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  1. He is a human being. Let's not forget that. However, it is his job to kick. He clearly just doesn't have it. Game should never have gone to overtime. Kick the crap out of that f****** ball
  2. I agree to some extent. However, those were makeable field goals and that's the kicker's job. This game should never have gone to overtime. Why the hell are you chip-shotting that? Kick the crap out of it so it at least goes through the end zone
  3. Offensive line deserves some heat for this game too. Collaros was scrambling most of the game. And once again pressure got to Zack and this time he fumbled and we lost the turnover.
  4. What a f****** joke. This team needs a bye in the worst kind of way
  5. I seriously can't believe this is going overtime. The game should have been over. Defense needs to sack Harris
  6. Unfortunately, that's the rule. It's ticky tacky but called by the book.
  7. I'm a little puzzled by this play calling... Works in our favor. Oh ffs offside
  8. How the f*** are they wide open???? Okay fine. I'm just annoyed.
  9. Nielsen showing his bias saying the third down was automatic for Davis.
  10. I'm going to say it... Not seen a sleeman's commercial at all this telecast.
  11. About f****** time they called a late hit on the ALS Lol woli correcting the ref on that one too
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