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  1. The jets are so painful to watch. I told my wife they'd allow a goal within the first two minutes...and they did.
  2. I was at the game and so thrilled they played their hearts out and took home the cup! What a feeling!
  3. Facebook marketplace is definitely the best spot for tickets. The more expensive tickets can be had around half price, cheaper ones are holding steady.
  4. It was hovering around zero today, basically no wind and sunny. Beautiful day for football.
  5. My coworker has a pair of tickets, section W row 69, looking for $300 for the pair if anyone is interested.
  6. Got myself 2 tickets in section D row 25, approximately 40% off face value. Lots of tickets out there. Unfortunately the best route is Facebook marketplace or kijiji which is a hassle in itself.
  7. I'm up in airdrie just North of Calgary and it honestly takes about 30 minutes to drive to McMahon. From one of the airport hotels definitely not more than 30 minutes and probably a 10 minute walk when you get there. Tons of parking in the nearby communities but if you aren't renting a car, definitely Calgary transit will be the easiest. Feel free to message me if you need directions. I'm going and have a line on a couple tickets from a coworker but dont know if I'll do better. Section W higher up row 63 for $150 a piece all in. Thoughts?
  8. And when he released it he was way over the line
  9. Yup, same as last week, streveler time in the second half
  10. I'm seriously contemplating going tomorrow as well. $12 all in for centre field tickets is ridiculous. Good old Calgary sports fans...
  11. So true. There's been absolutely no hype out here and I haven't seen a single person wearing any stamps apparel. I doubt the fans here will show tomorrow either with the forecast and current snowfall.
  12. Was at the game tonight. Defense was atrocious once again and offense went to sleep in the second half. Super disappointing but such is life when you're a Bomber fan.
  13. I'll be there as well, section R row 48
  14. I've lived in Winnipeg, Regina and Calgary and Regina is nowhere close to either Winnipeg or Calgary. Have to agree, very similar to Edmonton.
  15. This team makes my head and heart hurt. No drive to win, coaches that accept mediocrity and abysmal play calling. I'm so disappointed as a fan right now.
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