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  1. The new owners don't speak French but they said the team president will speak the language fluently.
  2. That play is called an incomplete pass 99% of the time. Don’t be silly
  3. Y’all are so annoying with the constant whining about officiating... every single it’s the same story, as if the league has something against us LOL Anyway we were lucky to come away with the win tonight. Very well called game by the referees.
  4. Also Jeff Hecht was absolutely useless in those last few drives, minus that one fortunate interception
  5. This game serves as a lesson in humility. Pretty funny how arrogant everyone here was after the first half!
  6. #Bombers have released quarterback Kevin Anderson from the practice roster. Anderson asked for his release to explore other opportunities. — Darren Cameron (@Darren_Cameron) September 17, 2019
  7. Section 225, row 27. DM if interested!
  8. You can't fine someone for making a legal play.
  9. It was an aggressive, but unfortunately legal hit. I don't believe it was meant to cause injury.
  10. Y'all are too sensitive. The league said that there is nothing in the rule book prohibiting this type of hit, and that they will look at ways to prevent this from happening in the future, which is exactly THE RIGHT THING TO DO. To be fair, it was kind of a freak accident, with Rempel's head hitting the turf the way it did. Had he simply fallen on his back, this wouldn't even be a point of discussion. I don't believe the hit was malicious in nature.
  11. Hmm, perhaps you’re right. Strange that there is little mention of a dribbled ball in the rule book. For a safety to be scored, the rules state specifically that the ball has to be “carried, kicked, fumbled or otherwise directed from the Field of Play into the Goal Area by the team scored against”. That is not what happened on this play, hence the confusion.
  12. I respectfully disagree with your assessment. Article 4, point 2 is exactly what happened on that play.
  13. Winnipeg solid everywhere except QB play
  14. You make me laugh. Trevor Harris is so much better than Nichols it's not even a debate.
  15. How much longer are we gonna wait though?? He's not getting any better. Just saying...
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