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  1. What the actual ****. That was just gross and creepy as hell. I hope he cold cocked the guy as soon as the camera's were off. What kind of mental retardation makes you think that is ok or even funny. Oh sorry, I forgot...Saskatchewan. Actually, I think that's actor Boyd Banks that's harassing him. Although it's still creepy as ****.
  2. Yeah, I watched both video's very closely looking especially at his face. He does not look fatter or pudgier, his face looks exactly the same. Except that in the training video his beard is heavier and the light shines in his face more. Shadows matter. Also, there is no limp. When he was walking onto the carpet on the ice it looked more like he was trying to keep his balance then anything else because you're walking onto carpet on ice which will move a bit under your feet. But I saw no limp at all.
  3. Roosevelt just signed with Sask. EDIT: Pfff...never mind. I'm a day late. I'm sure someone mentioned it and I just missed the post.
  4. WPG Blue Bombers ✔ @Wpg_BlueBombers The team has signed international offensive lineman Kendall Calhoun and international defensive back Malik Reaves. http://ow.ly/JsxN30nIDH9
  5. I'd like to just see plays where Lapo let's Nichols throw 10+ yards rather then the 5 or less.
  6. They obviously don't cook like the Rock.
  7. This is the tweet he was explaining about before Re: the Indian comment. The post that I made.
  8. Technically it's not. The lady at the bar wanted to be called an Indian and not a Native American. So blame her for him calling her what she asked him to call her. People complained when he wouldn't call trans people by their made up pronoun, and now they're complaining when he calls someone the name of the race she wants to be called and everyone is triggered by it because most Natives don't like the being called that. It's like the whole Edmonton Eskimo's thing. Most Inuit's don't care if they use the term, there's only a very small minority who do, but SJW's come out of the woodwork to defend the small minority because VICTIMS! But if you were to see what he said as an outsider, I can understand why people would think he was being racist.
  9. Apparently you take everything at face value and don't look into what the tweet meant. Did you happen to read the explanation behind why he said another Indian stole his bottle? You people are really sad to attack Jordan Peterson. What you're saying is slander. He's not a white supremacist, like AT ALL. And I'm sure KBF has watched and read many things on him as have I. Maybe it's YOU who needs to look them up in a biased way instead of just reading stupid tweets about him and judging him that way. He's an incredibly intelligent and open minded guy if you actually listen to him. But I doubt you'll do that because you'd rather just label him as you already have and want to see him as some "evildoer". I'm sure you probably think the Jewish Ben Shapiro is a white supremacist nazi too. Sometimes some of you people make me sad at the lack of open mindedness you have. You spout off about Feminism and accepting of LBGT community, etc... yet you close your minds down at anything that goes against those far left beliefs. And those of you who are bringing Climate Change into this thread. All you're trying to do is discredit KBF and whoever else by bringing up something that has nothing to do with the subject at hand. Usually people do that when they are losing an argument. Uggh...I didn't want to post in this thread, but your comments are turning into such BS that I couldn't stay out.
  10. Bleh, Noeller come on. Bad Boys 2 was crap compared to the first Bad Boys.
  11. Affleck was the best Batman/Bruce Wayne. This news saddens me.
  12. Yup, agree with most of your points. I like the guy playing Sarek, but agree with you that he needs to be more cold and logical. He's acting more like how I think Spock should act. I love Michelle as well, but she's getting her own show so I wish they'd make the story line involve new characters we haven't seen before instead of bringing back old characters all the time. That's what I liked about the old series. They were always fresh and different.
  13. Well, has anyone else watched the first episode of Discovery? Was pretty good. I like the small amounts of humor they through in. Sometimes though, it feels so dramatic at times because of the way they film it, or because of their grim facial expressions that I'm sometimes like..."did they just make a joke? Yes that was a joke...hey that was pretty funny actually". I liked the guy who plays Pike. Them going through the minefield of rocks with those little glass bubbles kind of lost it for me though...had to really suspend disbelief for that one. Otherwise it was an overall decent episode. Not liking that they're bringing back Michelle Yeoh. I liked her character, but it just feels like they're going back to her too soon. Move the story forward. Stop bringing back old characters. But I also haven't seen the episode yet so maybe my mind will change.
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