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  1. Doug Flutie, Other notable USFLer/CFLers ( after a google search) are: Henry "Gizmo" Williams Phil Kessel Sr. (yes, hockey Phil's dad) Pete Catan
  2. Who is missing? Travis Lulay Kevin Glenn (Future Atlantic Schooner 2020) Brandon Bridge Ricky Ray Any others???
  3. if all these teams blow their cash in February, we should be sitting pretty when the 5 receivers trying out for the NFL return to Canada. (Duke, Mitchell, Spencer, Williams Lambert, Michel)
  4. Brendon Taman was assistant GM from ‘99 to ‘04. Who was he assisting? Dave Ritchie?
  5. At least the defence improved a little since Edmonton. Still, they only scored 1 TD on the fumble return and gave up a full 0 pts.
  6. https://youtu.be/C_qKhdV3SQ8 We're going to channel our inner Marcellus Bowmans today on every tackle.
  7. They’ve had a lot more more than one good game.
  8. I have to agree the the Skunk. The offence didn’t win the game. The offence only played well enough to not lose the game. Leaving TDS on the field and getting FGs will bite us down the stretch.
  9. I can’t believe they gave up 3 points to Edmonton yesterday. And to boot, the defence only scored 1 TD on Fogg’s pick 6.
  10. This move is more about a transparent and open provincial ledger than giving the Bombers a break. Running debt under every rock won’t help the government with debt financing. The blame comes down to a flawed business plan (empty Target building vs new high end mall), a spend thrifty ex-Premier, and debt buildup in most provincial departments/corporations.
  11. Is Duron Carter playing receiver or defensive back?
  12. Even with the Riders visiting the stadium is empty (Note: Upper deck on east side has been closed all year for the Argos)
  13. I like Mike. Lapo needs to be less predictable. We shouldn’t see the same play twice in a game. That’s just lazy.
  14. He only played poorly in the first half. hahahaha
  15. This is a great article about the thought behind the jersey. https://www.icethetics.co/blog/2018/9/14/winnipeg-jets-officially-reveal-aviator-third-jersey
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