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10 minutes ago, Booch said:

If 49'ers win Super Bowl Me Kongbo will be part of a team that one Grey Cup and Super Bowl in same season.. now how often do u see that..if ever??

Quite a rookie season for him

Bomber running back Tim Jessie did that in 1988. Won the Super Bowl with Washington in January & then the Bombers in November. Just a little Bomber trivia. 


Image result for tim jessie blue bombers

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Did You Know The Winnipeg Blue Bombers are Grey Cup Champions!!! Just in case anyone missed it.

Did you know the Winnipeg Blue Bombers are still defending Grey Cup Champions.

Justin Medlock has made 58 consecutive field goals from inside the 40 yard line. Based on my research, it appears as though Paul McCallum holds the CFL record with 59 consecutive field goals in

Here is the full list of Super Bowl/Grey Cup dual winners (12 in total) as far as I have researched it (accurate to 2015, not aware of any others since then, but not confirmed):

NOTE: Super Bowl year refers to the NFL season played, not the actual calendar year of the game itself (so a team listed as winning in 1987 actually won the Super Bowl game in January 1988)


OJ Brigance: GC - Baltimore 1995, SB - Baltimore 2001 (only player to win both playing for the same city)

Brandon Browner: GC - Calgary 2008, SB - Seattle 2013 (did not play in game, suspended) and New England 2014

Dan Federkeil: SB - Indianapolis 2006, GC - Calgary 2014

Terry Greer: GC - Toronto 1983, SB - San Francisco 1989 and 1990

Harald Hasselbach: GC - Calgary 1992, SB - Denver 1997 and 1998

Tim Jessie: SB - Washington 1987, GC - Winnipeg 1988 (as noted, only player to win both in the same calendar year)

Josh Miller: GC - Baltimore 1995, SB - New England 2005 (greatest gap between championships)

Andre Rison: SB - Green Bay 1996, GC - Toronto 2004

Bobby Singh: SB - St. Louis 1999, GC - BC 2006 (also won an XFL title with LA in 2001, the only player to pull off the NFL/CFL/XFL trifecta)

Alvin Walton: SB - Washington 1987 and 1991, GC - Baltimore 1995

Barry Wilburn: SB - Washington 1987, GC - BC 1994

Tyrone Williams: SB - Dallas 1992 (practice roster player only) and 1993 (roster but did not play in SB game itself), GC - Toronto 1996


Two other fun bits of trivia:

Yo Murphy won a World Bowl title with Scotland in 1996 (was the game MVP to boot), won a Grey Cup with BC in 1994 and with Saskatchewan in 2007, and lost the Super Bowl with St. Louis in 2001 (and played in the XFL as well, only player to start in all 4 leagues and play in the WLAF/NFL/CFL title games)

Jackson Jeffcoat won the Grey Cup with Winnipeg in 2019, and does not have a Super Bowl ring but could easily inherit a pair. His dad Jim won 2 titles as a player with Dallas in 1992 and 1993.





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On 2020-02-08 at 11:43 AM, Booch said:

I fully expect Strev competing for QB1 for us in 2022 at the latest..NFL pay schematics will dictate that anyway and I bet he tires of his role and will wanna come back to be the man

As long as he develops as a passer in that time I would be good with this plan.

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