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  1. Could be he WAS a mediocre OC but will be a good HC... the skillset for excellence between the two doesn't precisely overlap. Take Lapo... I think if he moves back to HC he'll end up having trouble again because his skillset isn't driven towards team motivation.
  2. Wade Miller taking the reins of the Bombers was really a blessing. The guy knows how to run a business, and is running the Bombers like a business. He was definitely sticking his neck out there by committing to Oshea/Walters long term given their relative lack of experience.
  3. I was going to say... the hold on that TD pass was aggregious
  4. Yeh it looked like he was about to do a spinning spike with the ball as he got hit... he definitely thought he was down.
  5. that block was so low effort it was insane
  6. you can't run anywhere when you're pocket is collapsed before you finish your 2 step drop
  7. I mean this second injury was really just bad luck... not related to the first one I don't think
  8. Nah the play where he went out looked nasty... DE beat his tackle to the outside, who subsequently grabbed the DE and forced the DE down rolling into Franklins legs as the tackle slammed into Franklins upper body. As soon as it happened it was pretty obvious that he was out for the game and likely longer.
  9. It's probably the same person who was complaining that Jefferson hasn't been getting any sacks this year who complains about him going off script... like the two things aren't potentially related. Last couples of years Jefferson got burnt a number of times when he basically sold out to try and sack the QB... So far this year IMO he has been playing some really disciplined ball which is probably going to hurt his sack numbers but definitely makes for a more consistent defence.
  10. Hiariously the Roughriders tied Toronto after the game delay They scored a rouge and two field goals in 2 quarters, TO scored a TD. That doesn't bode well for SSK
  11. It's funny because the criticism we've all had of Lapo in the past is his tendency to not draw up enough plays based around stretching the defense vertically.
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