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Week 9 Non Champ Champ games

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This game is real tough to watch. My sympathies go out to the suffering Ottawa fans who paid to watch this snoozefest. Yes the Arbys are bad but the Stamps are trying hard to play down to their level.  I do wonder of a good chunk of the problem is the lack of talent on the Ottawa team. Surely LaPoice is doomed.

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1 minute ago, Tracker said:

RedBlacks look so much better with Arbuckle (except for the fumble). Does that mean the team has zero confidence in Evans?

I don't think the Calgary D is playing especially tight at this point. They're just keeping everything in front of them ...  they know just like we do that the second read on every Lapo play is the checkdown man.

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1 hour ago, Geebrr said:

Clare Hanna still won’t take a break between sentences.

She got out of the Gap as soon as she could 

I like her. She's good at her job. 

11 minutes ago, Goalie said:

Arbuckle sucks. 

I think Ottawa fires Lapolice. I would. That's embarrassing putting up 3 points at home 

He's done. Put LaPo out of his misery. 

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