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  1. Come playoff time it would be a bloody shame to how good we are on O and D for it to come down to one of these guys we currently have...
  2. Amen. The Mafia and Osh have built something pretty special. Good times to be a Bomber fan.
  3. Wife will under no circumstances let me drink that stuff....🤣
  4. Bit of a chill in the air here this week, feeling like fall football weather. Hopefully we send the house against the rookie QB and play tight in the back end. Cant wait to see Wilder get the snot beat out of him tonight. ZC will continue his magical ride with us.
  5. Oh yeah...I know that area. Least it ain't Saskatchewan!
  6. Covid situation here keeping us from going to the game. Have to settle for wings and nachos on the couch. Go Blue!
  7. My gawd I miss Winnipeg when I hear this. Living in 'Berta its hard to hear a balanced view on society. I love you Winnipeg. I love the bombers and our fans.
  8. Seeing rider fans ***** and crying is almost as good as a Bomber win. Pretty entertaining how much time we spend in thier heads.
  9. Omg Zaxx... I remeber not remembering alot of nights there in my younger years.
  10. Todd Marinovich... Big name QB from USC. Blew out his ACL the first day of camp. Before that, he was being interviewed about his trip to Grand Beach, he said the Manitoba girls gave him whiplash hahaha.
  11. Why does almost every Chris Jones hiring/leaving situation in the CFL have to be questionable at best? Barf. He gets off on this ****. I'll stick with the Canadian mafia anyday.
  12. Nobody, in any football league for my whole life has ever made me so WOW so many times.
  13. Be creative with a title. He knows our guys and fellow coaches, dont see it would disrupt anything. Idk how long Hall plans on coaching but Young would be a nice replacement.
  14. I would welcome Young back with open arms.
  15. Dont understand what the Argo's are doing here. They have a good thing going on D, our guy Glen Young has done a great job. Why interject a guy like Jones who everyone knows will be gunning for a HC job... Din and Young will be looking over thier shoulders. Shame.
  16. We still haven't played a complete game firing on all cylinders. I'm good with that, would rather hit our stride in November. We need to get the kick game sorted out, as is, it will cost us games.
  17. Andrew Harris lives in that fan base heads full time. Its hilarious.
  18. As we all know, the bunch of selfish undisciplined players continued to show thier true colors for the stubblejumpers today. Really hurt them as they were hanging in early on. Gonna love seeing them implode down the stretch.
  19. CF will be peeing enough today for AC's next two tests.
  20. D. Braverman looks smooth for TO. Nice pickup.
  21. And if he does, I hope the LC sponsors the announcers booth.
  22. The vanilla defense has alot to do with the personal we have left out there. We miss demski, alot.
  23. So happy for legs tonight. Hung in there and did what crap could not have done.
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