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Week 9 Non Champ Champ games

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4 minutes ago, JuranBoldenRules said:

Darvin Adams playing especially uninspired.

Evans is locked on him 

1 minute ago, JuranBoldenRules said:

That play is as much on Adams as it is Evans.

How about that one?

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2 minutes ago, JuranBoldenRules said:

Get Darvin Adams to throw a pass here.

3 man rush and the LT gets beat on inside gap right to QB.  LG doesn't even know what planet he's on.

Mentioned it last week - the LG is the most awkward, sloppy looking offensive lineman I've ever seen. No pass block fundamentals whatsoever.

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7 minutes ago, Super Duper Negatron said:

Arbuckle could win this game. Even mediocre QBing would do it.

He should be taking it from here 

1 minute ago, Mr. Perfect said:

So Davis Sanchez says Dane Evans is the CFL MVP. Time to drink...

Did he really ?

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