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  1. We showed up this afternoon to watch camp but were told they moved it to this morning suddenly. Glad we didn't miss much but what a bummer.
  2. Judging from Harris' tweet about the AAF and XFL, this clearly is a big talking point for the negotiations. It does make sense that it likely divided the CFLPA, which is shame. The league is already predominantly populated by American players. There are still good Canadian football players out there that deserve that chance to play. I get that guys like Singleton really aren't Canadian, but there are also a ton of guys that are and that I still want to see play. I even love that the Bombers have Canadians in their front office and coaching staff.
  3. I would be pretty disappointed if they reduce the number of Canadians. Its part of what makes the league so special, in my opinion. The AAF and the upcoming XFL serve as non-NFL leagues with unique rules and rosters composed of Americans.
  4. Today again shows the issue with the two division system. The West continues to get better and better.
  5. Interesting to see who heads to Edmonton now. That team was held together by Reilly for a while this year, whoever heads there will be in a difficult spot.
  6. Those defensive restrictions are ridiculous.
  7. The Bombers just kind of keep humming along and retaining several contributors.
  8. While Jones is legally allowed to leave the Riders for an NFL opening, I will clearly argue that this was not very fair to the team and organization. But that is what happens when you hire a weasel. If only he had a history of only looking out for himself... So yes, I think Chris Jones left the Riders in a terrible spot. Its not the Bombers' problem that he bailed so late.
  9. If LaPo wanted to be a head coach so badly, he could have pounced on several of the previous opportunities he has had. This isn't just about becoming a head coach. Its clear he is/was more interested in the Rider job because its still close to family. I'd feel bad about this if it was December. For those looking to blame Ottawa, Winnipeg or whoever else, the blame pretty clearly still lies with Chris Jones.
  10. I hope this doesn't turn out to be a big story. I can understand why LaPo would be upset and I'm sure Elizondo felt similar as well. But still, everyone including LaPo needs to also understand the situation. If Jones leaving this late in the offseason was such a big blow to the Riders, why would any other team WILLINGLY bring that on themselves too?
  11. I would assume the Bombers - and pretty much all the other teams - would not let the Riders take an assistant at this point. If they do want LaPolice, I feel more likely they'll have to wait at least until next offseason. Said it before and I'll say it again on Richie Hall - if you are rooting for the Bombers to lose him, you are working off a 2017 viewpoint and haven't updated it from last season. With Bighill back I am really, really excited to see that defense again.
  12. Brutal for the Riders to lose their HC this late in the off-season. Chris Jones continues to be all about Chris Jones.
  13. Absolutely fantastic signing. Its been a few years so we may not always think back on it, but Winnipeg has become a strong organization and place to play. Another big signing that praises the work Osh has done here.
  14. I scoffed at the idea initially but I don't blame Ambrosie for looking outside the box here for potential revenue streams.
  15. I think any major news, whether it's the Bombers or another team, should get it's own thread. These big threads work against active discussion.
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