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  1. To be entirely fair to Lamar - he still passed for 365 yards and ran for an additional 143 yards. The first interception was a little bit of bad luck (slightly high but I'd say it was as much on the receiver as the QB). The big deal was getting stuffed on 4th and 1 twice which helped get them behind.... once they were behind they leaned hard on what is not their teams strength (big yard passing plays when the other team isn't trying to stop you from gaining 3 yards per play in the run game). Sure Lamar had a rough game against Tennessee.... I wouldn't say they "figured" him out... the Ravens had a bad day, got behind early and stopped playing the offensive gameplan that they are most effective playing. He still ended up with 500 yards of total offense...
  2. Maybe not timing as much as having a good feel for his receivers speed in deep routes - When he took over for Nichols he started by overthrowing everybody on deep routes, and then proceeded to start underthrowing guys which resulted in a bunch of picks.
  3. Yup... Guy went on from having a pretty mediocre season in the CFL to be a reasonably good rusher in the NFL for another 5 years (including a 1000 yard rushing season in 2008). Probably a pretty good example of a Tier 2 (not absolutely elite, but highly regarded) NFL athlete who was only good when he came to the CFL (if he'd been able to play for the entire year he would have been in the mix for best RB in the league... but definitely not a hands down selection).
  4. Lamar in the NFL has been destruction... ******* guy has a 33 - 6 TD/Int ratio, averages 7 yards per rush & 80 yards per game. Those kinda numbers are MIND BOGGLING.
  5. The AVERAGE skill in import players is actually probably relatively close. Average TEAM skill will have a greater disparity due to the fact that, on average, NATL players in the CFL are less skilled (because they are being chosen from a smaller talent pool). Finally, the area IMO where the skill disparity is the MOST SIGNIFICANT is in the "Elite" players. The fact is that the Hall of Fame quality NFL players are fairly significantly more skilled than equivalent Hall of Fame quality CFL players. There are some exceptions, of course, where an athlete who would have been a hall of famer NFL player ends up in the CFL due to politics and never heads south... but I'd say that's the exception rather than the rule. I would also argue that the CFL probably has an edge in player skill for "unusually dimensioned" athletes (i.e. short middle linebackers) due to the fact that the CFL is less political in giving guys with good college histories who don't match up well with NFL expectations a shot.
  6. I actually don't think the decision making was the big thing he needed work on - for the most part (other than forcing a couple things here and there) the bigger problem I saw with him was a lack of accuracy
  7. Pretty crazy how much continuity we're getting out of the coaching staff. Lapo was "next in line" for a HC'ing position, there was little doubt he was going to get and take an opportunity after this season regardless of the final outcome.
  8. I'm not actually that surprised... The guy turned what everyone expected to be a complete dumpster fire into a relatively exciting team that didn't feel like an automatic to lose in the first round. Also he was doing some of the GM duties through the start of the year. Also - Montreal absolutely didn't want to lose Khari - Having him coach the team means more people in the stadium.
  9. IMO - When he first came in after Nichols was hurt he was overthrowing guys on deep balls. I think he overcorrected and started underthrowing guys (which resulted in a number of turnovers) For the most part I didn't see poor decisions on his bad throws... just some inaccuracy (which IMO is the more easily corrected attribute, especially for a guy who doesn't have 10 years of bad habits ingrained in)
  10. We ended up 3-15 in 2013... Alex Hall's contract was done at the end of 2013 and it was WIDELY expected that he would get an NFL try (which he did and spent the 2014 season in the NFL). We gave up nothing sending Alex Hall to SSK. 2nd rounder for a 5th rounder swap for a solid starting NATL Guard... That is one hell of a deal.
  11. Walters got him for a STEAL from SSK because of his injury history... easily one of Walter's best "trade" moves in his tenure IMO.
  12. To be fair - 2011 Grey Cup could have easily gone our way if Willis doesn't drop the pick 6. Down 24-9 (eventually 31-9 after THAT drive) instead of only 24-16...
  13. Wait... are you saying Kyle drafted with the intent of replacing an existing player on the team who was approaching retirement approximately a year in advance so that the player would be ready to replace the retiring player and the team could move on from that retirement smoothly.... wow sounds like a GM with a plan
  14. If Tebow didn't have the hype he had that ended with him being a high pick and getting started early in his career there is a real chance he would still be in the league.
  15. Yeh teacher jobs in MB and ONT are HARD to come by in the cities. Ontario it's a pain to even get on the substitutes list, nevermind actually getting term contracts or a permanent contract. The other issue is that, at least in Manitoba, the school divisions can be a little vindictive about teachers who leave the division once they have their permanents... basically once you've left your chance of getting hired as a permanent again is practically zero... don't know if that also the case in Ontario.
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