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  1. The only good thing at KFC is the Big Crunch. Otherwise their gross chicken makes my stomach churn whenever I eat it.
  2. I thought so too at first. Then I looked at some more recent pictures of him and he has that Bruce Wayne look to him. If he gets buffed up as well he'll probably look good. Although it is the DCEU so....you never know. Hit and miss with them.
  3. You're not alone. I prefer spidey to be more down to earth so to speak. Just give him a regular damn suit. And stop trying to make him into Iron Man v2.0.
  4. We don't care how much your stomach was rumbling.
  5. So I read something from Joe Russo regarding the Cap time travel thing. So Cap, after he went back in time to live with Peggy, created a different timeline for himself. So the timeline that he lived in was different then the main timeline. He used the Pym particle quantum travel band to get back to his timeline and give Falcon the shield in the end.
  6. Captain Marvel. Hill was right before they showed Fury.
  7. Peter was doing a search for Gamora at the end of the movie. So it looks like she took off. So this iteration of Gamora isn't part of the group, so it looks like they'll be tracking her down in the next movie?
  8. It was good. Overall I enjoyed Inifinity War more, but I did enjoy how they really delved into what was going on. Lots of little "plotholes" like, why couldn't Stormbreaker just blow through Thanos like it did in Infinity War when he was blasting the whole power of the Infinity Gauntlet at it (could probably explain that away by him being out of shape). Why can Captain Marvel wipe out his ship, and at one point pretty much handle him without issues but at another point Thanos easily defends himself against her power. Why does Rocket's head look bigger then Thor's when he's talking to him on Asgard lol. It's like Rocket grew a bit or something then shrank back down (this one is more of a joke). The one thing that really bugged me was Steve staying in the past. They said at the beginning that they can't really change the past. Yet he stayed there and married Peggy. So he basically made it that she never married that other guy and never had the other kids that she had with that guy. So they did change the future. Time travel...bleh. Never really a fan of it because something always never makes sense. And yes, the whole thing with Peter and his buddies with it being 5 years later. I mean, yeah, half the population of the earth disappeared, so I guess it's possible. I mean there's really only like, 5 of them. Liz, MJ, Ned, Flash and Peter. So it's believable. But overall it was really good. Loved all the jokey moments that you guys pointed out. The whole "who's leader" at the end had me rolling. So I guess Thor will be in the next Guardians movie. I know what you all mean about Falcon being Cap. Not sure how they'll handle that, unless they Super Soldier him up. Not sure that would work in the story line though. So much to process.
  9. Just going to leave this here. For those who haven't seen the movie and which to be surprised, please don't read anything in this thread as it will contain spoilers. I'm out of here until I watch it on Saturday.
  10. I enjoyed Solo. Thought it was a good take on the character. SW8 was just pure crap. Just like Frosty said, as soon as he threw away the lightsaber I knew something was wrong.
  11. I can't believe they are giving Rian a trilogy. What a disaster. I believe it was Plagueis that created Anakin when he and Palpatine were working on prolonging life.
  12. That was funnier then I expected.
  13. What the actual ****. That was just gross and creepy as hell. I hope he cold cocked the guy as soon as the camera's were off. What kind of mental retardation makes you think that is ok or even funny. Oh sorry, I forgot...Saskatchewan. Actually, I think that's actor Boyd Banks that's harassing him. Although it's still creepy as ****.
  14. Yeah, I watched both video's very closely looking especially at his face. He does not look fatter or pudgier, his face looks exactly the same. Except that in the training video his beard is heavier and the light shines in his face more. Shadows matter. Also, there is no limp. When he was walking onto the carpet on the ice it looked more like he was trying to keep his balance then anything else because you're walking onto carpet on ice which will move a bit under your feet. But I saw no limp at all.
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