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  1. Holy ****. was that a beautiful timing play! Why did Jefferson stop though?
  2. Not sure that was even a penalty tbh. Bomber O stalling. Good thing the D is playing solid.
  3. Jets started slow, but woke up thankfully. Looks like it's gonna be a good game.
  4. I was just watching that too... i hope he doesn't turn into another prima donna when the ball and play aren't given to him.
  5. Fair enough. I'm just a little surprised with the empty seats in the arena. Oh well.. hope it's not a trend. Good win and beat the Preds tomorrow.
  6. I would say if the Jets keep losing for those that want Maurice fired, he could be canned. But the upper management will likely reward him with a 10 year extension. Apparently results don't matter!
  7. 0-2-1 and limping home. Missed the ******* trip on Stanley in OT. Really bad bounces and 1000% luck for the Wild.
  8. How the hell can there be a challenge with no timeout. Or am I thinking too much football And another ******* horseshoe goal for Minnesota.
  9. And once again our PK rears its ugly head. Butt clench time
  10. Wow... Some lucky horseshoes for the Wild. Still some really scrambly play by the Jets. Have not been impressed 3 games in.
  11. That's a brutal elbow on Stanley. Such a wreckless play.
  12. Maybe that's his excuse for his bad play in the first 2 games!
  13. Coglianos shorty tilted the ice for the Sharks. And welcome to 0-2 Winnipeg
  14. I think she's mad she didn't get to call the Oilers game so she could gush over Kasian .
  15. And our PK sucks ass yet again. And they score again! Four unanswered goals. 0-2 here we come.
  16. Jets are expecting other teams to hand them a playoff spot. Completely out worked in that second period.
  17. Yeah the Jets needed to get some traffic in front of Gibson. I'm not taking away anything from him though, he played very well, but a lot of the shots he faced he was able to see. I'm also a bit concerned of how Schiefele's absence once again shows how bad our offence is without him. I hope our secondary scoring comes through. On to San Jose!
  18. Anaheim fortunate with their chances. Still lots of hockey, but Jets need to get the next goal.
  19. Are you stocked on psych meds too having to endure that ? I know I'm out and need more to forget those memories
  20. Ugly wins are just as satisfying as dominant ones! 8-1. Pretty good odds we host the west final!
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