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  1. I don't think so. He also has a try out with Toronto.
  2. It's already a 25 yard penalty when player is ejected. From the rule book:
  3. Very fortunate. The 7-1/2 years is the combined total from both sentences. The sentencing guidelines for the first set of charges were 19-1/2 to 24 years and he got 47 months and the guidelines for the second set of charges called for a 10 year sentence but he got 43 months. He'll probably be out in 6-1/2 years.
  4. Saw a tweet where someone suggested the Argos need to sign a player named Wildest now. 😀
  5. And it's one of many golf courses where he has employed undocumented workers.
  6. Are Rider fans talking about what a force they will be offensively now that they have Collaros and Cody Fajardo as their QBs?
  7. You can sleep easy since Lankford was signed by the RedBlacks.
  8. Ryan Lankford has signed with Ottawa. Now who is going to be blamed for everything?
  9. If you like that name then you will really wish for the Bombers to draft this guy:
  10. The Als and Argos had two of the largest coaching staffs in the league last year.
  11. Dickenson became the Bombers special teams co-ordinator after he was fired in Saskatchewan. He went to Edmonton the next season.
  12. Community owned team - it's all our fault
  13. If that's the case then why would Jones have negotiated an NFL out clause in his contract?
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