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  1. OMG that's so stupid. I've never even looked at my seat belt before. I didn't even know it said lift. Seriously, how stupid are you to not know how to pop open the seat belt. That's just a money grab right there.
  2. Anyone try any Le Burger week burgers yet?
  3. I loved that cartoon when I was growing up.
  4. Posted this in the Star Wars thread but I'll post it here too.
  5. Apparently they released it....
  6. Apparently there was quick trailer and it showed Rey dressed in black holding a double bladed red lightsaber. I'm guessing that was a vision of "what could become" that she sees similar to what Luke saw in the cave because I doubt they'd turn her into a dark side user.
  7. I don't know. Sony has been known to think that just because they had one successful film that they can make a million more. They've made a lot of stupid decisions for many years. I just hope they come to an agreement as well and keep Spidey where he is. Especially with everything they did with him and Tony in the last movie.
  8. I disagree. I grew up with Spiderman comics and all the tv shows back in the 70's and 80's. And I thought Spiderverse was kind of ho hum and I wasn't really into the comic book style animation.
  9. They made an update at the top saying that it's just a dispute over producing credits and they're still renegotiating.
  10. Went to The Grove pub on Grosvenor. Or just off Grosvenor...whatever. Burgers are really good, fries are great. I had the reuben, a little disappointed in it. Seemed just a smidge soggy because of too much sauerkraut. It was just missing that zing to it, probably because they didn't put any thousand island dressing on it. But other then that one flaw, I'd definitely recommend it.
  11. Yeah I was thinking the same thing. He doesn't have the super soldier serum in him so how the hell is he going to use it? I never read the comic line where he took the Cap mantle so I'm not sure how that worked.
  12. Baron Zemo will be the bad guy in that show. Same guy that played the bad guy in Civil War, except he'll be in full costume apparently. And Falcon will have a new suit to reflect him being the new Cap and using the shield. So yeah, it should have that action/spy feel to it.
  13. Check my post above. I have the picture of the untitled ones. That picture is just what they put up there before they surprised everyone with the rest of the titles. No GotG, as James Gunn is working on Suicide Squad. So GotG will be Phase 5 as this is a short 2 year phase 4. As for WandaVision. I'm hoping they go the way of the comics and open up the story of them rebuilding Vision without the stone, but he's left with no emotions now, but he's still loyal to Wanda and they end up having kids through her hex powers. Maybe they'll actually bring in Michael Douglas as Hank to actually rebuild him like in the comics. The ones I could care less about is the Hawkeye one and the Loki one.
  14. They didn't confirm anything yet. They just brought the actor on stage and announced it for Phase 5 I think.
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