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  1. For those who don't seem him, he has posted a number of his workouts videos on Instagram.
  2. If it results in the Bombers getting another player like Hansen, I'm fine with that.
  3. You are mostly correct - Quebec, not southern Ontario. He joined the McGill coaching staff as an offensive assistant and receivers coach. Either: During the season there was a transporter malfunction that split him into two people. With the cap issues the Als were having they played both of them for the rest of the season since there were two of him but only one contract. Or: It was a typo and should have said last 2 seasons.
  4. If you're near IGF on Thursday make sure to stop by to say hello. Of course I have to add another adorable Kelley dance as she's decked out in her Bomber gear:
  5. And he already has at least one lawsuit for doing that from WWE shareholders.
  6. I believe Willie will do what his wife wants him to do. 😉 And speaking of Willie and his family, his wife posted the cutest thing about their daughter (a really smart little girl):
  7. Or maybe people are overthinking a signing that could be just TC fodder or National depth.
  8. From the article so you don't have to actually read it. 😉
  9. The Argos also signed Natey Adjei.
  10. And the pre-FA negotiation window opened today at noon and closes on Feb 9 at noon, as mentioned in the other thread.
  11. I don't know if this was already posted but Ukraine has launched an investigation but not the one Trump wanted. https://www.npr.org/2020/01/16/796945817/ukraine-opens-investigation-into-claims-u-s-ambassador-yovanovitch-was-monitored
  12. Whitehead isn't a potential free agent so if they didn't want him they likely would have released by now.
  13. Patrick Stewart was on The View to promote ST: Picard and invited Whoopi Goldberg to be on season 2 as Guinan. She said yes.
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