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  1. I love after the Adam's overtime TD they panned to Banks and he looked defeated. He must have known at that point!
  2. If you don't have time in the pocket start rolling the QB out, use his legs
  3. Close game, no biggie, make a few adjustments and do our thing in the second half
  4. I feel we've been setting up play action all first half, waiting to see it actually happen
  5. On Bailey's catch, he had control and the ball didn't move at all when he hit the ground, therefore, it should have been a TD. That Williams "catch" though....
  6. So honest question, is the CFL banning all unvaccinated players, if there are any left, from playing in the Cup? Or does that just apply to teams that have to travel, as in, the bombers? Regardless of losing a lineman who I think is pretty darn good, we should still be in great shape. I don't see the bombers having a repeat of their turnover fest and I also don't expect Evans to have the same success against us that he did against Toronto.
  7. I disagree with calling someone selfish for making a personal choice. He knew the consequences and I'm sure the team was aware of his situation as well. I find it strange too that some fans were fine with a guy like ELI helping get the team to the Cup but when they found out he isn't vaccinated he's somehow selfish? The travel rule is totally arbitrary and makes no sense.
  8. Yup, always late to slide and wonders why he takes shots.
  9. If the CFL wants to attract new fans and have any credibility, maybe they shouldn't botch reviews. That was atrocious on a CLEAR non catch
  10. Frustrating half to watch when the offense drives the ball down the field consistently only to turn it over. Squeeze the ball and we win
  11. What a bust, so disappointing to see them fold in this round.
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