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  1. Here's the QB Jones is bringing in to hand off to Richardson ...
  2. Deciding to re-sign him at what he may want is what I was referring to as a possible offseason big issue ...
  3. His salary is a BIG issue going into next year. We can get pretty good bang for the buck with a Thorpe type player next year and I suspect we'll find the replacement before this year is over.
  4. Maybe he wants Laine on every line, I'm OK with that
  5. I'd like to know who that Eskimo player Big Onus is ... I personally think all those guys are Big Onuses ...
  6. Some of those Riderfans are as annoying as those stupid YouTube vids that have the robotic voiceovers that sound like its being narrated by a r-e-t-a-r-d-e-d microwave ...
  7. Kind of offhandedly what i was referring to and ... I thought my avy would give it away
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