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TC Report Day 8

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Just got here.

Gordon just dropped a kickoff return catch.

Fitzgerald looking good on his long snaps. I think one roster spot could be between Cronk and Fitzgerald for FB/backup LS.

Gordon, Tuenei and Logan are running with the 1's in scrimmage, but coaches are mixing guys up a lot.

After looking great yesterday, Brohm struggling again to find open receivers.

CFL officials still here today.

And it starts to rain just as the break begins.

And the rain has ended. Practicing FG formations now to start the second half.

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I feel like Brohm looks uncomfortable every time I see him throw. Everyone else just looks more fluid.

Lots of special teams work now. I think O'Shea has practiced special teams way more than some of our previous coaches.

Saw Westerman and Gibson line up as the ends on our line. I think that would be a solid duo to pair with our great DTs.

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Brought some grub, brought the cheerleaders out, and had the players come and mingle by the food truck. A really great time.

Willy clearly our best QB, but a scrap between Brohm and Marve for 2, I think. Portis seemed to be up and down.

DL might be something special this year. Turner was constantly getting pressure on the 1 v 1s. Westerman is so crazy quick and Peach was working like a dog. Zack Anderson was always in on something.

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I wouldn't be too surprised, that after the dust settles, and barring no QB injuries, that Robert Marve might be the odd man out. This pre-season will be very important for ole no-knees.


That's ridiculous considering the way he played last year and so far in TC.


If anything, Brohm should be the odd man out, or relegated to third or fourth stringer duty. He's completely immobile and lacks accuracy. There's nothing about him that's attractive except a strong arm.

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