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  1. Correction from Bauming:
  2. Jacquie

    Streveler development

    If that's his silly walk then he needs to apply for more funding.
  3. Jacquie

    Portage & Main

    I don't see why they would have to close down the underground part. It seems to say the work would be done outside. I also don't see that as costing that much (relative to the millions goalie was talking about).
  4. Jacquie

    Portage & Main

    Do you have a source for that? Wouldn't the structure need to be fixed regardless.
  5. Remember this game - 8 years ago yesterday.
  6. I haven't had enough caffeine today.
  7. If you want to know YAC just go to the CFL website and check the receiving stats cause it's right there. https://www.cfl.ca/stats/?stat_category=receiving&season=2018