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Grey Cup Game Day Thread. Let's Go!!


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1 minute ago, Doublezero said:

Lots of guys playing hurt. And that hurt the team. I blame the coach for that. Also, I wish I had more confidence that the current brain trust could see that Dru Brown needs to stay a Bomber, surely the brain trust can see that. I expect to see some retirements in the off season too. On the O line, the D line and MLB

Other than Thomas...nobody needs to retire on dline...we just need to roster some more depth to it 

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5 minutes ago, Plaxico said:

5 yards from dynasty. Too bad. Sports is rough sometimes.

1 point  in 22 5 yards in 23. 
 Doesn’t matter if you miss by an inch or a mile. 

time for serious change. 

Just now, SpeedFlex27 said:

The OL is okay. Some changes need to be made but if there are mass retirements on the line most should come back. 

Too old at tackle though. They get beat more and more by speed every year in pass pro. Kola needs to back up and Eli start. Maybe hardrick to guard. 

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The o play calling was crap also 

The d play calling was also crap 

Our sp teams coach telling our punter to do the dumb kicks, it's just 

All around, we lost 

We dressed a guy who shouldn't have dressed (biggie) probably another that shouldn't have (schoen) and Jackson who looks like a good blocker but honestly can't the 2 extra ol do the same? 

Short handed this game. 

Roster management cost us today 

Zach isn't a good playoff qb, he's just not but BO also had a bad fumble, Zach had the forcing it to Lawler pick. Both cost us. Brady ran hard tho. Zach? I'd move on. 


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