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  1. The entire point of stability was to have a regime that would have players in the system for when guys move on - bombers have shown they can do that with every position except receiver ha we can always sign dressier after training camp if there’s an issue...
  2. This is just trolling now. You must be losing the argument...
  3. I thought Morley wa our centre at that time...? and yes goossen was round for a year I think... like couture
  4. I could see morrissey-Trouba beaulieau-buff samberg-Niku next year...
  5. Bighill is a good example of a top talent shaking loose after one last try at an NFL free agent contract... I really believe Bombers are hedging their bets on Chris Matthews Yes they are not the only team in a good spot to pay NFL cuts... there's also Sask... but we have a chance to win the cup and a stable coaching staff. I remember the same things being said when Goossen was pencilled in as starting Centre in 2015 (?) Not all years... but this year, I don't think we miss a step with Couture, Gray/Foketi and Jones (or maybe an import DB like Fenner...) I also think (am hoping) that Woli is the heir apparent to Dressler... in which case it could be a significant upgrade for ratio and injury - just hope the team is open to 3 NI REC... we have the talent.
  6. Im absolutely not against the CFL 2.0 concept... but I don't understand why its so rushed. CBA, expansion team and now Montreal situation should be top priority right now Fatal mistake is moving a new product into a new market while your current product is facing market challenges - Ambrosie seems to be doing this on multiple levels CFL burning cash and now it seems playing hard ball with players... Haven't like Ambrosie from the start and nothing has changed my opinion.
  7. Still weird reasoning... Dressler was pretty much done, Chungh/Goossen replaced by Couture/Gray or maybe Foketi I do think you'd be complaining if we paid JSK and Loffler what they were asking... Randle/Fogg - good DBs are always turned up by this crew Plus Bighill was signed at end of May... maybe Walters is smarter than we think and saving his money for after NFL training camp or once free agent/futures contracts are settled... Bombers are in a good spot to pay Chris Matthews, Ackie or Lue... other teams have blown their budget in February
  8. Seems like a colossal disaster if you can't keep your two best RHD... for two years Myers should be gone and replaced by Niku Beaulieu will be a cheap good D for a long time Chiarot will re-sign at a reasonable rate Chevy needs a good D prospect in this year's draft though
  9. Man, no respect for Winston Rose or Geoff Gray... Gray is going to step in and be an all-star for the next two years... Rose had five interceptions last year... Somehow assembling Jefferson-Bryant-Nevis-Jeffcoat is also impressive work by Walters Winnipeg drifted last year because Nichols was obviously injured and playing absolutely terrible football for a stretch... I expect out QB tandem to be much better and to be deployed as a 1A/1B finally Another wild card... and something that I think Walters is watching (and NOT spending madly on free agent receivers...) is that Ackie and Lue are still out there - could be huge mid-season additions...
  10. Yeah Im fine with CLL - minimizes the defensive damage from Laine's lazy back checking I'd rather see Copp as the centre on that line and keep Laine on the left wing - he doesn't score on the right side
  11. Slava Voynov suspended a full season... didn't he just come back from spousal abuse?
  12. Not so much a fun of keeping Kulikov in the lineup over Beaulieu... Kuli has been garbage for a while now And Buff still on second PP
  13. I really like these lines... I'd still rather see Appleton than Lindholm tbh
  14. They know how to use Twitter...
  15. Nothing like right wing straw man babble... never get tired of it 🙄 Trudeau buys a pipeline and everyone hates him, Ford legalizes tailgating and everyone loves him
  16. Who'd have thought even two years ago that even with a health Buff, Trouba and Myers... we'd be waiting for Josh Morrissey to show up and save our playoff hopes...
  17. Hall has two all-star DEs and Bighill... he will suddenly be a 'rock star' this season ha Think Woli hits 1000 yards if they move him to SB - if not we have, 600-700 yard REC again Jones beats out Hecht for safety Gray will be a starter out of camp Streveler ends up as our starter by Game 6... predicting Nichols injury Charles Nelson will be the guy we're all desperate to see get more playing time Jarnor Jones ends up as starting WIL by game 3-4 Rose-Sayles-Fenner/Jones-Alexander-Patterson Jones-Bighill-Gaitor Jefferson/Roh-Bryant/Thomas-Nevis/Pick-Jeffcoat Adams-Washington-Woli-Demski/Pick-Petermann/Simonise Bryant-Neufeld-Couture-Gray-Hardrick (Foketi) Harris/Augustine-Nichols-Rush
  18. Yeah I was kidding... they will want stability - probably Barker and he'll bring in Ricky Ray as HC
  19. Both of Pittsburgh's goalies are running around 920 save percentage... plus they still have a bunch of vets that turn it on in the playoffs... they are my wildcard team in the east, VGK in the west - Stone/Fleury are on fire
  20. Trestman will be back there once XFL folds in its first season
  21. Betts seems like a futures gamble... would think he's NFL bound Im thinking Anderson or Griffiths
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