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  1. If they want fans to wear masks, start the season in November and finish by the end of January. Everyone will be wearing a ski-mask, scarf, or facemask.
  2. So, did anybody hear about that Corona thing on the news?
  3. We'll let him rest, once he improves, we'll limp into the playoffs in 3rd place, take out the Stamps at home in the semi-final, walk into Regina and beat the Riders on a last 2nd playin the West final, then beat the East in the Grey Cup. 5 games is all we need.
  4. Women = Time x Money Time = Money Thus, Women = Money x Money Since the root of all evil is money, square root (Evil) = Money Women = Money x Money = (Sq Rt Evil) x (Sq Rt Evil) = EVIL
  5. A guy with an avatar of Sheldon should pick up on my sarcasm.
  6. Where are Kaepernick, Manziel, Antonio Brown and Ray Rice?
  7. This thread is for everything blue bombers in 2020. ps thanks to mods for not adding Noeller as a mod.
  8. Some people around here don’t like multiple threads. For all events in 2020, here is a thread for you. PS Mods, keep up the good work and allow threads when people start them.
  9. Behind Goltz though. In Goltz I trust.
  10. I would use the term QB loosely and the only guy to play meaningful games after the 2007 Grey Cup was Kevin Glenn, and that was for the next decade.
  11. Gonna agree with Brandon. Buck didn’t have a full season as starter until he was in Winnipeg. “In his prime” should refer to a season or three, not a series of 4 or 8 games... Khari was a gun slinger when he first came over. 5 and 6 receiver sets, high scoring games, 46 Passing TDs in a season...
  12. I went to a RedBlacks Hamilton game in full Blue bomber gear a couple years ago. Everyone was very polite and talking to me. Hamilton still loves O'Shea.
  13. I'll be in section 139, 5 rows up behind the Bombers
  14. I hope that O'Shea doesn't leave for a very long time. All of this talk and the rumours reek of 2008 when Mike Kelly was hired and ditched Kevin Glenn. Mike O'shea is a successful coach. Mike does a great job of finding players that want to play for him, and getting the most out of them. To win in the CFL, you don't need to be a 16-2 team every year. Montreal/Baltimore and now Calgary prove that most years. To win you need the following: 1. Make it to the playoffs 2. Stay healthy going into the playoffs 3. Work Hard, get hot in the playoffs and keep the players engaged for the 3 weeks. Looking at the green grass on the other side of the fence isn't going to make the team's chances better. Mike Kelly blew it when he ditched a QB who would lead a team to the playoffs every year and give the team the chance and hope that they could win. Mike O'Shea's presence leading this team is much the same. We will make the playoffs and which gives us a chance to win. Faith, Hope and Destiny can be more than just stripper names in Winnipeg.
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