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Week 9 Non Champ Champ games

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I didn't watch this game but Caleb Evans has always been the drizzling shits,  last week was an exception.   Dude locks in on guys and basically can only run.  I have no idea on why Arbuckle hasn't been starting after his 2nd week with the team...  Arbuckle can play good he has shown it before.   Evans is just garbage. 

I wonder if Khari coaches the RedBlacks next season?

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23 minutes ago, TrueBlue4ever said:

Arbuckle’s two INTs in his last two drives may show why he has not gotten the chance to be a full time starter with 4 teams in the last 3 years. His decision to throw across his body into triple coverage on the first one was particularly dumb. 

I agree that the INTs did not look good on Arbuckle but to be fair, he was in a situation where he was forced to gamble as the game was very nearly out of reach. Moreover, the quality of the Ottawa receivers is suspect and at that point, it seemed like few RedBlacks were willing to fight for the game. 























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If Arbuckle got a legit chance to be given the QB chores...and let grow and play all the games he would develop and see field way better...poor guy been yanked around like a yoyo...can make all the throws..can use his legs...he needs reps and experience ...feel for the guy

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arbuckle with stamps, seven games, won 4, one  37 to 0.


"He finished the season having completed 174 of 238 pass attempts (73.1%) for 2,103 yards with 11 touchdowns and five interceptions."

seems good for a rookie. 

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Lapo does two things majorly wrong when it comes to developing QBs.

He only gives reps to the starter and he’s extremely rigid on his base offense.

Remember when we had Streveler starting and he was running dropback after drop back like Nichols was playing?

Arbuckle will be better with reps.  He basically played the entire 4th against a prevent D so once he went downfield it’s up for grabs with the DBs coming downhill.

Also think that PI challenge should have been overturned.  The Stamps LB basically runs Behar off his route without ever locating the ball.  

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Tuning into Cats @ Argos.

Steamy day down in the big smoke.

Duane Forde scores a surprise zinger with "this is the turducken of sacks."

Hamilton has a two-QB-on-the-field set as well.  wide side hitch screen to Schiltz, who runs for a first down.

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9 hours ago, 17to85 said:

Lapo is bad for qbs plain and simple.

the thing that caught my ear about Lapo was when TSN quoted him as saying he's not being able to get deep in his playbook during games because his O can't stay on the field.

man, why do you burn practice time on a deep playbook if you can't even get out of the shallow end?

all that said I hope that Lapo turns up back on TSN.  I learned stuff about football from his segments, I think he's a great explainer, real crisp and concise.

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