than likey helped him extend his career. The poor guy has been beaten like a piñata throughout his time in the cfl. Collaros has always been elusive but that has never stopped him from taking hellacious hits. I think it’s safe to say that he was one or two hard hits away from having to call it a career when he was traded for. I think he’s been levelled hard 4 or 5 times since becoming a Bomber(not including late hits that are not the fault of the oline). Every game you can see he plays with so much confidence and poise because he does not have to worry about getting blindsided. Again…I am not saying that Collaros is not one of the best (in my opinion he is the best) QBs in the league. It’s just my opinion that this Oline should get a lot of the credit for his MOP status. I honestly don’t think he would be playing right now if he were on any other team. Every other QB has been hung out to dry by their oline this year. I believe Collaros and *** out in Saskatchewan are the only two number 1 QBs that have not missed a game do to injury. Lol I apologize if my opinion(s) upsets some of you or ruins your day. It was not my intention. I shared my opinion because I truly believe that this was a forum where that was encouraged. I have no issue with agreeing to disagree.
  10. I think either Massoli or Evans would be incredible on this team. Possibly Reilly? He hasn’t had much of a chance behind that Swiss cheese of a line. Chung has been terrible this year. My vote for worse player of the year. He would be more effective if he just stood still. Like I said…this by no means is a slam on Collaros. It’s just my opinion of how unbelievable this Oline has been. It is a team game and nobody in the history of the game that has won MOP done it without a supporting cast.
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