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  1. Yup... twice with the same injury... there's a real possibility that is going to be an ongoing thing for the rest of his career. My thought is Huff is watching BLM for any signs of hiding some pain... if it looks at all like it starting to feel tender again he'll start talking about moving BLM. BLM probably gets him A LOT of CND talent (both future and present) to improve his team.
  2. IMO - our first pick will be a DB. We've gone CND at safety and that's probably the spot where we could use an upgrade the most... linebackers are fairly set as IMP and on the DL we've already drafted our Thomas replacement/backup for Kongbo. Fairly obvious we don't need to spend an early pick on OL for the next draft given our current situation (maybe a later round pick on someone who needs training but has the right body). Receiver could be an option for an early CND pick depending on how much they like Demski/Petermann, RB I think we're set with Oliviera/Augustine/Harris.
  3. Teams have completely given up the run against us fairly consistently... it's hard for the MLB to get tackles when teams completely abandon the attack vector which will net him tackles
  4. MBT has been scoring... and they basically never run it into the end zone
  5. Yeh that was designed for essentially a no-look/no-read from Strev out to his receiver. The problem was on Demski not engaging the dB (whom he was supposed to block) to ensure no INT. You could argue that Strev should have recognized that Demski was standing all alone as he turned and realized that meant he needed to look for the missing DB before throwing the ball (based on the play design)... Potentially that play isn't an INT in Winnipeg with less crowd noise with the offense on the field (if Demski could have yelled at Strev not to throw the ball - I'd assume that on plays like that the receivers should have a simple word to yell at Strev to indicate the play is broken)
  6. But our passing yards/game are so low... how can we possibly win games with such a poor passing attack?!
  7. the guy is built like a full back and runs into contact like one.... except he's probably getting 1/2 as much contact as a typical full back. He can have a long career playing this way... look at Harris and the amount of contract he takes... more than Strev for sure but he keeps on going.
  8. the after game interview with Streveler on 680 was telling... Strevs talked like he sucked and got carried by the team... kicking himself for missing the deep shots to Woli... I think that kind of attitude makes for a guy who is only going to get better
  9. Streveler with only 186 yards passing... what a bum
  10. the second int was solidly demskis fault if anything it was demski who cost us that game offensively
  11. i like on the 5... with the sack pressure we're getting
  12. he's playing well... that pick was on Demski or Lapo... outside of the pic he's been hot
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