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  1. I guess he'll have some time for moonlighting again
  2. The best part about this thread is that even though it's 6 years ago, it was originally posted 2 years after the Riders last won a Cup
  3. Hindsight is 2020 or should I say 2021?
  4. The Vikings were “firing’” Zimmer until they beat the Panthers in OT 😆
  5. https://www.cbc.ca/sports/football/cfl/frustrated-riders-fans-target-kicker-s-home-1.484924
  6. Elk hunt day Elks it's time to pray Limit three
  7. A kicker please Someone taller than my knees directionally left helps
  8. The state of our kicking game ... hmmmm ... let me see ...
  9. This one, mainly because it was Milt's first season, and the start of the ugly uniforms (and coincidently no Grey Cups) for nearly 3 decades YUCK ...
  10. The Riders Suck I was right right right They really suck
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