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  1. Made sense given his quick success here. The pass game was able to get going a bit more for the playoff run. Given his injury history, the backup QB spot will be really important as well (though in the CFL that goes for pretty much every team at this point).
  2. I am not a Whitehead fan but feel the need to stick up for him here. This is nothing but hilarious couch analysis. We have no proof that he "seems like the kind of guy who might not show up for camp" - and in fact he handled getting deactivated for some weeks just fine.
  3. On a personal level you absolutely have to feel bad for Nichols. From a team perspective though they have to make the tough calls, QB being one of them.
  4. Arbuckle would be my first choice but that dream seems dead. Can't imagine Ottawa lets him even get to free agency. Collaros is a good fit for the offense though. Can't fault them for thinking we want to see more of that.
  5. Biggest and best news of the Bomber offseason.
  6. Re: Dinwiddie/Toronto One of the things Mike O'Shea spoke of when reflecting on his work here was how they started to turn things around. That they wanted to learn from successful organizations, validate their processes and ours, understand "why" we or they do things certain ways. Dinwiddie may turn out to be a great hire for Toronto, but the process to landing him seems quite flawed. I think that reflects poorly on the organization and also indicates that they probably aren't doing the things O'Shea referenced. Don't get me wrong: I would absolutely take the unknown of Dinwiddie over the known in Chamblin, but they royally screwed Chamblin. Those are the types of things noticed by other coaches, players and management around the league. It may not matter at all if Dinwiddie becomes the next great head coach, but we'll see...
  7. It will be really interesting to see who takes that gig now that they're seemingly way past Plan A, B and possibly C at this point. Some of those options would be pretty ridiculous.
  8. Rigmaiden staying is fantastic news. I think Montreal is more of a mess than the league is letting on. I get that anyone coming in now won't get to pick their HC, but Khari did a good job last year and would likely be high on most lists for HC openings. I don't think his presence is scaring folks away. Much more likely would be the ownership issue. I was initially worried about Osh leaving but after Toronto looked like they were sticking with Chamblin it hasn't been on my radar. Really shocked to see them fire Chamblin for someone not named O'Shea. No idea what to expect with Dinwiddie in Toronto.
  9. I am very much okay with this as long as they bring in someone else to battle Streveler. I'd love to sign Arbuckle but that will likely be a longshot. Collaros and Nichols both have significant injury question marks (albeit different ones) and are already on the older side (Collaros will be 32, Nichols 33 next year).
  10. I am really happy for LaPolice. He was one of the top offensive coordinators in the league the past couple years. Hopefully they get a QB in Ottawa that gives him a decent shot at success. Now we'll get a chance to see what Buck can do as OC. LaPo's offenses are always designed around the run game. I'd like to become more pass-oriented. If we can get the pass game working consistently, we are a completely different team.
  11. It would still be somewhat surprising given that Walters and Osh both have focused on finding and developing Canadian talent.
  12. Honestly I think there is a significant chance that the 2020 starter will be someone completely new via free agency. I personally would prefer to move on from Nichols, and I don't think they'll re-sign Collaros given the first round draft pick price tag. I'd like to bring back Streveler and see if we can develop him more as a passer.
  13. Reflecting on the win and the journey today, its amazing to see how far we've come. The Bombers were 3-15 coming off the Tim Burke era. Organization and roster were a mess. Lots of media folks reporting that O'Shea might be a good head coach, but probably not in Winnipeg. That he'd succeed in his second chance somewhere else. Now he's a Grey Cup champion, for us.
  14. Absolutely amazing. This organization deserves it. Walters and O'Shea took this team from one of its lowest points and have turned it into a champion. Nice to see great guys like LaPo and Hall win too. Management, coaching, players - can't give them enough credit for this season and this Cup.
  15. The Bombers have to be a hell of a lot better next week to have a chance. I still can't believe they overturned that fumble.
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