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  1. This aged just oh so well lolololol
  2. Even better one yup. I always confused those 2. Both with solid NFL aspirations and zero desire to play here in the CFL.
  3. Yea the panic this board is going thru about giving a guy an extra week to let what what is arguably the most important part of his body as it pertains to being a reciever the best chance to fully heal is laughable. Step off the ledge folks. He will be back next week
  4. Thats a lot of changes to the redblacks roster. Should be good for a few snafus.
  5. Streveler. Wow. Was getting worried there lol.
  6. Soooo.. he didnt have a perfect game and thusly, ****? Gotcha. *finger guns* It was legit a defense mechanism for years lol. Now it's just for funsies.. Much better this way lol
  7. Pretty sure wins by either QB will bring more people in. I also think you're giving the allure of Streveler more credit then it's due... I'd imagine the casual fan has no clue who he even is..
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