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3 stars plus hh bc sucks bombers back to the gc

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1 the front 6  about a zillion sacks forced fumbles and knock downs 

2 the ol clean game for Zach big gaps for Brady early 

3 Brady carried the o in the first half 

hh lawler had a few big catches but the pi flag was a game sealer  

crunch of the game about 18 different hits on vaj 

block of the game woli on Demskis screen play where he faked going out of bounds 

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Just now, White Out said:

I really wonder what happened in that second half that caused our production to crash either way who gives a **** back to the Cup baby

It happened in the Grey Cup game last year as well, but this year the defence rose up and won the game. Not so last year. Bombers need to figure out why the offence stalled or history could repeat itself.

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20 minutes ago, Booch said:

There's No way that the Faj should beat us...none...

If he has his best game and our defense decides to take it easy because they assume that they will win.

I'm hoping our guys play focused and with the same intensity as today.  If that is the case then I assume good things will happen. 


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31 minutes ago, JohnnyAbonny said:

Straight up. MOS and Zach Collaros are not losing a grey cup game to Jason Maas and Cody Fajardo. 

The best team ,and the League MOP can attest otherwise........

1. Bomber Dline ,and whole D ,made a statement.

2. Brady O ,and O line. Keeps gettin er done.

3. Our much maligned secondary. Made some great plays .

HH. The fans ,best in the league ,bar none.

That had to be a record for sacks in a playoff game , no?

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11 minutes ago, Super Duper Negatron said:

Was at the game. Our fans are amazing. Even during the Jets playoff run a few years ago, Jets fans can only dream of bringing the same level of sheer madness and devotion that Bombers fans do. There is nothing in this city like a Bomber game. Not even close.

HH to the little 10-year old that was cheering so hard he broke the plastic clapper thingy he had and then started hitting the remnants on the back of the seat to continue making noise.

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1. Brady. Full on beast mode on that first drive touching the ball on all 9 plays with positive yardage (I think the other play was an incomplete to someone else)

2. Lawler. He's too hot and cold for my liking given how hot he can be when he's on, but I'm glad we was hot tonight when we needed it.

3. The entire D on the field and in the booth. A master class on the front and back ends

HH. Hallett with the blocked punt, recovery, and return for the winning TD.

Random musing of the night: the best thing our O did after the first drive was not turn it over, and have very few negative plays. I don't think we played very well on O but we also didn't royally screw up like in recent playoff games.



2 minutes ago, 17to85 said:

Hall absolutely pantsed the BC offense tonight. Just utterly embarrassed them.

Incredible. And only 3 points allowed after losing bighill I believe. The depth at linebacker and the younger corners worked so well. And obviously the Jeffs

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1. The entire f****** D.  DLine dominated BC's OLine.  Secondary was outstanding.  And none other than our leading interception leader Houston, makes another PICK to stall BC's most dangerous drive of the night.

2. Brady Train - Sheer dominance in the first half but then Lawler took over in the 2nd half with some unreal grabs.

3. The IGF SOLD OUT CROWD.  It was deafening in there.

HH - Special teams punt block TD by Hallett.

Ref you suck moment - the bullshit PI to gift the Lions 3 pts on their opening drive.  Then the completely awful missed PI on Lawler.  

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