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  1. Yeah but you need to bring Harvey in early so that you can build up his story and THEN make him into a villain. At least I'd like to see it that way.
  2. Not for me. Years ago they were good and used to bake everything in house. Now everything is shipped to them and they just heat up the donuts. They are very meh. I wish Tim's would go away so we can get something better.
  3. Gross. I wouldn't eat anything from Tim's.
  4. Yeah I saw the picture. I just had to laugh at how you put it. I could just hear someone forgetting the name of it and being like "FFS IT'S THE DAMN COW PLACE!!!"
  5. Dude, come teach me how to garden better. I used to be good but in the last few years I don't know wtf has happened to my green thumb.
  6. There's a Country Meat and Sausage in Blumenort, MB, and there's a Country Meat Deli in Steinbach. Are they the same thing? NVM, after looking at pics it looks like it is the same as they sell Country Meat and Sausage meat.
  7. LOL..."cow place". You're right, I looked it up it's full name is Sausage Makers Delicatessen Meat Market. I'll have to check that place out.
  8. I'm not sure if I've ever tried those before. Do you have to go to the actual store or do they sell them at grocery stores as well? I love hot dogs though. My favorite is from Dairi Wip. My wife buys the ones at superstore that are individually wrapped. The fatter ones. Although I like other brands as well.
  9. Agree with Brandon. Costco hotdogs are disgusting. Same with Skinners. It's like the lowest quality of food just above Ikea's garbage.
  10. Picard's Admiral uniform. https://www.comingsoon.net/tv/news/1107051-star-trek-picard-photo
  11. Jcon wasn't saying Attack was better than Sith. He said Attack was better than TPM and Sith was even better than that. ESB will always be number one for me. Return and Hope are tied for second. The Force Awakens is next. Rogue One I didn't like at first but the more I watched it, the higher it got and I think it places just after TFA. I actually really liked Solo and would put it after RO. Then comes ROTS, TPM and Attack. TLJ...I don't even know where to place this. The acting was really good, but the story and direction were absolutely the worst of all the Star Wars movies. I hate watching the prequels because of the wooden acting, bad direction, crappy script...but the ideas were really on point. Where as with TLJ, the acting was the only good part. The story, ideas and direction were just the worst. And it makes me mad any time I watch it because of how they handled Luke, and that stupid useless casino scene...and the idiotic chase through space. OMG that movie makes me so mad! Anyway...that's what I like.
  12. Yeah I just bought mine for the Saturday. It's JJ so you know it's going to be at least half decent. Not like that TLJ trash that Rian put out.
  13. Star Wars final trailer dropping tonight during Monday Night Football.
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