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  1. SPuDS

    Bomber News: 2019 Off Season

    Ya.. no. we need to be able to flip the field.. especially with our dink and dunk offense. It's odd.. Osheas bread and butter is the teams and they seemed to have gone stale in the last 2 seasons..
  2. SPuDS

    Bomber News: 2019 Off Season

    Oh I agree.. very small sample size but his pedigree speaks to his ability and he has shown flashes in that short time frame. I'm hopeful that he supplants Fogg as returner even if Fogg is back..
  3. SPuDS

    Bomber News: 2019 Off Season

    That's very true. he was very nicholsesque that he never really fumbled or lost yardage.. But I'd like to see more risk.. try to break one more then just catch, trudge forward 5 yards and down.
  4. SPuDS

    Bombers Free Agent List

    Loffler has been pretty meh in the last season and a half. I'd be happy if we retained him as he can crush people and is often in the right place at the right time now BUT hes expendable. we can fill the spot in house with someone we have already (konteh or Jones could probably start) or use one of our 2 firsts on the best safety/DB available
  5. SPuDS

    Bomber News: 2019 Off Season

    And am I alone in thinking if Fogg walks, beyond having to find a DB to replace him, it wouldn't be that huge of a loss?? He was picked on lots. he made some huge plays for us as well but he was the goat in a few games.. His punt returns were pretty uninspired as well.. hell Nelson was consistently getting longer returns against one of the best ST units around..
  6. SPuDS

    Bomber News: 2019 Off Season

    By far and I agree.. Neuf has long been dragged over the coals for his injury history but the last 2 years, the guy had been an absolute beast and workhorse. 99.95 percent of the time yup. Walter's knows their value as well so he wont let them walk.. That might be the funniest thing I've heard all year.. "ya screw millions of dollars.. I wanna stay here, freeze and smell this stink forever!"
  7. No.. the alleged harassment complaints would tho.
  8. SPuDS

    This Regime

    not sure if I had any respect for northern skunk before or not... but what I had is gonzo. dood. you literally preached how it wouldnt happen and that it's a horrible idea.. And yet they did and from what I understand.. they are selling like hotcakes.. take your loss and move on..
  9. Truth. I had it set for tsn3 and only noticed at the last minute that I needed to record tsn1
  10. Even the worst of you get many, many freebies before anyone really tears into you. it's much less lenient and friendly at riderfans and if you say otherwise you're delusional. Frankly, I've seen stuff that would get a bomber fan banned there, barely even draw a reply here.. we are far more tolerant.
  11. SPuDS


    He makes me gnash my teeth. I hate to be critical of anything really from last game as we came out and did what we needed to do but his coverage for 3 quarters and his punt returns for the most part were pretty suspect.. Am I nitpicking or is this a legit concern..
  12. Bitter Demski came home? Lol. Only reason why I can see him hating on the guy..
  13. I heard that too and thought the same.. very refreshing to see a sign that he is interested in trying to get the kid reps contrary to popular belief.. By far.. singletons got the tackles but Biggie does everything AND has a huge pile of tackles.. Thought the same thing.. why are TSN and Calgary getting all crazy for.. it wasnt even a TD. Yup he didnt tuck or survive contact from the DB..
  14. Hes a very good hybrid back who has a knack for trying too hard and it costing him.. oshea is on him constantly to lock it down when he goes for the extra yards.. it will either sink in or it wont but his benefits far outweigh his negatives imo.. Plus hes a winnipeg boy. Gotta love that.