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******* Liberals. Money to piss away on every frivolous thing but can't support an actual Canadian institution. Just despicable.  CFL needs to get it's crap together too. They dropped the ball as

Love it..  

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1 hour ago, White Out said:

This seems like an appropriate place to get excited over my trip to Winnipeg in BC for the July game. Woop! 

I'm coming home for the home opener and then the night after is the big Manitoba 150th party with Bachman Cummings headlining. I have never looked forward to anything more than those two nights... 

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51 minutes ago, ALuCsRED said:

Women = Time x Money

Time = Money


Women = Money x Money 


Since the root of all evil is money,

square root (Evil) = Money


Women = Money x Money = (Sq Rt Evil) x (Sq Rt Evil) = EVIL

There will never be a real war between the sexes- too much fraternizing with the enemy.

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