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  1. Bc better figure out a playbook the book is out on them. Pressure Reilly and take away the deep ball. Unless they figure it out they are the worst team in the league. Yes IMO if they stick with the same game plan worse than MTRL
  2. I believe the riders defence will still be a top 4 defence this year. However the O-line and Inexperience at qb will keep them floating around a 500 club After 2 weeks they look better Than BC
  3. Reilly is a great QB, he will put up yards many times this year. BC's receivers did let him down a couple times. But in saying that BC better figure out a run game or defences will figure out how to take away a pass only offence even with Reilly at the controls. Chungh is worth what he is being payed, sad to see him leave but he is mean, and nasty right to the edge and just a great player. Wpg. struggled in the secondary out of the gate but they did "settle in" as the game progressed. Harriss had a monster game he is still the key to us winning. Nichols showed mobility, which is great, Willis can play on edge, but It was nice to see him show some concern for Nichols after he hit him. Speaking of hitting Nichols that young O-line looked pretty darn good, If Gray keeps up playing like he did, on the edge with no penalties he may become my new favorite. It was not a perfect game, but the Bombers won and at the end of the year W's are all that count.
  4. CBA, CFLPA will appeal if Simoni gets a suspension. It’s not the league or Ambrosie but the precedent with Rose has been set. Simoni will get a 1/2 game paycheque lost. Do I agree with it, no but it’s due process to appeal a suspension (if one is handed out). Zach and his advisors should really consider long term affects to him. Baldek, IMO came back to early, but maybe it’s an unrelated injury and I’m wrong? Im not sure Booch isn’t correct in stating that even without the “dirty hit” Collaris would not have made it through the game. Hammy was getting to the QB often. Riders are in serious trouble at the o-line position this year IMO.
  5. ......and how do you say Wilson is a bad player....please enlighten......
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