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  1. Marble Club, Wiseguys, Norma Jean's and the Palamino Club were the in spots for the Jets 1.0 and the visiting teams. And yes I know that because my friends and I worked at the games and went to those places after. The first three places were good for the visiting teams since they stayed at the Westin (now the Fairmont).
  2. Nice to see the Argos embracing their heritage.
  3. This is according to Gateway Pundit isn’t it. Not exactly the most reliable source of information. I just went to Twitter and his account is still there - it’s now protected.
  4. I wonder if the tampering with evidence charge has to do with the gate they claimed the protesters had damaged.
  5. I believe her. I've seen a number of tweets made by a number of players from all the teams promoting it. I have yet to see a player say anything negative about it.
  6. Speaking of Trump, I just noticed we're up to page 666 of this thread.
  7. Then I think you are selling yourself short.
  8. Fans are the reason there is a CFL. We all know fans who have been season ticket holders for decades or who have spent thousands on gear or have decorated rooms in their homes in their team’s colours or have taken half/full days off work to drive to games from out of town, etc. (heck, I know a person who has done all that and more). Spending $400 to have your name on the fan base is not something a casual fan is going to do. So why shouldn’t people who have followed and cheered and supported the League for most of their lives have this opportunity. Do I wish it was cheaper? Yeah I do because I would do it in a heartbeat. It looks like this will just be another thing we will have to agree to disagree about.
  9. Or maybe some people simply made a mistake of thinking “fan base” meant “trophy base”.
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