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Everything posted by Floyd

  1. On the bright side we won’t have to worry about Vancouver fighting for a playoff spot if Myers is their #1
  2. Still think we didn’t need to offer first rounders in those years... if I’m a cfl gm I’d never offer more than low second or high third and gamble on the bid
  3. Tsn needs walby desperately
  4. Toronto’s OL will mesh - mcewen is no slouch and the bomben injury hurts them letting van zeyl walk was dumb though
  5. Starsky wins starsky and clutch ...
  6. If I’m sask I offer the 1st - they need a centre very soon
  7. Tight market for D this year would think beaulieu is worth 1.4 especially if it means you can buyout kulikov heard van is considering 7-8 million for Myers... yikes
  8. The problem is that Niku can play left side but that means Pionk with Morrissey and I don’t have enough beer to deal with that
  9. I would have gone ‘wojo’ In honour of Barney Miller
  10. Toronto sask and bc probably all in on this guy
  11. So now no morrow or beaulieu... morrissey-niku kulikov-buff pionk-poolman ummm... there’s got to be a trade coming... right?
  12. Letting beaulieu walk - wtf?? bet we overpay chiarot
  13. Always thought that lettin fans win the chance to do play by play for a quarter would be great marketing gimmick better than the third quarter crap right now anyway
  14. If Elimimian comes back and is in top form, Riders will be competitive...
  15. All these coaches will get two years to show something only guy on the hot seat is Chamblin because Popp will jump in for half a season
  16. Wilder is going to destroy Sask... he must be losing his mind this week
  17. Really feel like elizondo was not as good as everyone thought - think Harris will totally step up now that he’s got a new OC
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