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  1. Guess I’m in the minority but I thought that was a great halftime show. Good energy. I’m sure it was even better live. Infinitely better than the kickoff show anyhow.
  2. I appreciate your opinion. My point is hostility from both sides should be condemned. Anyway, I believe I have said everything I wanted to say on this topic. Not interested in exchanging insults.
  3. Well maybe it's just me, but I don't want to live in a world where we are frowned upon for criticizing the government. To label those who do so as "uneducated, overly entitled narcissists who only care about themselves" is wrong. In their minds they are fighting for our freedoms, and therefore are doing the right thing. Insults only serve to antagonize in this context. You're right, my statement may have been too general. However in the context of the pandemic, there are plenty of statistics and expert opinions that support various viewpoints. Of course we won't all agree. It is silly to believe that we ever will. There is antisocial behaviour on both sides. It is fine to believe what you believe and argue accordingly, but an open mind is healthy, and hostility is not the answer.
  4. Facts can be found in support of any argument, in my opinion. Those that we gravitate to and choose to disseminate generally validate our own biases and feelings. I’m certainly guilty of that myself, despite my best efforts. As long as people believe they are doing the right thing for themselves and the people around them, I think they deserve a respectful dialogue. Anything else will not do any good.
  5. If people have a problem they should focus their attention on the government. Why attack a business that has no choice but to obey public health orders? People have become so hostile to one another, on both sides, and it is so disheartening. The world would be a much better place if we learned to understand each other’s differences and have respectful dialogue.
  6. Some food for thought: https://www.cihi.ca/en/covid-19-resources/impact-of-covid-19-on-canadas-health-care-systems/covid-19s-effect-on-hospital If you click on the xlsx file referenced in the above article, you will notice that there was a sometimes signifiant decrease in hospital activity across the board from March to November 2020 compared to 2019 (December was about the same). That includes overall admissions, ICU admissions, ventilator use, etc. I’d be curious to see how the 2019 numbers compare with early 2021 but I cannot find those numbers. The following report from 2014 (a more recent study would be welcomed) shows that Canadian ICUs in urban areas spend 45 to 51 days per year above capacity on average. https://secure.cihi.ca/free_products/ICU_Report_EN.pdf That being said, I certainly feel for health care workers in this difficult time (there are a few in my family), but I think that the increase in workload and stress levels have more to do with the change in protocols (having to separate COVID patients and non-COVID patients, having to sanitize/change equipment more often, more administrative work) and staffing levels (senior health care workers retiring early, more people calling in sick due to any little symptom, as they are asked to do) than anything else. There has been a shortage of nurses for as long as I can remember, and unfortunately these factors have only exacerbated the situation.
  7. Multiple studies show that the viral load is the same between a vaccinated and unvaccinated individual. While a vaccinated individual might be less likely to get infected, they are also more likely to walk around as asymptomatic carriers (especially considering they are seldom required to get tested anymore compared to the unvaccinated). There really is no need to be scared of the unvaccinated. The decisions they make only affect themselves. I say this as a fully vaccinated person myself. Keep in mind that these people think they’re doing mankind a favour by fighting for our freedom, and therefore do not believe that they are being selfish. And honestly, we need people like that in this world, who don’t just blindly trust the government with everything they ask us to do.
  8. The new owners don't speak French but they said the team president will speak the language fluently.
  9. That play is called an incomplete pass 99% of the time. Don’t be silly
  10. Y’all are so annoying with the constant whining about officiating... every single it’s the same story, as if the league has something against us LOL Anyway we were lucky to come away with the win tonight. Very well called game by the referees.
  11. Also Jeff Hecht was absolutely useless in those last few drives, minus that one fortunate interception
  12. This game serves as a lesson in humility. Pretty funny how arrogant everyone here was after the first half!
  13. #Bombers have released quarterback Kevin Anderson from the practice roster. Anderson asked for his release to explore other opportunities. — Darren Cameron (@Darren_Cameron) September 17, 2019
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