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  1. A kicker please Someone taller than my knees directionally left helps
  2. The state of our kicking game ... hmmmm ... let me see ...
  3. This one, mainly because it was Milt's first season, and the start of the ugly uniforms (and coincidently no Grey Cups) for nearly 3 decades YUCK ...
  4. The Riders Suck I was right right right They really suck
  5. Farjardo is on his way to being a has been but I think he really is a ..
  6. The Riders Suck Suck suck suck they suck They really suck
  7. I loved watching it actually … seeing them backtrack on everything and fumble over trying to explain why the Riders looked so terrible 🤣
  8. Did just enough offensively and shut them down, reminds me of the 1990 team sort of kind of ...
  9. Fajardo is definitely who we thought he was, when playing the Bombers 😇
  10. ... I've heard that before somewhere . Anyways, finally another LD win! CONGRATS BOMBERS!
  11. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ THIS!
  12. Is he ready? I saw his presser on bluebombers.com and I have a sneaky feeling he'll be in the lineup this week. We need his big play ability to help out the running game a bit, speaking of that, any word on #33?
  13. https://www.cfl.ca/2021/08/16/power-rankings-bombers-settling/ I like em’ wouldn’t change a thing other than the Riders are too high LOL …
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