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  1. BA's had a number of those this season.... he's so good at timing the snap. There was one where he forced a fumble getting to the QB before he was able to finish handing off the ball in a shotgun-handoff.
  2. Can't be too mad about a guy giving up football for sports drinks when it was obviously a solid business... a lot less hard on your body making a living running a company
  3. I dunno... the guy is extremely inexperienced at the pro level... This was his 3rd start and it's seemed to me that he's progressing...
  4. Rofl... TSN noting that Collaros almost let the O give up more points in the 4th than the D has all year
  5. Clutch tackle to force the 3rd down
  6. The run yards this game is bonkerd
  7. Well at least now there's no more "Bombers just got lucky on the dropped pick 6"
  8. definitely or a qb designed run
  9. Seems like the drop off from Yoshi to Neuf at tackle is being felt
  10. Adam's been blocking well in the run game at least
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