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  1. That was a great game. So are the people who posted that Khari was an idiot for taking the Als' HC job walking back on that now?
  2. Everyone knew the Bombers were going to be running the ball to kill the clock. If they leave Nichols in then the Stamps are going to key on Harris as we all know Nichols doesn't run a lot. With Streveler's running ability they weren't able to key on Harris. It made sense to put Streveler in under those circumstances. Nichols did come back in to finish the game.
  3. Really sucks that the Safeway/Sobeys kickoff return contest is gone. There would have been a fortune handed out so far this season.
  4. I love that the Lions included PETA in their tweet. 🤣 Depends on the team. Some offer housing while others (like the Bombers) give a housing allowance. I don't know about other teams but there was a report around the time IG Field opened about breakfast and lunch being provided to players. The housing money is not included in the Cap but iirc the cost of the food is. FYI - the minimum PR salary was raised to $750 every 2 weeks in the 2014 CBA according to CFLdb. I can't find anything that indicates whether it went up again with the recent CBA.
  5. That's your opinion but do you have proof? I don't know one way or the other since there has been nothing in any of the reports that this was happening during Reed's first year in Montreal.
  6. Why do people keep bringing up the Wethenhalls regarding Reed's firing. They don't own the team - the League does.
  7. Possibly with the Bombers if Hecht’s injury is serious.
  8. From what I can tell, the rule doesn't apply under that scenario. That happened in a game last week and there was no penalty.
  9. No challenge needed since the command centre can review plays without one after the 3 minute warning has been given in the 4th quarter.
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