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  1. Oooooo...what happened. I must have missed something.
  2. Kristen Stewart...bleh...looks...okish. For a second I actually thought Patrick Stewart was Charlie near the beginning. I'm guessing he's the bad guy.
  3. Jesse Eisenberg is the worst.
  4. Even looking at the scene I don't remember it. Personally I don't like either the Discovery shuttle scene or this one. Isn't that where engineering is supposed to be?
  5. I don't think Arnold is playing a Terminator in this movie. I think he's just playing the guy they were based after. At least that's what I had heard.
  6. Why? The Kelvin timeline is garbage. The third movie was ok, but the other 2 were just bleh. I don't even recall the scene with all the shuttles.
  7. Super meh for a teaser. I was stoked for Linda to be back, but I'm so underwhelmed by this. And where is John Conner?
  8. I FINALLY finished the season. Man that was good. The only thing I didn't like was all the small shuttles. Like...where did they all come from? Their space dock isn't that big. But yeah, I NEED MORE PIKE AND SPOCK! I want a series on this Enterprise with Pike at the helm. That's the series I want the most. Anson was so awesome as Pike.
  9. The only good thing at KFC is the Big Crunch. Otherwise their gross chicken makes my stomach churn whenever I eat it.
  10. I thought so too at first. Then I looked at some more recent pictures of him and he has that Bruce Wayne look to him. If he gets buffed up as well he'll probably look good. Although it is the DCEU so....you never know. Hit and miss with them.
  11. You're not alone. I prefer spidey to be more down to earth so to speak. Just give him a regular damn suit. And stop trying to make him into Iron Man v2.0.
  12. We don't care how much your stomach was rumbling.
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