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After week 20

Bye, bye - Hamilton, BC, and Montreal

Expect the Heisman Trophy winner @JManziel2 to sign in Hamilton this off-season - @rickzamperin #CFL #Ticats

John Hodge - 3downnation - The Bombers have now started three Canadian offensive linemen in two consecutive games with Patrick Neufeld filling in for an injured Travis Bond at left guard. This is likely a sign of things to come for a Winnipeg club that should look to start three national hogs next season. Neufeld, who has been excellent in place of Bond, is a pending free agent — should he leave Winnipeg this off-season, expect 2015 second round pick Michael Couture to take over his spot in the starting line-up.

?‍?Interesting - Edmonton has beaten every team in the league...except Winnipeg 

?‍?Santos-Knox is fitting in quite nicely..quite a find.

CFL - Friday wire-to-wire defeat was also the first time in 52 contests the Stampeders have not led.

?‍?How do spell trouble? Z_y_l_s_t_r_a       Double trouble - injury to Matt Nichols 

Vanstone - Due to an accumulation of snow on the east-side roof, 800 spectators were relocated in Mosaic stadium. 

Still trying to prove something?  Jones “The tough guy look...”



CFL News - Roughriders extend Hus, Thigpen fw.to/wcCVgXD #CFL #Riders #RiderPride  via @TSN_Sports

?‍?Guess they’re not over the SMS

Stampeders.com - “I told the guys,’’ reported Bo Levi Mitchell. “Who’s going to remember this —— when we win the Grey Cup?    “Who’s going to remember these three losses?

Darren Cameron - Update from ticketing - “tickets are moving like crazy”... not surprising and awesome to hear! See you Sunday for the Western Semi-Final!  ?‍?Really?

Ed Tait tells us: The Bombers own a .683 winning percentage in 60 home playoff games (40-18-2). Edmonton is 19-29 (.396) in road playoff games.

Nevis was credited with just one tackle, but he drew three holding penalties with his push and was part of a defensive effort that limited the Stamps to 158 yards net offence and held battering-ram running back Jerome Messam to just 30 yards on 12 carries and zero yards on three receptions.

“Drake’s an animal,” said Okpalaugo. “He’s so strong. You should see him tossing people in practice, man.”

?‍?I’d like once again, to voice my support for Andrew Harris as the team’s most outstanding player. Rushing leader and new record for receptions? Most receptions in the entire league? Wow! But I didn’t have a vote.

CFL News - "There was never that energy, never that sense of urgency." - @mannyshow84 pic.twitter.com/51RfXzmGtd #CFL #BCLions  #Argos via @BCLions

?‍?Under the category of not likely... 


Drew Edwards - Close to a half dozen players who spoke to the Spectator say they believe Austin’s return would significantly reduce the likelihood of several prominent free agents-to-be re-signing with the club as well the team’s ability to recruit players from around the league. They also believe it’s unlikely June Jones will return if Austin remains in his current role.

(Speedy (Banks) has been telling everybody that he won’t re-sign if Kent is still around in any capacity,” one player said. “I think some other guys are in the same boat.”)

Caretaker Bob Young - “Where is the love for a coach who took @Ticats to @CFL Grey Cup twice in four seasons?”

“This is just sad.  A cowardly Ticat player, maybe two, complain anonymously to a naive journalist about a former coach.”

Bomber info...

Sunday, November 5 
No practice/media availability

Monday, November 6
Stanley Bryant, Andrew Harris, Weston Dressler and Chris Randle available to media in the Press Room at Investors Group Field at 1:00 p.m.

Tuesday, November 7
No practice/media availability


Saskatchewan @ Ottawa Sunday, Nov. 12 1 pm ET

Edmonton @ Winnipeg Sunday, Nov. 12 4:30 pm ET


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After week 20 Bye, bye - Hamilton, BC, and Montreal Expect the Heisman Trophy winner @JManziel2 to sign in Hamilton this off-season - @rickzamperin #CFL #Ticats John Hodge - 3

Always really appreciate community members to contribute the way you do Mr. Dee.  Thank you for putting this together week in, week out!

9 minutes ago, Mr Dee said:

“Drake’s an animal,” said Okpalaugo. “He’s so strong. You should see him tossing people in practice, man.”

Yah, he looks seriously strong when he's on the field. just pushes big guys out of the way. trampled Messam.

Re: Jones... first time I've seen a headband worn at a "jaunty angle" :lol:

He could have asked Dressler what to wear if he hadn't turfed Weston from their team:D

Thanks Mr.Dee, keep up the good work.

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5 hours ago, Noeller said:

Yes, and has been predicted to get an NFL shot since the beginning of this year...

This. I would bet every thing i own that if he ends the post season healthy he will be in an NFL camp next year.

4 hours ago, WinnipegGordo said:

Walters will have a bit of work to do getting guys on the Oline re-signed.

I've got Goossen, Chugh and Couture as being signed for next season, meaning Bryant, Bond, Hardrick, Foketi and Neufeld are pending free agents.


Bryants deal was re worked in the off season IDK if hes up for longer or not. 

Couture cant really replace bond. Too small to play tackle unless we drastically change our blocking system. Hes likely  to be a c/t. 

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22 minutes ago, Noeller said:

Bond is at LG, Couture can play LG.....Guard is about the easiest position on the line. Just basically win a bar fight every snap...

Yea was gonna say Bond's lined up interior pretty much all season and Couture is being groomed as a G/C.   He won't be as good as Bond for obvious size differential but I'm confident the kid can hold his own in the trenches.

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The difference between Neufeld the last  two games vs the Neufeld that struggled for 2 season with the Bombers is supporting cast... He's got perennial all-star Bryant to his left and rising star Goossen to his right... He's just gotta do his job and he knows full well the other guys will do theirs...

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Anyone who thought (or worse, still thinks) he wasn't going to play, is a moron.......and not following along this season at all. There was never even a 1% chance that he would miss this week's game. They know they have zero chance without him, so he'll play, without question. That guy is a true Dave Ritchie-esque "Wah-yah"......that's why his teammates would run through a wall for him. 

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