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Everything posted by Floyd

  1. Well him and Beaulieu were awful in that first period but after that... he did have a nice game
  2. I am honestly shocked that Duron Carter has not signed in the XFL...
  3. I think it’s more that the nhlpa grievance fell apart and now the jets have control again
  4. Would be crazy... we finally let him play his natural position with a skilled line and he looks great
  5. I thought it was stated that Walters was already offering $250k...?
  6. It will be in Toronto six times and Italy before they even start thinking about winnipeg
  7. Derel walker would be nuts to go to the xfl in sure he’s got some nfl interest that’s causing the delay
  8. That's kind of my point... I feel like Winnipeg and Calgary have plug and play OL now - based on buy-in not so much talent/size
  9. Im sure I saw both Jefferson and Jeffcoat lining up as an LB at times... especially in the playoffs
  10. Sure seemed like we were sprinkling 3-4 into the D a fair bit in the second half of the season last year...
  11. I used to agree.... and then journeyman Hardrick turned into a dominant RT, Speller and Couture stepped in for Goossen without missing a beat, Desjarlais beat out Gray... Calgary has had a plug and play OL, its starting to look more and more like its coaching and culture... so Sask is still fkd
  12. I'd really like to see DeMelo and Niku paired... drop Kuli-Poolman to third pairing
  13. You mean trade someone a 3rd and 5th so they take Kulikov's salary... yes I agree.
  14. Nice find by Chevy... especially if he re-signs
  15. I doubt Antigha or Awe got much of a signing bonus if any... they are coming in to compete in camp just like everyone else Wilson (Awe/Peters) - Bighill (Miles) - Maston (Antigha) Jefferson (McAllister) - Thomas (Griffiths) - Richardson - Jeffcoat (Hansen) Getting some serious depth on the front seven - really looking like 3-4
  16. He is referring to the Grey Cup after party not the season...
  17. I think he’s league minimum or maybe 5k above
  18. Swapping Korey Jones for Micah Awe is a significant upgrade... I like Walters' free agency season a lot
  19. We are not that bad ha - Osh gets a full season but lynch mob is out in pre season 2021 if we don’t repeat
  20. Well... top 2 if you want to get technical
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