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  1. SPuDS

    Around the League: 2019 Off Season

    Even though a resounding failure.. it still opened up the states eyes towards the CFL. not a bad thing. When looking at it simply from an exposure and awareness situation.. success. huge flop business wise.
  2. SPuDS

    Around the League: 2019 Off Season

    Exactly!! Any exposure, any growth is good growth... grassroots movement?? Well now there is 3 of them.. here, in mexico and in Europe. How could any of this be even remotely considered a bad thing..
  3. SPuDS

    Around the League: 2019 Off Season

    Oh there was plenty. first playoff loss in the new building, the shut out.. then the off season blow up of the riders management.. Lots of stuff to be happy about as a bomber fan
  4. Gotta love that rider math. finished behind us at the end of the year and yet.. outperformed us. Ok champ. go on and head back to your hole for a year.
  5. Wanted to vote for Payton so bad but couldnt.. Jones and West are just too dominant.
  6. SPuDS

    Bomber News: 2019 Off Season

    Good luck JJ. hope he sticks as I'm assuming thats the dream... Kinda hope he doesn't.. so he can come back and hunt QBs for us again.. He is trying out as an LB.. interior?
  7. How is me breaking down how we... including myself.. saying we have no no clue what was supposed to be happening in the game.. being speculative?? I didn't say I agree, he played well.. I didn't say he played poor..I didnt actually speculate about his performance at all.. So not sure where my speculating went down beyond assuming nobody but him, the coaches and players would know if he was playing good or bad...
  8. Oh... gee... I don't know. Glenn, Burris, Collaros, Jennings, Bridge and Willy just off the top of my head I can recall saying they played well after poor performances.. sorry I dont save audio sound bites to back that up but it's fairly common..
  9. Sorry to necropost but I felt this needed to be asked.. What exactly do you need from Nichols here? a pound of flesh? maybe he could whip himself and share the blood from his wounds?? He said he didnt provide championship QB play.. that's him saying I didnt play well.. What QB have you ever seen come out and say "yup.. I was pathetic. Worst player out there. I sucked..".? I've never seen one because it's not a QBs sole responsibility to shoulder a loss. they are also far too confident in their own skillsets to do that. he admits when he plays poor. I don't expect him to dive on hand grenade to appease the fanbase and I dont quite understand why you all do?? I half expect it is so that you can go.. "See!! Even he admits he sucks, time to pack it in..." Nichols, like every QB... with the exception of Kevin Glenn.. hates to lose. They dont ouff themselves up in a loss when they have great stats.. why would they imply their completely to blame when they lose?? Id rather a confident QB then one who is second guessing themselves any day of the week... And lastly.. nobody here has any iota of how Nichols grades out in his games in the eyes of the coach or OC.. Nor do we know if the blocking was right, if his reads were right, if his receivers were in their places or if Harris was in his right spot.... So if he says "I felt I played ok or good.." I dont think anyone of us can really say he did or didnt without knowing all the variables.. otherwise you're just kinda talking out of your ass and expecting people to agree with you or believe you know what you're talking about..
  10. SPuDS

    Merry Christmas!

    Merry belated Christmas and happy new years to everyone here at MBB! Thanks for keeping the board alive and well as Facebook groups are embarrassingly bad..
  11. SPuDS

    The MBB All-Time Blue Bomber team

    First thing I thought of as I read this post.
  12. SPuDS

    Needs for next year

    Yes because teams just pick 2 or 3 and when they flop, that's it.. onto the retreads. Cuz I mean, there is like this endless supply of bonafide starting calibre QBs that teams like Hamilton, Montreal, Saskatchewan and us just ignore or refuse to bring in.. Honestly, do you really think GMs and scouts just say... "nah.. we good." ?
  13. SPuDS

    Needs for next year

    Who's implying hes a bad qb, 1 dimensional or anything of the like?? People are saying he is still green as a rookie and unproven.. nobody has called him anything other than that from what I've read..
  14. SPuDS

    Needs for next year

    Ugh. I feel sick saying this but I agree with him here. I add the lol often because some finer nuances of sarcastic wit are lost on some here at times..
  15. SPuDS

    Bomber News: 2019 Off Season

    Ya.. no. we need to be able to flip the field.. especially with our dink and dunk offense. It's odd.. Osheas bread and butter is the teams and they seemed to have gone stale in the last 2 seasons..