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  1. This aged just oh so well lolololol
  2. Even better one yup. I always confused those 2. Both with solid NFL aspirations and zero desire to play here in the CFL.
  3. Yea the panic this board is going thru about giving a guy an extra week to let what what is arguably the most important part of his body as it pertains to being a reciever the best chance to fully heal is laughable. Step off the ledge folks. He will be back next week
  4. Thats a lot of changes to the redblacks roster. Should be good for a few snafus.
  5. Streveler. Wow. Was getting worried there lol.
  6. Soooo.. he didnt have a perfect game and thusly, ****? Gotcha. *finger guns* It was legit a defense mechanism for years lol. Now it's just for funsies.. Much better this way lol
  7. Pretty sure wins by either QB will bring more people in. I also think you're giving the allure of Streveler more credit then it's due... I'd imagine the casual fan has no clue who he even is..
  8. Also.. People are giving midseason evaluations on the QBs, Oline and receivers like these guys have been playing for months.. With this amount of shuffling and change ups coupled with the vanilla schemes... expecting instantaneous connections and rhythm is laughable. Our DBs played very well.. oline gave up 2 sacks, that's pretty good even in preseason. I'm not too worried about the receivers looking off.. they are all tight, fighting for jobs.. catching tosses from 3 different QBs. Different velocities, rotations, placement... cant really pass judgement on the ones who win the battle until the real bullets fly.. Lastly, edm had 5 sacks last week.. didnt their DC say some booolsheet like "we wont ever get less then that this year.. I promise" or some such..? Breathe folks. It's our first preseason game and we won pretty handily. Coulda pitched a shutout if the punt isnt fumbled. IF week one looks this unpolished and disjointed... ok time for concern.. until then.. we good. Everything will sort itself out in the wash.
  9. Its preseason. Gotta get a rhythm going.. patience padawan.
  10. Farmer... from Nebraska.. lol this writes itself!
  11. I dunno man. Right off the hop when people simply didnt agree with your angle you went off. Kudos to you for owning it tho and not getting angry at my response. I apologize for being uncouth myself but damn man, that was so outta left field lol. Either way, reg season is about to go so I'd imagine all pertinent info will start to warrant it's own threads and now jokes about threads. I get we are all getting antsy too so that probably didnt help matters. At the end of the day, we are all bomber fans and cheer for the same team. I get you dont wanna be forced to look elsewhere for the goods on the bombers but we've functioned this way since our inception if member serves, I dont think we gonna change it up now just for the sake of change. if it ain't broken...
  12. This was an interesting catch up. I've been an idle lurker for damn near 3 months and I still knew corney retiring happened months ago.. Yogi, you missing it in the posts is on you man. Also, wtf crawled up your ass? Every single reply you've made in here has been completely dickish. You've got a point to make but its lost in the way you've chosen to bring it to light.. But hey.. have you considered this little nugget?? It was the freakin' offseason! Know what's probably gonna happen now that its preseason and close to go time? More people. More posts and quite possibly more threads! *gasp* Shocking, I know, that a site for a sports team might just slow down a tad over the off-season might be.. maybe relax on the BF you're pitching??
  13. Lord knows we are due to find a stud Canadian receiver.. he definitely looks like he has the tools. We've got some real good talent behind (beside?) him as well.. Simonise is still a very intriguing prospect..
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